From 6/10 to 12/10

From 6/10 to 12/10
How ?

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Hideri’s girl penis

thats how

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Do you need to ask?

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Does she always look like that despite her generic moe looks ? if it does, i might considering watching this.

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What is her name again?

Unfortunately not.

Season 2 when?

Ah i see.
I guess i skip this then.


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Not usually a fan of this type of clumsy girl but I liked Maika.
Not too much but somewhat.


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Anyone have the stitch of her in leather?
I'm too lazy to make it even though I already made the screenshots.

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Cute little sadist.

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Still can’t get over his name means draught.
What kind of ass hole farmer dad

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The reason i avoid this show.
Fuck Traps.

Fuck traps indeed. Fuckem right in their boi pucci

Dino is a soyboy beta male who cant even get laid by gooks.

Let this be a lesson for all you.


Kaho the aho

Indeed, the only thing that will ever willingly fit his dick will be an artificial rubber vagina.

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You could tell. I have fucked a fleshlight before. It’s different desu ~

Why theres no Maika femdom doujins ?

I've always thought it's funny how this 26(?) year old Dago is head over heels for this sheltered 14 year old girl.

oh no

But how do you know it's different from a woman? Unless...

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I'm a 26 yo dago, and I'd be head over heels for her too

How the fuck her murderous face can be so 10/10 ?

The mix of shear intimidation and cuteness.

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I have dipped my johnson in some clunge here and there.
I’m sorry Sup Forums

wasted design/character in shit show
would watch 70 episodes of maika learning to give no fucks and become a sadistic delinquent

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Post more femdom Maika

The trap ruined it. Traps always ruin it.


Correction. The male characters ruined it

traps are fine though

Some jap fans think Hideri might be a shorter form of something else, like Hidenori or Hidetoshi.

Traps are gay


Does the manlet ever fuck Kaho?

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Bruh she already 12/10 from the start

I want to fuck her


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Traps are fags, Fuck LGBT if they are gonna use traps in their organization

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shes 16 and girls can get married at the age in japan

Please tell me shes a hidden sadist.

Hideri's girlfriend that's how.

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what kind of dude goes "yeah i'll wear a thong that outlines my balls"?