One Piece is the worst of the Big 3

One Piece is the worst of the Big 3.

Watched 1 arc of each, Ennies Lobby doesn't hold a candle to Soul Society. It's not even close.

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wan pees so detailed and da goofy face like metacommontary on jeneric shoenin

>Not even the best part of one piece
>Doesn't hold a candle to the only good part of bleach
Huh how bout that

What's the best part of One Piece IYO?

Togashi, Kubo, Kishi, what're you doing on Sup Forums???

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Pro Tip: A thread talking bad about Sup Forums approved shounen (HxH, FMA, YYH, JoJo) is never going to get a lot of positive replies. Also, notice how they will defend the biggest asspulls and inconsistencies in those series to the death no matter how unbelivable stupid they are.

>I only watched this arc without having context and buildup to characters
>Dosen't hold a candle to this arc wich people told me it was good because muh fights
>Using the big 3 term as if it actually mean shit
It's time to kill yourself

>muh build up excuse
Bleach introduced Gotei 13 and in a very short time the hype already got real. One Piece dedicated an entire arc (Water 7) to build up CP9, yet they still managed to be bland and forgettable as shit.

>watching one arc of each is an indicator of overall quality
wew lad

>younger generation breaking barriers and forging alliances that fly in the face of established authority

Yeah, you're gonna wanna avoid mentioning metacommentary when you're shitposting One Piece threads. One Piece actually does have relevant, loldeep commentary.

It is. You can get the picture in one arc. No point in watching other Saint Seiya arcs if you've seen the 12 Zodiac Temples. Not point in watching DBZ past Frieza. Dark Tournament is all you need from YYH, etc.

>b-but One Piece gets good if you read 800+ chapters!

Should’ve watched Arlong Park, faggot.

Your spouting nonsense absolutely none should take your advice,

>Comparing battle shonen to an adventure manga
ask me how I know you're an underage faggot

t. Tite Kubo

One Piece is a battle shonen. There is no "adventure", all conflicts are solved by fighting.

shaboady gets my vote, worst was either fishman isle or thillerbark except for kuma. Honestly my favorite parts of OP are when the crew is traveling between places, like when luffy tries to cook.

Ennies lobby is just the culmination of everything in Water 7.

Best arc is the war (Dubal - Shabaody - Amazon Lily - Impel Down - Marineford)

Bleach is garbage though
really says a lot about your overall taste which makes any opinion coming out of you worth nothing than the dog shit on my shoe, kid

>Bleach is garbage though
True, but One Piece manages to be worse.

Yeah, you sound like you know what you're talking about. Tell me why One Piece is worse

To think we still live in a time where retards think one piece is bad

But you don't disagree that Bleach is bad so....

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>all conflicts are solved by fighting.
>Strawhats have literally run away the entire arc
>Sanji had to bake a cake to stop Big Mom
>Luffy is literally the only one to fight
LOL ok retard
>Bleach is worse
Fuck off faggot

It's literally a Sunday morning cartoon. Its target audience is Japanese children ages 6-12.

Soul Society arc is trash too. MC becomes as strong as the captains in a week of training, destroys ancient execution tools casually, and manhandles every vice captain.

>Believe me when I talk out of my ass and pull "statistics" out of thin air
I knew this thread would fail

Sunday morning slots are for young children. Shows aimed at adults are broadcasted in prime time.

Big Mom arc isn't over you mouthbreather. She'll go down with a fight like every other major villain.

Doesn't mean it's only geared toward children you forget this series has been around since 2001, most of it's core audience grew up with it.

Literally the brony excuse

please ask me how I know you're underage

t. hasn't read the manga

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Then you have no excuse now to dislike it

Boy are HxH fans getting desperate

Either you gets weebs talking about some cuck controversy or shonen fanboys/ falses flaggers fighting each other. Time to jump out.

>It's target audience is 6-12
nice demographic ass pull

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Lol even the shit post are trash. Even non readers are aware of the demographic of One Piece. Why do I live?

Yeah you can fuck off now. Here's your (You)

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>I have no reading comprehension and the attention span of a goldfish so I´m going to call anything that I don't understand and asspul and/or an inconsistecy.

Talk No Jutsu originated in battle shonens though.

see there's your problem

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One Piece is forgetable desu

is togashi on break again?