Konohana Kitan

Now that the dust has settled, we all can agree that this was a very underrated series, isn't?
Rhombus thread I guess.

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Not really. It was okay.

How can little girls be so foxy?

Which fox would you fuck?


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It was ok tier desu. I started watching it when I completely run out of things to watch and haven't even finished it.

I quit after 3 episodes. Yuri is shit. Watching girls fuck? Sure. Watching girls flirt? Fuck off

AOTY for me

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It was above average, the emotional episodes gave it more worth than the usual CGDCT. Also the fact that they were fox girls is a plus.

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S2 when?

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It was praised by those who watched, instead of underrated you could say it was underwatched.

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I don't know but Kon is absolutely perfect and I still think about her.

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I miss gay foxes

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top tier comfy

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Unironically AOTY
There's at least two of us, friend.

CGDCT bait with actually pretty good episodes. Underatted series for sure, but not AOTS tier

Then again, I remember finding little else to like that season.

Two Car obviously

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user, I got news for y--

Know what? Nevermind. You're right. Kon is cute.

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I miss the rhombuses.

I loved this anime. It was sexy, cute and had some mythology too. Atleast some old story stuff.

>god damn fat fox lady puts make up on and is a milf.
>none of the foxes knew it was here


Posting best fox.

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>working for a lazy goddess

poor her.

But she eventually get her own magical inn that's staffed by lots of other cute fox girls so it's all okay.

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Dumb tanuki

Kitsune desu.

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This show was so gay.

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ded thread for ded show

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Why is Satsuki's sister such a player?


Unironically it was my AOTS, it was impossible not to fell in love with Ren.

Underrated as fuck, easily the best show of its genre last year.

My AOTS too. I couldn't wait for Wednesday every week.

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The yuribait was a bit of a turn off, but the reimagined Japanese mythology made latter episodes progressively more interesting.

Is the first manga series worth reading?

I wish the author wouldn't flake out on the manga every other month.

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When did you realize you were watching a CGDCT version of Haibane Renmei?

Okiku a qt

We needed her to actually start feeling up her clone.

Solid 8/10 in the cute girls catalog

>Konohana Kitan
>Kemono Friends
>Killing Bites
What's with the recent influx of Kemonomimi series and them being some of the best of their respective seasons?
And not getting anything more than a single season?

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The manga is from a yuri magazine.

>Two Car
that was dogshit ending for a overall lightly good series, heck even hetero twins was miles better that the MCs

first mango series hasn't bait

that is the most close that I'll have of a touhou adaptation

fuck, I miss this show. The threads were so fucking comfy every week. ;_;

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The fight scene was perfect though.

I should storytime the raws someday. When I'm not working 6 days a week.

This show was a masterpiece.

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Urara was semi-kemonomimi

>Now that the dust has settled
I really hate this. Couldn't you have made a normal thread, OP?

good taste
I miss this show, I if didn't air alongside potatoes it would have been my aots

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What are the chances of this getting another season? How much did the anime cover in manga chapters?

This show made me want to touch ALL the fluffy tails over and over again.

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Theres lesbianism in this show ?

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I still hold out some small hope that there might be a S2 whenever the manga gets far enough, assuming it's still going.

I didnt expect that ending, it hit me hard I ended up crying like a little girl

It had strong yuri overtones. Pink is gay for reverse-trap-kun

Presently in the middle of watching it; 3/4 of the way through. I fear that by the end, Yuzu and Okiku will have murdered me with their cuteness.

Foxy girls can fastly get pregnant only tou***ng hands!

>speaking metaphorically

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Somebody call the police.

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I'd a rhombus.

>It's a good boy episode

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Expected some girls running an inn like Hanasaku Iroha, got some sweet youkai stories on top of that, so I was positively surprised. The only real complaint I have is the distributed screentime. These two got two whole precious episodes for her problems, which could've been cut to one for the same effect, especially since there wasn't that much development. I'd rather have another story or more screentime for other characters or relationships.

Fox Saber

>ywn touch a fluffy kitsune tail
Why live

Uma Musume coming next week.

Why were they all gay?

Why not?

Why would you not be gay if you were a cute fox girl?

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>Not wanting the feeling of being cummed inside of your cute little fox pussy

It was excellent.


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No you fag. Foxes are only for gay butt peeing to have yuri babies.

>gay butt peeing
Sounds disgusting desu.

I want to cuddle Yuzu.

How do they reproduce if they're all gay? Not even the Konohanatei foxes, but all of the shrine maidens too.

As seen here

I'd rather get some fluffy tail.