Trying to understand why people think it's a good idea for Netflix to be invading the anime sphere...

Trying to understand why people think it's a good idea for Netflix to be invading the anime sphere. This show is pretty boring so far and episode 10 was just cheap kyoani melodramatic shit unrelated to the main characters, and no doubt it's partially influenced by Netflix wanting to make it easy to bait the normalfags that subscribe to it into thinking it's ""emotional"".
Are people this blind? Do people really want Netflix to start injecting their western values into anime?
Violet Evergarden is such a superficial show that there is no explanation for its success, even on Sup Forums, besides kyoanus and fucking Netflix.

Are you not aware of the precedent this sets? Even in other shows that might not be netflix originals like VEG is, there's still gonna be Netflix money involved, which is gonna make authors and publishers want to change their work so it's more successful in the West, particularly among the typical Netflix audience (hint: typical netflix audience doesn't watch anime and does not tolerate fanservice, lolis, eroticism etc) so all we're gonna end up with is shitty manime and "Game of Thrones: The animation" because that's all the West likes.
Really, I'm surprised people even gave this a chance but the kyoanus dicksucking is so strong on this board, and especially among nu-Sup Forums, that I feel stupid for being surprised.
Evergarden is a boring show and 50% of its flaws are from kyoanus loving superficial shit, and the other 50% are Netflix's normalfag hands.
Seriously, I refuse to watch any shows Netflix might be affiliated with from now on. If you welcome Netflix, you're part of the problem.

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Is this a copypasta? It reads like one.

Fuck off.

>anime has been generally pretty shitty since inception
>shows air every season with poor writing, forced melodrama, one dimensional characters, and unsatisfying climaxes
>But now all of a sudden Netflix funded a bad show that would've been bad either way and now it's doomsday

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>anime has been generally pretty shitty since inception
Good job being "le epic ironic weeb" cancer, you self-depricating piece of shit. Go back to watching Filthy Frank.

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Take your ADD pills kid, this show is beyond you.

meant to quote I'm not even OP, by the way, I think OP is a brainlet and this netflix boogeyman is fucking retarded

Is AICO good? I'm hesitant on picking up Netflix originals because Sup Forums is too cool to talk about them


>Sup Forums is too cool to talk about them
>VEG is one of the most talked about shows on Sup Forums this season

Stupid thread for stupid people such as myself.

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>Baireddo :D

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Then you're saying most anime has above average story telling.
You're full of shit. The people who make the anime don't even believe that.

it's popular because dramafags gives a lot of attention to the atmosphere and music which are great tbqh

Devilman Crybaby was full of fanservicy shit, I'm not sure how accurate op is.

>I refuse to watch anything affiliated with Netflix
Literally the same time VEG started airing was when Devilman came out on Netflix, is that a horrible show because of Netflix too?

"Most anime" has average storytelling. Because that's how averages and probability in general work.

Netflix lowers the standard even more.

If the anime industry cannot ward off Netflix's influence and gets taken over then it wasn't worth shit to begin with.

If you compare it exclusively to other anime, then most is average. But the average level of anime compared to all other forms of story telling is much lower than the average of all media.

if you hate anime why are you here?

I love anime and I don't wanna see it westernized or made to pander to western normalfags. Which is why Netflix is the enemy.

There were a few threads about it when it was first released. Some people claimed it was mediocre at best, most said it was bad. B: The Beginning had mixed reviews as well but the positive reviews were slightly more positive than AICO. Don't waste your time on Sword Gai, I couldn't even make it though 1 episode and it seems to be agreed that its absolute trash.

VEG and Devilman are the only good shows they've got their name on, and even Devilman had quite a few problems towards the end that kept it from being a great show. That just leaves VEG. 1/5 track record is pretty bad.

What other forms of storytelling? You're only saying this because you're not aware of the real amount of shovelware in any medium, including literature, TV, film, and video games.

>chink muzzie was a tripfag all along
At last I truly see

>I don't want to see it westernized.

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Anime is very hateable, but specially anime watchers. Also, hate is a very powerful energy source and the main force behind survival. Hateful people live longer lives than happy or sad people.

I you don't believe me just go to your local VEG thread and shitpost for some hours, you'll see how fun it is and how alive you'll feel.

This is the reasoning of an ironic weeb. IMO anime is the medium with the best quantity made to actually enjoyable content ratio. The vast majority of things on TV are pure rubbish and film is even worse, I can count the amount of films I've seen with memorable storytelling with one hand, and I go to the cinema every fucking Saturday with my mates.

I won't even mention books because any schmuck can make a book, unlike other mediums where getting something even greenlit is pretty hard.

>I don't wanna see it westernized
Japan was heavily westernized after the second world war, it's too late user.

Netflix has nothing to do with the content of Violet Evergarden. Kill yourself.

>Also, hate is a very powerful energy source and the main force behind survival.
Hakuno is this you

VEG is great you dumb faggot, no amount of your sperging will change that. Its a mostly episodic show that's trying to appeal to an audience that is quick to empathize. Its clear why an autistic retard like yourself can't get into it. Why the fuck did you watch 10 episodes of it, if you hate it?

If you wanna see anime become more westernized, more similar to the shitty series the west makes, then I wish I could see your corpse being hung off a bridge by a Mexican cartel.

Now that's just sad.

>influencing VE content
Look at this faggot who don't know shit about Production Committee.

ITT: Brainlets.
If there's money involved, it influences the end result. No fucking exceptions.

Not OP but curious. Explain

>Hateful people live longer lives than happy or sad people.
>I you don't believe me just go to your local VEG thread and shitpost for some hours, you'll see how fun it is and how alive you'll feel.

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This thread actually gives me a fucking aneurysm, well done OP, if you were trying to bait you succeeded.

The production committee are the suits behind every anime and the ones getting all the profit.
The ones are the top are more important than the ones at the bottom and anime studios sometimes are not even in the committee and get paid a flat sum of money to make anime.
This is the committee for VEG: Kyoto Animation, Pony Canyon, ABC Animation, Lantis.
Netflix can't touch this production, they only have streaming rights. OP was baiting and/or is retarded.

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First time I've seen you be useful. Now go back to /filtered/

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>muh normalfags

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How will tripfags ever recover?

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The real question is: Why aren't you watching the superior Darling in the frankxx?

>I wish I could see your corpse being hung off a bridge by a Mexican cartel
Fuck, why is this mongolian cave painting website getting so populated by Satan worshipping hatemongers? It's Sup Forums's fault, isn't it?

What the fuck are you even saying... money is money, whatever the source, you milky licker.

VEG is shit
Franxx is shit
Fucking everything this season is shit except maybe PTE for pure absurdist value
Netflix boogeyman doesn't exist

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says the ptenigger

>What's Yuru Camp
>What's mitsubishi colors
>Le ebin random referential humor is the best show of the season
Kill yourself

if you don't call other shows no anus cultist will take your opinion on VEG seriously.
PTE is barely just ebin random referential humour. It's a little deeper than that, retard.

I like PTE too but you can't just admit that when replying to a post like that

>Because that's how averages and probability in general work.
No, that's not true. That only happens if the distribution is normal, and you should study more instead of shitposting about cartoons. For example, let's say there are 10 men, one has 601 cars, and the others own 1 each. The average is 61 cars per man, and now your claim is that
>most men own 61 cars
>at least 6 men own 61 cars or more each
which we know is false; only one man does. See how you're fucking stupid?

>Maths autism
Woah, calm down Einstein

Fucking Franxxfags shitting up an unrelated thread as usual. Fucking kill yourselves

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reminder that violet wants to know what is love

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ITT: I don't even watch anime

>so all we're gonna end up with is shitty manime
I don't see how's that bad, more Gar in animus is something we actually need.

Fucking cringe

>le netflix boogeyman
What do you think?

Netflix has no bearing on the contents of a show. It is merely a distribution platform. The more you know.

No, they just bought the rights to streaming. They got no way to influence the project. You are the ignorant chimplet here

>Just bought the rights
>"A netflix original series"

That's just a part of Netflix misleading marketing strategy. Here "original" means that they provide exclusive streaming, doesn't mean they financed the project and are in the committee or anything.

>exclusive streaming
Even though VEG airs in several tv stations and other streaming services. It literally means nothing but some misleading marketing term now

>he thinks "A Netflix Original Series" means Netflix made the series

>Here "original" means that they provide exclusive streaming
Even that is fake with VEG being the top anime at China's streaming platform. Netflix is a joke.

Maybe they mean they provide exclusive streaming in some regions which is still autistic to add that label anyway