This scene singlehandedly made me despise Goku

This scene singlehandedly made me despise Goku.

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He wanted it to be a fair fight, there's nothing wrong with that?

Goku died on Namek. The guy who arrived on Earth at the beginning of the Android arc is an imposter.

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>that stupidly huge hair Goku has when he throws the bean

Reminder that Goku was right and Piccolo was wrong

If not for the power-ups required to beat a re-energized Cell after this, would they have been prepared for what was ahead?

being this dumb

Reminder that when earth finally gets destroyed it will be Goku's fault.

If Cell didn't get a Sensu Bean, he'd have just cut to the chase and beaten the tar out of Gohan without toying with him, and Gohan would have been killed.

If it wasn't for Goku being a retard, they could have won without Android 16 and Trunks dying.

And Goku and Mr. Kai.

Earth was destroyed by Kid Buu and it WAS Goku's (and Vegeta's) fault.

I didnt notice, haha

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He was confident in Gohan's power but didn't understand Gohan's personality.

Goku thought he was doing his son a solid while preparing to humiliate Cell in the process, without having any idea that Gohan hates fighting.

>that Gohan hates fighting.
chichi ruined him.

Nigga he's been fighting world ending threats since 5. Meanwhile, Goku lived a relatively comfortable monkey life until 12 and even then had more peace in his life than Gohan.

then hes a cowards and a disgrace to his saiyan blood. again chichi ruined him

Not the other user but chi chis influence on him really did damage his potential

I actually like that he doesn't really want to fight and instead tries to better society and raise a family, better than being a jobber

Who in their right mind likes fighting "stronger opponents"? Why would you want to get your ass constantly destroyed? Doesn't it hurt when they punch your face or blast you away with an energy ball? Both Goku and Vegeta have a weird pain fetish.

And risk his own son getting killed? It's not like Cell even needed it since he can regenerate.

They're thrill addicts, so presumably they are not in their right minds by definition of addiction.

The earth getting destroyed will never be the cause of Mirai Trunks, because unlike the rest of the cast, he isn't an incompetent oaf. In all the times its been blown up, Goku and Vegeta are directly responsible.

If Goku was serious about winning, he could have used the genki dama to defeat Cell.

Good standup material but I still have to mention it's the key to their own power increasing, this was explored on a practical level with Goku v. Hit.

I believe you

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Earth has been destroyed twice

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Then obviously you didn't see or read the piccolo arc which in turn complete makes anything you say automatically discarded.

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What? Piccolo gave Gohan food and shit, he was really tsundere about the whole jungle stuff. Goku out right almost kills Gohan and the entire planet by doing what OP posted.

His stamina still takes a hit after regeneration. A properly coordinated joint attack by everyone could have presumably wore him down.

Or just use fucking Mafuba.

Not really. None of the half saiyans really enjoy fighting like the full blooded saiyans do.

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Did it matter? Cell would heal up to full health anyway.

>His stamina still takes a hit after regeneration. A properly coordinated joint attack by everyone could have presumably worn him down.

Yes and then allow him to summon the cell juniors that kicked everyone's ass.

Not only that, he was holding back and would have kicked everyone ass anyways.

>Did it matter? Cell would heal up to full health anyway.

He could and he also couldn't.
Cell's regenerative abilities are from his Namekian genetics, they aren't 'magic' like wot you see with Buu, so while Cell can regenerate from a LOT of damage he can't strictly do it 'forever'.
It's possible to tire out Cell and stifle his regenerative abilities, it's just very difficult because his combination of Saiyan and Namekian genes create a positive feedback loop where every time he has to regenerate he gets just a 'little' bit stronger.

That's how I understand it at least.
You could be right, Toriyama is after all a fucking hack.
Otherwise Cell would have been on the team in Super, fuck I miss Cell.

He only summoned the Cell Jrs because he was back to full power after taking a senzu. If Goku took his advice and kept the senzu for himself as needed, things might not have escalated as much as it did.

Vegeta did nothing wrong, fuck off gokek

This, and he soon realizes he fucked up and tries to fix things until Cell intervened

Wake up call. Everyone at some point was an enemy. If it were not for compassion, Goku would not have allies. You know beforehand that Cell is irredeemable since you watched the series completely or have been exposed to Goku's friend circle after it was finished. People who watched it the first time were questioning if Cell would join Goku.

I think it has more to do with gohan's first exposure to fighting was his dad dying and then being kidnapped and left in the wilderness for a year just to fight again where he sees even more people die before his very eyes.
Meanwhile trunks lives his entire childhood under the shadow of androids annihilating every city they come across just cause they can.
Of course they hate fighting, who wouldn't when that's your introduction to it.

That nature of Goku's is what got Vegeta curious and wanting to confirm if that was the secret behind Goku's strength, instead of just killing everyone

this. holy shit. I don't know how DB fans can be so stupid when it's such a simple manga. Even future goten and trunks in the end of z slacked off compared to their dads. It seems that half saiyans have huge potential and enjoy fighting for sport but don't have full on battle boners like full saiyans.

After Cell regenerated Goku said that Cell was severely weakened. He still had more power he wasn't using but he wouldn't be at 100%.

Goku was right in wanting Gohan to fight but he underestimated Gohan's reluctance. Luckily Cell wanted to see this power so badly he played upon Gohan's grief.

Chichi forced him to study but from there he was able to do what he wanted and he became a successful scholar in a mansion with a beautiful wife and cute daughter.

DBfans cannot analyze their own series very well

>watching past the original DB
Do people really enjoy retcons: the series? With power creep might I add.

Barely anything about Cell makes sense and most of the arc relies on people being wildly stupid to unnecessarily escalate the situation further.

What happened to Goku?
When he came back from Namek he was a full-blown retard. He got even more retarded in super.

What are you saying?
Are you saying that Goku was the dominant one during their fusion? If so then that makes Goku responsible and Vegeta a little bitch for being subservient to Goku
Or are you saying that Vegito was not at fault for kid buu blowing up earth? Vegito could've stopped buu before the explosion you know?

>This is what niggers actually believe

Reminder that Goku was actually 100% right, Gohan was the only one who had the power to kill Cell

DBfags are mostly composed of sub-80 IQ latinmonkeys. Of course a children's manga is going to be too complicated for them.

All of the Dragon Ball fanbase is composed of manchildren who can't let go of their childhood boner for Goku, or normies who just want to be cool and popular cos DBS is trending in their countries.

Either way, they are cancerous and borderline retarded.

Piccolo was Goku's final enemy in the final DB arc and he was straight up evil but Goku gave a senzu right when the fight was over.


It's a shame Radits was too strong for his own good. Had he been weaker, things might have turned out better for him. But since they had no choice but to kill him, and through sacrificing Goku at that, he lost his chance at redemption.

They wanted to save the people who were absorbed.

Wait for Pan.

Gohan never liked fighting. He lived for 4 years with no interest in it, you can't blame it all on Chichi if Gohan ever had an interest in fighting he would have just went behind ChiChi's back and learned to fight with his strongest guy in the world dad.


Which is odd because after getting older, he occasionally does display some eagerness to fight. He even WANTED to fight Dabura.

Keep in mind that only Goku knew how strong Gohan was. after the year training,

This is Gohan at peak fighting sense and at this point he was stronger than Gohu even before he went SSJ2. Gohan was not serious about fighting until he flipped. there may have been a faint chance that he could even kill Cell even as SS1 if he was serious about beating him.

being THIS dumb

Chichi wanted Gohan to have a better life than live in arrested development like her idiot husband. Chichi was right and Goku is a terrible father.

>Goku gets to decide a fight he isn't participating in is fair or not

Every time Earth is destroyed it's Goku's fault.

He's a shitty husband and father.

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What was the point of this scene?

To destroy your childhood role models just like Star Wars.

You'd have to be a massive retard if Gokek was your childhood role model

One time it was Vegeta's fault

>What was the point of this scene?

To demonstrate how much of a psycopathic idiot retard mongoloid Goku is.
He's too stupid to be evil, it's mere coincidence he can even be good.
All he wants to do is eat, fight, and sleep.

Vegeta is shocked and disgusted by Gokus lack of humanity/sayanity.

No wonder Chi Chi is such a bitch, she ain't getting what she needs from Goku.

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It's called a puzzler, a joke that's funny because it becomes more absurd the more you think about it
Because this also means that Chichi never taught Goku what kissing was, and also that Goku had somehow gone his whole life never seeing anyone kiss or mouth-to-mouth for any reason until here and now in his late forties

But giving Cell the Senzu bean was fucking stupid.

>He's too stupid to be evil
But he was evil before he bumped his head and had memory loss.

He didn't want Gohan to feel like he didn't earn his win on his own

Retconned by Dragon Ball Minus

>Majin Buu
Vegito's fault, so 50/50 Goku/Vegeta
Vegeta didn't kill him when he had the chance

The saiyans are objectively a retarded race. Being a disgrace to the saiyan blood is a compliment.

to show that goku is only acquainted with chi-chi's ass.

Goku just wanted to give Gohan the best gift he could think about, the greatest fight of his life. Because he thought Gohan was like him, but he was wrong. Its like a father hiring a very expensive whore for his son birthday just to discover he is gay and don't want to fuck her.

>sending a baby to earth with a specific mission of planetary genocide.
Wew, saiyans don't really think things through huh.

people should understand Toriyama is a gag-manga writter first and a battle-manga artist second.

Trunks fucking Mai is still really weird and dumb.

Cell Saga is extremely overrated.

The half saiyans make for better characters. Pure blooded monkeys are mostly a meme.

I would unironically rather watch the Trunks and Gohan show rather than the Goku and Vegeta show(DBS). Heck even DBZ was as good as it was because it was mostly a krillin and Gohan show with Goku always coming in for the final save.

yet it still works somehow.

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Reminder that YamCHAD is CHADhan's real father.

>but didn't understand Gohan's personality.
He spent like 3 years alone with him in the time machine chamber.

Goku's mistake was not taking another session in the time chamber to awaken Gohan's SSJ2 or his own.

Its starting to seem more and more like them being blown the fuck out by frieza was for the best. They had the best women though.

No, it was expecting his young son to be able to kill on command

Definitely not on this board. Since criticizing Buu saga is too mainstream now, it became contr/a/rians' new favourite one to take jabs at.

Literally only murricans like Cell-saga

Goku's doesn't have the highest emotional intelligence in case you didn't notice.

Can confirm, I'm american and I like cell saga.

Goku and Chichi were secluded country folk who do not understand the concept of kissing.