good night edition

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twice is dog shit

i want to hit her hard

finally something I can word



sometimes i wonder why sm is still shitting out these station songs but then i realize it's not hard to break even or even make a profit on releases you spend a few hundred bucks on tops

word i don't like mijoo too

why does twiceland only have 3 venues

>a few hundred bucks on tops


pray for north american venue by end of 2017

no stops have been announced past the first three. i'm sure they'll do one in japan around the time they debut their and probably one in the US

station songs are really hit or miss, but they have had some good ones


twice is good

does anyone really have the patience to sit through all those songs?

theyre overworked enough

comeback in may and full promotion in japan

how many days until new DIA? i need new clonecams in my life


BP's image confuses me


p sure just testing waters for an international market. but their main focus is holding down korea (may comeback) and jp takeover (june).

i think jyp learned that pushing the western market isnt really worth it the cost

either* you SEA loser

she's the one for me

I just listen to it every time one comes out, but you can tell right away if it's good or shit

nah that's jisoo

New Yawkor Min Yoongi

gross. if any of you fuckers look like this just kys.


this is hilarious

i k their goal was to introduce ppl to new genres and artists, but ive only liked the songs by ppl i already knew dbh



poor man's amber and poor man's mijoo

for the love of gaypop please end this curly hair meme

they're SM. they could buy any random nugu, put SM on their next album, and it would sell more.

>new artists
underground artists such as exo, tiffany, and heechul

what an ugly faggot lmao

speaking of actresses

most of us are /fit/ and /fa/

only lovelyzmemers and taeyeonposter looks like that

i listened to every single one and their were a number of literally whos that were on station

바시티? That's not even close to "Varsity" LOL

i love the who, i'll have to check it out

why does exy always have that disgusted look on her face?

you sound more like /ck/, /r9k/ and /hm/ though

hey that word is not nice

I showed /mtv/ a pic of gfriend and they made fun of me so I'm never leaving this thread again


honestly if I liked gfriend id never show them to anyone theyre pretty ugly desu

#GirlLove forever

>most of us
you don't know anything

all i see is kang mina's kang minas

Arin seems like the kind of girl who would

it's pretty close to how a Korean would say varsity

kpg is universal

it's hot


You're gay as fuck, senpai.

it sounds koreanized

I can imagine them struggling to pronounce varsity properly

>not wanting to hold the back of her head firmly, but gently
mijoo is a delicate princess

>300k, 400k views
i have videos with more views than that, i am literally a bigger influencer than sm

the rest of these are pretty interesting too

look fuckign elsewhere please.

where's your snsd


she knows

not really

absolutely disgusting. keep your uggos faggot
please watch them well~

someone post the fanart for this moment


jyp added that part of the choreo in just to showcase her talents

tfw the power rangers thread died

joy is so gay..

Sonamoo 2bh


/our guy/