Reminder that whores dont deserve to live

Reminder that whores dont deserve to live

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Damn right

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Hey buddy, Leon is king here.
is that way

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I fucking miss him.


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How alive is your waifu anyway?

Reminder that in the end you will be the one responsible for your misery. Not that it matters.

Bad day user?

Maybe his waifu left him

Why is Adachi is so fucking hot?

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Persona 4 the Animation would like a word with you, fag

I can't believe Adachi was right about everything.

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But user Adachi is a whore.

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>Adachi was right about society
>Akechi was right about friends

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Adachi was the hero Sup Forums deserved but the one Sup Forums needed

>sperged out because he couldn't score
>bitched about how not being born with talent gimps you
>even though he was blessed with a Persona he does jack shit with it until ameno saigiri hijacks his body
Adachi is a joke and you shouldn't listen to anything that leaves his mouth.

Literally /ourguy/

I know. I was just funposting

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Finally someone I can truly identify with