This is Tet

This is Tet.
Say something nice about her.

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Isn't tet a boy?

>about her
Tet is a boy

Tet is both boy and girl.

Would you?

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he came up with the perfect system to reform a broken world. a truly remarkeable individual.

Pretty sure she is actually a he

Cuter than Smartphone’s God, but that’s about it.

Looks like a queer

Maybe you never paid attention then. It was confirmed it's a she


sauce this is news to me
wouldn’t it be hurtful to Shuvi if Riku continued to fantasize about other women?

Gonna need to sauce that up or its bullshit.

You're obviously fucking stupid, kill yourself lol

>It was confirmed it's a she
Where is your proof?

You're voiced by Kugyuu, the same seiyuu as my waifu!

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I can't, I resent Tets because I couldn't get my own. Now 97fs are rotting on my main

lalala you're just not paying enough attention lalala

Yep you're fucking retarded lol kill yourself for being stupid with no prove haha lol

Bring me to Disboard Tet

>Say something nice about her.

um, Sup Forumsnon I have something to tell you.

Tet is a faithful god. He created a new world perfect for the two to have fun in and waited an eternity for them to come back.

Tet is a dude

Tet uses a male pronoun you fucking EOP.

there are some girls who use this pronoun. Ore is still taboo for girls though

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There are more boys that say it so your argument is invalid.

Would be bros with. No homo.

So when is season 2?

Based god. Would worship

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lewd, why are gods so gorgeous? it's not like they mate

Why do I only get a knight? It's impossible to checkmate without at the very least a king and a pawn

You don't have the other pieces yet

tet's feet a cute!

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Who made the mermaids?

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Next year

What do they smell like?

Confirmed. Tet is a boy.

Artosh is a better God than Ted, prove me wrong.

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She's not as attractive.

What the hell is Tet's hair color, in the sunlight it's green, in the shade it's pink, and here it's stupid grey.
What the FUCK.

Best girl (male) in the series.

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He's a God user, he can do whatever he wants

Nan desu ka?

Have you forgotten how hair works in this series?

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He created this, so yeah, confirmed best god.

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>more barefoot socks

Was Tet part of the Old Deus before Riku got the Suniester? I never understood this part because Tet could've just helped Riku get it without having the trouble to kill himself.

Tet is my tulpa

It seems that Tet was a being that has yet to fully materialize and Riku praying at the end was what finally made Tet truly "exist" what with the whole "Gods only exist if someone believes in them" I've heard from several shows.

Why can't I be created as a Flugel?

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Why do I want Tet to fuck me?

dude, whoa!

ETA on decent subs?

Rainbow hair is the best.

Coalgirls is out though


>coalgirls is back

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Subs for what? Zero? They've been out for a while now


that's the king piece buddy. especially since that's the piece that sora has.

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