ITT: Biggest jobbers of their respective series

ITT: Biggest jobbers of their respective series

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Leave El Trabajo to me!!

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Is that a flower man?

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>Gets to fuck Rukia.
Fair trade for being a jobber.

What was her fucking problem

and then Super happened and established the new biggest jobber

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Stop using words you don't know the meaning of.

I mean he wasn't really a jobber, he was the most powerful apostle we saw by a fair bit, had the largest army and was even breeding his own demons

He just happened to be unlucky enough that his opponent was a damn God

Vegeta over Krillin?

>Renji jobs to Rukia in bed and always comes first

Krillin's more of an underdog
Vegeta does nothing but train his body every friggin' day and he still fails spectacularly every time.

Ummm no sweetie

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Krillin is too weak to job

In some shows, the jobbers have a chance to claim some victory. In others, they are Genos

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I cannot think of a single FSN servant who isn't a jobber.
Berserker and Archer are the closest to not being one, I think.

this man and his army were pure kino

really ruffles my jimmies he was killed off so fast

isn't everyone but the MC and his rival a jobber? i can't think of an anime that doesn't have this template

Everyone is a jobber in Devilman. Akira jobs to Satan and Satan jobs to God right at the end of the show.

This guy had an unfair battle. He was just one apostle but had to fight a literal god and a fuckton of other apostles.

To be fair, Krillin is just a normal human and he's fighting glow in the dark space niggers that can just BTFO entire planets, and he still goes toe to toe for a while before getting smoked. It's like taking a random user and having him fight Mike Tyson in his prime and the absolute madman goes 3 rounds before having his nap handed to him.

Vegeta is just a colossal retard at every turn. He was going to set the androids that BTFO the entire planet loose so he could fight them. He let Cell become perfect when he had him on the ropes because he was too much of an autist to let some shitposting go even if it meant getting the entire planet killed. He was probably more helpful to the Z-fighters as an enemy then he was an ally. His only success was cucking Yamcha

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I mean a jobber is someone who you would expect to win.
So usually a jobber is the top 3 in terms of power level faggotry.

Ok, I know what you're aiming for here.
But lets remember that Krillin ALSO let Cell become perfect because he couldn't push a button.

At least he didn't want Cell to become perfect, he just wanted the sexy android and succeded

Krillin and Vegeta both suffer from jobbing in the actual sense of the word, though.
The both of them are repeatedly used as punching bags to show how strong a new enemy is shortly after they appear or attain a new form. People also like to point out Yamcha despite the fact he jobbed only twice before calling quits on remaining relevant.

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>Yamcha jobbed only twice
>spotting the DBZonlywatcher
Yamcha was THE jobber in the original Dragon Ball

Now now, you're both wrong.
Yamcha is and always has been a joke character. A joke character cannot be a jobber.

You don't know what jobbing means.
Jenny didn't die to set up any other characters' "power level", he just died along with every other remaining character in the armageddon-level final battle.

>Yamcha is and always has been a joke character.
Yeah but in DB everyone was a joke character.

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>I mean a jobber is someone who you would expect to win.
No it isn't, does anyone actually look up the meanings of words before using them anymore?
A jobber is just someone percieved to be powerful to the audience, who then goes on to fight and lose to another character solely for the purpose of making that other character look stronger.
You'll often get characters who seem like they exist only to job, which makes them true jobbers to their very core.
Using Bleach as an example, I'd disagree with , as Chad is clearly the biggest jobber in that series. He won exactly one fight in the entire series, and that was against a barely-named enemy mook. In contrast, he lost like 5 fights against actually important characters, and all of those happened immediately after Chad got a powerup.
Chad is a Jobber King because his only role in the story was to hype up the strength of other characters.

>Chad is a Jobber King because his only role in the story was to hype up the strength of other characters.
Yeah but he wasn't memorable either so people just forget when he jobs. Only spics cared about Chad.

Okay, I forgot his fight with Tenshinhan. That was a clear cut case of jobbing.
But losing isn't always jobbing. There's a difference, as much as Sup Forums likes to forget it.

vegeta is really the biggest jobber in all of anime

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I think Gil is the bigger jobber mainly because Saber didn't get off screen'd to death.

He had to die for the sake of the plot.

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What the fuck is a jobber?

He jobbed to Shen too in the next tournament before we knew it was Kami possesing him.

He jobbed it at the most important moment to purge the psyker menace.

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Who does god job to?

Its insane that a lot of people here won't get this but this ngr is a bigger jobber then anything they can ever think of.

Google it, wonderbread


Saitama is a bigger jobber.
t. Sup Forums

Saitama is the antithesis of a jobber you Sup Forums mongoloid

Rei assended to Godhood, Asuka got chewed up by Kaworu clones and then revived only to get choked by Shin.

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Saitama jobs at everything except fighting

>I'm big scurry villain I will kill All Might
>gets beaten up by 3 kids

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Wow, the a downgraded version of shinji's mom became a medium for the rest of humanity to get to heaven while she just sort of exists outside of it because shinji's dad wanted her to, meanwhile Asuka got to spend the rest of her life with the one she loved because she chose to.


>killed off too fast
teh fuck? His Kushan arc lasted for ever, shit that had anything to do with it directly or indirectly probably accounts for like a quarter of the manga, and Emps Ganishka got a large amount of that

And then the finale of his arc lasted 16 consecutive chapters and involved him turning into the biggest non Godhand Demon we've seen, and his death radically changed the entire world. And it involved some of the best art in the manga.

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He could have beaten All might by himself unless the author came up with some stupid shit like "hurr my quirk is too big to be restricted"

Going at him as a team was the only way to beat him.

>i dont know what jobbing means

Rei literally comes the post powerful being in the universe. also
>loving Shinji
She came back because of what Yui/Lilith/Rei said, not your waifufag fantasies.

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A jobber is just someone percieved to be powerful to the audience, who then goes on to fight and lose to another character solely for the purpose of making that other character look stronger.
Jobber is a wrestling term. It refers to people who only ever lose to other wrestlers. They have no real character or personality, they are just bland guys who get destroyed by someone to show off how incredible the guy getting built up is.

Literally all of them

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They're each introduced and killed in the same 20 second window

It's hard to call them jobbers when you can barely call them characters.

He wasn't jobbing he literally got memed by the genetics of his psychic weapon

there's tons of jobbing in the series and you picked the ones that do it the least

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He knew it would happen.

He admits he made an error deploying the child against the group the moment he realized they had a Queerrat among them. It would have been as simple as harrying them until they could locate their vessel and stranding them in Tokyo

He managed an excellent example of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

You'd at least think he could use his massive gravitational pull as a weapon.

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Gil is the King of everything, including jobbing.

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doesn't matter. still best girl

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But she's worst girl.

this guy dying was a huge asspull
>muh punctured lung

no. that's anime-chan

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Also for his character development though, and he had arguably one of the best endings

>best character
Top fucking kek.