What was the moral of the story?

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yuri is not the purest form of love

>What was the moral of the story?
Not all yuri is good.

That you should be muttering "God dammit, Mei" every 5 seconds and that the manga is actually better

Incest is the best, put your sister to the test

that the manga is not over yet so we can't jump to a conclusion yet reeee

all gays go to hell


Don't fall for the yuri meme.

At least for me it was.

Super smart, good looking, rich Student Council President girls are always too good for horny air-headed gyarus.

Nice lolis are cute but psycho ones are the best.

The big one is the little sister. The little one is the big sister.

Kids? Who the fuck cares, just abandon them after divorcing their mom and travel the fucking world. When you come back everyone will think you're a bro.

Don't trust cheating sluts. They'll always do it again.

Yuzu deserves better

I dropped it after 4 episodes seeing where is this going. So what shitty ending it had?

you have no ideea
better off reading the manga

Undiluted handholding.

Based horriblesubs.

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Did they end up together or some drama?
Open ending?

From beginning to end, I only watched it for Yuzu's antics.

degeneracy of the highest form

That girls should find a nice man, settle down with him, marry and reproduce

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no, get out

I am surprised. I dropped because I thought there will be some heavy drama ending.

They interwined fingers if you catch my drift.

pick it up again, you wont regret it
dont fall for the yuri meme

Mei is SO dreamy

But the manga is depressing

What yuri meme

Not all shit manga turn into good adaptation.

All girls are gay

Incest is ok if is NBR.

When it comes to love, quit being wishy-washy. It drives everyone crazy.

The dad. How many foreign women has he fucked this whole time?

Women of all sexual orientations love telenovelas.

That Harumin should be my gf

Why would he limit himself to only women?

Me as well.

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Pretty sure he's a pedophile.

no, he's just as autistic as his daughter.

But his daughter is a literal slut who was fine with getting dicked by faceless men if Yuzu didn't learn about it

>Super smart, good looking, rich Student Council President girls are always too good for horny air-headed gyarus.
Yuzu kinda carried the show though. Practically everyone was a better character than the president of autists


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Pinkshit is worst girl.

you spelt best wrong

People watch shit anime based off shit manga.


Any idea if the manga is going to end any time soon?

it's at the climax with a completely heartbroken Yuzu

Mei a shit

the ride never ends user

Not to believe that it will be good just because it is yuri

Mei is an insufferable autist

Even autists can have a sex life user.

>bad male fiancee
It it normal in yuri that guys are bad?

The moral of the story is to talk and be up front with the people you like. The story has so much unneeded drama because of it. Also how am I supposed to believe they both coincidentally keep running into other lesbians every other episode?

She was going to prostitute herself

Yes, males in Yuri manga only can be either dirt bags or betamax.

>the whole plot could have been avoided if the characters talked to each other
>random annoying girl shows out of nowhere to cockblock the main couple
I really hate when this happens. Just shows how cheap the whole setup is

Mei’s behavior is not sensible…except that nonconsensual, passive-aggressive assaults are wholly consistent with a girl who has endured sexual abuse. Mei’s sexual assault of Yuzu continues, moving from groping to a deep kiss and later forceful undressing, without any of the steps that must come before such behavior – knowing the other person consents, primarily. You know, the the attraction and affection of two people who are looking to learn more about one another. The entirety of the relationship that we cherish in the Kase-san series is completely excised from citrus. The narrative refuses to admit sexual assault or anything Mei does as a consequence of it, and so, it throws the premise of the story into unacceptable implausibility. Even more implausible is the narrative’s assumption that I will somehow root for these two to become a couple. The only thing I am rooting for is for them to both seek therapy.

About the time we encountered Yuzu’s mother, I recoiled as I gasped, “Oh my god, they are playing this for comedy.” I watched, horrified, as the story demanded that I find a sexual assault amusing. Oh haha, look Yuzu was just sexually assaulted on her first day of school and she gets to live with that person! Hahah. How droll! Days after watching, I am still horrified that I was supposed to find it appealing in any way. We are repeatedly expected to find sexual assault acceptable, justifiable, romantic and, in some cases, comedic.

Along with the creepy fanservice added in many scenes, citrus anime was, in a word, grotesque.


Art – 7
Story – #metoo
Character – No. Absolutely not. This is not how healthy people behave, speak or deal with things.
Service – Infinity
Yuri – 100% Sexual Assault until Yuzu and we are groomed to believe it’s okay. It is not okay, not ever.

Overall – 1


>No. Absolutely not. This is not how healthy people behave, speak or deal with things.
Maybe not healthy people, but there are real people who DO behave, speak or deal with things in such a way. So shut up.
Also healthy people don't make posts like yours either.

Don't scissor with crazy. Ever.

Like seriously, why the fuck would she kiss Pink-chan that one time in the parking lot. What was the reason?

Sane characters are always underappreciated. Harumin best girl

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If the anime was Yuzu and Harumin it would've been much better and way cuter

Even autists can escape the neet life.

Rape your sister.

Back to MAL with you, buddy.

That Mei was the cutest girl this season and is better to be straight but Mei belongs to Yuzu.

Sounds like shoujoshit, except the dirtbag always gets the girl

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>mfw just finished this
God it was shit

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Sara was frickin CUTE! Would be lesbians with.

moral of the story?
That a cake can love another cake but only if both of them are cute

i cannot be the only one who think that citrus plot is particularly god awful, like what the fuck happened most of the time? muh father love me but abandon me throughout my entire teenage years. muh sexual assault makes me gay.

The first few episodes made it look like there was going to be some kind of mystery/conspiracy surrounding the school with all the talk of the rigid rules, teachers marrying students, Mei being assaulted by that one teacher etc. but none of that happened.

That girls love playin games, and when it's two girls, it's an endless cycle of them playin games

Can someone post some screenshots of the manga/anime so I can see if it is worth reading/watching



Yuzu is too good for Mei.

That's some lofty expectations there

Pray hard

Mei a shit.

Hell, I was even rooting just for Harumin and Himeko hanging out at the end

Yuzu deserves better than Mei.

Women can't write.

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But Harunin is too much of a bro

I've stalled on this after Yuzu inexplicably didn't fuck Mei. Was there anything good in the last couple episodes?

Where is the March chapter guys?

I wish Drills and Harumin got together.

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Just think of all the sexual experimentation

Moral is I never knew I wanted a tall twin gf till now

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Show should have been about these two best girls and it would have been 12x better. Drills is a better stuck-up rich girl. Harumin is a better slut.

But I already knew that.

Too bad the manga intends to pair Harumin with the pink bitch. What a waste

Japanese ShitTaste™ strikes again.

I just finished the anime. Please tell me this is not true!

Incest, lolis, hags, childhood friends, student council members, teachers are all mistakes.

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It's literally a 1 to 1 adaption.

Only bad yuri mangos are allowed to get anime adaptations.

>Fuck your sister.

Sometimes they're based.
It's never the case in school settings, though, which is like 90% of the genre.

>It's never the case in school settings, though

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