Mfw shõnen genre is dying

>mfw shõnen genre is dying

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>tfw when she puts it in


>mfw its being replaced with moetrash

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>dios mios




Good fucking riddance, shonen is trash, but so is moeshit and haremshit


It's not, but it really should.

Unless little boys are dying out that's impossible.

Is Boku no my hero the only good (new) battle shonen right now? It is the only one that is apparently popular.

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In the west, yeah, definitely. Dunno about Japan though. I know there's a lot of non-battle shonen manga that are more popular ,though, granted, not by much, since BNHA is up there. But I'm not sure about battle manga in particular.

The only way for Shonen to "die" is for children to just disappear.

Post more pics of Ochako getting cucked

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>children to disappear

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Ok there John Podesta

They are actually disappearing.

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>not shonenshit

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They're all becoming little boygirls, it's the happenin' thing.


Good, WSJ is literal corrupt cancer on the industry anyways.

Not really.

>When she sees your birthrate

tripfag being retarded as usual, nothing new here

Shounenshit Sup Forums loves:

NGE and EoE
Cowboy Bebop

If Cowboy Bebop is shonen, shonen is the best damn genre out there.

>He doesn't know about the abysmal japanese birth rate

It's hard to judge original anime stuff by a demographic. Harder than manga at least since it's harder to check when a show aired if it's not airing anymore. Evangelion's manga switched to a seinen magazine near the end. And EoE I'm pretty sure was geared more towards the same audience as seinen.

Cowboy Bebop had a spinoff manga in a shojo magazine but I don't know when the series aired on TV. Like at what time.

shonen shit is power level shit, those are actually good animes, sorry about your shit taste.

Shonen is a demographic and more manga/anime than battle shonen is contained within it.

>Boku no my hero
learn to Nihongo, retard.