Annual kino thread

Annual kino thread.

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I want to fuck Kino!

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>draw a boy
>call it a girl


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Watch the series it is explained.

If only the new series had scan lines.

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You cannot.

I really wanted this question answered.

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It would have taken much more than that to save the new series.

Why was it as shit as it was? Was it budget?

Who the fuck thought that Killer Sheep Attack would make for a good last episode.

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will you enjoy sigsawa's latest works next season?

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Those sheep deserved better.

I thought it was a great last episode, it was so bizarre but played so perfectly straight as a genuine thriller.

Some of the more major offenders:
>killer sheep attack final episode
>repeatedly trying to cram too much shit into a single episode (the worst offender being the Ship Country) resulting in characters acting in unexplained ways because the part of the plot that would explain why they decided to act in such a way was cut out
>Country of Adults being aired after Kind Country

It'll be better than 2017 Kino at least.

It's already better than SAO because Kirito is nonexistent in the show.

...doesn't this happens as often as the opposite?
The world needs it.

Art style and reused episodes was also a reason.

Artstyle is definitely not a reason by any stretch of the imagination, and it's a reboot, it's not a continuation. It would be bad if they didn't o the important episodes.

Original Kino last episode was so much better, I don't know why they didn't end with that

Because then they would just be doing what the original did.

Why did they make kino lewd in that version?

You wanted them to redo another episode?