Boku no Hero Academia

Monoma is the traitor. That is all.

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Black Clover

Will never be popular

Mirio is my sunshine. That is all.

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When will Miro get his quirk back? Only the results of this poll will tell!

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Also best boy.

I don't think he's best boy, but I hope we get to see a lot more of Class 1-B soon in the manga

But he’s a hero

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Why is he wearing Deku's costume?

I really hope not. Monoma has limitless potential and limitless sass, I want him to be a longterm rival. Aoyama would both have more emotional effect at this time and his potential to be an impactful participant in the story will fade over time if left around unlike Monoma.

>shonen literally for children

fucking manchildren

Personally, I'm warming up to the theory that Aoyama is an unwitting traitor because of a tracker in his belt or something like that. It kind of makes you wonder if his newfound friendship with Midoriya is setting up Midoriya being emotionally invested in him being revealed as the traitor and dragged away kicking and screaming to be incinerated by Endeavor

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deku doesn't even lift

>mfw eri will get curb-stomped in this arc

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Mine too, Miriofag. Keep these posts up, they're nice.

Hori made the arc villain have bouncy castle powers and the arc objective to make Eri a happy child.

Dare to dream.

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is that manga actually popular around here? It seems to be almost as bad as Fairy Tail in my opinion, maybe even worse since it doesn't even have any fanservice as at least one redeeming quality

I swear to fuck, it better be Nezu or a bad teacher who decides not to tell anyone that a villain is invading, after Deku does the sane thing and reports it to them. If Deku is the extreme cunt who tells no one about this I swear I will put that boy in a fucking hospital.

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I want to clean up Aizawa when he pisses himself after being unable to find the bathroom since someone removed his eyes with a spoon!

>popular around here
It's not popular in general. There are enough people who read it to keep it going but it's not popular at all. It doesn't even have a single doujin.

I welcome this.

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this remind me that time that people was falsely hating Izuku because they thought he didn't told the authorities about toga in the overhaul Arc

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I love it when anons get vile and depraved.

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Popular not really but I'm a fan

It would be so much worse than that because of the number of people - civilians this time - in danger. And if anyone else has indicated awareness of the fact that Toga is specifically targeting Izuku I actually want to see it. THAT is some info that merits attention - he shouldn't be allowed to do what he's doing right now off by himself, for instance.

reminder volume 18 is going to look something like this

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Everyday until canon.

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I don't like this ship but I do admire your dedication

doujins of monoma getting raped fucking when? If I were a boy rapist with superpowers I would totally pick him over the rest of the male students.

White hair >>>>> Pink hair

I like how they look together but they have little to no interaction with each other ever so it ain't happening. Plus their personalities don't meld.

>their personalities don't meld
That's one of the reasons it's so good.

>Ok class. It's come to my attention that a stealthy serial killer is actively hunting Midoriya now. Therefore one more of you will always be accompanying him when outside the school. I've selected that student at random.
>Bakugo, from now on you'll go with Midoriya wherever he goes.

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What dick? I smash it with a hammer against the table, now it's weirf when he pisses, he screams and it comes out from everywhere. Should i remove his tongue too?

>Ashido you go with Aoyama, I'm sure it'll be no problem for you

jesus christ don't you dare tell me dragon whore doesn't lust after teenage girls

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I don't know about the second part because Mina have great charisma to the point you can ship her with anyone in the class and they can have great chemistry

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He is indeed posting the incorrect source of pink hair, but you are fucking wrong.

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So what if she does? Age gap lesbianism is a pure love.

I should have clarified: I meant specifically in Mina's case. Mei is a best, sausage hair and all.

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I want shit to go down ahhhh

>s-stop it gentle you're dabbing too hard at him!

>sausage hair
It's tentacle hair, you philistine.

All the better for making Deku babies.

mei is a referece to a yugi oh card I forgot the name

gentle is too amazing

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>no interaction with each other
my memory is shit but let me try to remember, they had a few if im right
>Mina told deku his dodge was great when he battled bakugou in hero vs villian
>when theyre racing on buildings Mina says deku was flying
>deku tells mina and kirishima to do their best
>side by side hanging out at the mall as a group
>mina getting jealous of deku and wanting to tag along when deku is going to night eye
>mina challenging deku to dance, teaching him (and fails)
and thats about it, I think I missed one

Can you describe it?

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Oh shit waifu-shipperfags are the worst

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yet here you are

maybe not a reference but she looks aloot like it

Shipperfags > waifuposters > BRAAAAP / pissposters

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Fuck meant to have the < symbol not >

Is he shaking because he's scared or Parkinson's?


No, you were right the first time

Don't hurt him you fucking monster I'll kill you at least don't hurt his dick I want to bear his children after all

momokugo is pure

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I miss him

>Sup Forums can literally not stop posting about BnHA

Are we kino yet, bros?

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Momokugo is riddled with stds

I don't care. I just want her to yell at me.

Background character crackshippers < gay Kirishima shippers < Midoriya NTR shippers < Ochaco NTR shippers < regular crackshippers < sweet sappy shippers < guro/suffering shippers

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Oh boy I love internet jargon being used outside the internet

>Monoma and Deku face off in a sports festival
>Monoma copies it
>he blows his whole left side apart because he's not physically built for using the thing, especially since One for All is a quirk that gets stronger as its transferred
Explaining his quirk, getting Monoma back on his legs, and cooling his attitude is how he and Deku become hero teammates

The fucking frog has more of a chance of ending up with midoriya than her, and she's the fucking frog.

Can you please fuck off with your facebook memes.

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How did we miss it, lads?

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I wanna make deku cry
Excellent panel

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There is no traitor. That's too interesting for bnha.

Clickbait is not internet jargon it's an accepted media term and people use it in the real world all the time stop being a big baby about it.

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Where were you when MHA became Reddit: The Anime

>last one
It's not really shipping, I just want to hold him against my breast and stroke his hair after she's done with him

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he would probably cry if he saw your face

>I just want to hold him against my breast and stroke his hair after she's done with him
Who is this she you speak of?

I want more Midnight and Overhaul fanfiction

Disgusting. Is that niggerstream?
The viz version is better this week.

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OP's mom.

>your mom tier joke
You must be 18+ to post here

>You must be 18+ to post here
So you're trying to get yourself banned, I assume?

Well I was gonna say it's obviously Toga hurting him in most art, but actually a Bakugo would be fine too. So I revise that to he/she.

ew put it back

Friendly reminder that __Momo___ will win the Dekubowl.

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>Deku cucks Todo

Is this what will lead Todoroki down his father's path?

Why do people call it that? This is the first manga I've followed.

Yakuza arc is objectively 7/10

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mangastream trasnlation is much more accurate you liking it or not

>Implying ochako deserves a tombstone

What if Todo's supportive?

Reminder that Momo will end up being a housewife.

At least someone will buy her a tombstone unlike you

Forever alone faggot

for mineta

So how's everyone doing tonight, you all have a good day free of bad health?

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Ectoplasm is the coolest teacher and you know it's true

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That insufferable know-it-all would not be a good housewife. She should be a chemist somewhere. Just like Sato should be a baker. If there's something you're way better at AND more passionately interested in than heroics, fuck off and do it already it doesn't matter how heroic your fucking mom thinks your quirk is or whatever.

I'm at work and the tiny manlet lady has come over to my shift

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