Danchigai chapters 67 & 68

Otouto (female).

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Fuck, she looks cute in that thing.

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And that's the end of volume 5.

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>Uzuki thinking her chest will grow like that
Poor girl. She's going the way of Yayoi while Satsuki gets big titties

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No, Uzuki will be the one with boobs and she'll give Haruki a nosebleed every time she jumps on him.

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is this the last published volume?

Thank you user.

So far, yeah.

Thanks op, 2 days without Danchigai was suffering.

>that Mutsuki look of disdain
Stop, I can only get so erect.

Those silly looking faces Satsuki makes is always great.

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Oh, he finally got a switch.

it's just a matter of time until she asks Haruki to teach her about human reproduction

Thanks user.

>come into my room
go into

>it really fits you
Is he specifically saying that it's the right size for her? Because her reaction is more like "it really suits you." (which it does). I'm guessing there's some ambiguity in the original, but it feels weird to have her blushing over it being the correct size.

>as long as Haruki is nearby, I can't focus.
Should this be "as long as Haruki isn't nearby"?

Satsuki typically copies the last syllable, which would be -en in this case.

>W-what are you talking about
wh-what are you

>getting angry he's
angry that he's

>in the end that's
end, that's

>usual is the best
The usual is best

10/10 would make tender gay love to.

>I'll never be a part of this family
It really hurts. It really really hurts, guys.

Just a few chapters ago she was embarrassed of being seen on top of the monkey bars in a skirt, what caused her not to mind having her skirt fall in front of her brother?
Is Haruki using subliminal messaging and whispering incest stuff in her sleep?

>lolis turning into tittymonsters

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We need those two back and with more teasing

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Loli Yayoi chapter when? I'd even settle for a loli Mutsuki chapter since she was cute back when she had twintails and a flat chest.

Thanks for the chapters

I wish the author would make more holiday-themed chapters.

Isekai Haruki was fun

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