I think it's a accent thing

I'd be inclined to believe more french people would speak better english if it wasnt so difficult on account of the french getting slowly deeper and deeper into their own colloquialisms. I've got a mate on discord who plays For Honor with me for the 300ping keks and his accent is hilariously thick despit speaking fantastic english. Only reason he says his siblings don't learn it is because >muh language of love everyone should just learn french: and the fact they can't pronounce as many consonants as they need to per syllable

>McDonald's worker detected

Central time zone. I don't play with laggy shitters.

>perfect english
They are so shitty they had to scrape for the language they use, and it's not even valid praise.
Americans are only tolerated because they are common place in games and, sadly, unavoidable.

Maybe it is harder for them but they really don't appear to try their hardest

I've been to france for an exchange student thing years ago and the vast majority of them was barely comprehensible

Nah, I'm not saying it's good, just that many many other places are worse. I'm going to go teach overseas and cross my fingers things get better.

All shit but Russians and South Americans are the a special kind of Ebola diareaha.

>playing online games

>just that many many other places are worse

and many many other places are better, which is Why I'm moving.

>When you're half Swedish, half Serbian and basically everything checks out

I'm not sure how to feel...

English is often a third language, and most teachers will not actually use it while teaching. That really hurts any chance to speak correctly any language.

Every time I play against somebody who isn't American, it's always those weird fucks with those awful accents. I just can't understand them, and they are trying to curse at me and I'm just laughing my fucking balls off. Seriously just talk normal you fucking retards.

Yeah man, it's definitely a little on the side of pompousness. From what my mate told me when he tried to teach his parents english they couldn't then swore never to speak "The dirt diggers" language again

They're pretty up their own ass, too. But not all of them

Best of luck, if I find somewhere I like better I'll move. I'm not super biased, but I wasn't kidding about not wanting to own a home earlier. Maybe I'll feel differently when I get older, but it just seems like a lot of work and I don't want to feel tied down.

>Playing arcade mode in UMvC3 just for killing time
>Suddenly a guy who I added online challenges me
>"I never play this game with random people so lets try it"
>Mexican, massive lag
>Decided to use random team because I was a bit tired of my main team
>This guy use Vergil, Dante and that demon only
>Suddenly he change Dante for Akuma and got the "No Skill" phrase victory and proceed to sent me a message saying "Git gud pendejo"
>Choose my main team and win 4 matches with basically VJ only, he even tried to do the same and failed miserably
>faggot quit and deleted me from his friends list

Of course a swedish flag would be a halfbreed.

>australia talking shit about someone's internet


Takeshima is Japan though you fuck

At least I'm not Muslim or some 3rd world shit hole halfbreed.

I thought serbia was a third world shithole because my only exposure to it is hearing about A Serbian Film.

I think it was a natural development to use emoticons while texting, because without pronunciation it reads like some sort of harsh tone. After people started getting into international games they just took over their habits :D

People definitely have heavy accents, but that's a by-product of terrible english education. I'm not joking when I say France has (one of) the worst foreign language educations in all of europe, we are bottom-tier when it comes to it.
There can always be an oddball who actually knows French well, but they're a rarity.

At best you'll usually find some guys who can say some simple phrases, but generally you wouldn't really be able to hold a conversation with them.

take this guy for example, or more specifically his country, the Netherlands. They have an excellent english education and I've heard Dutch people who from their english accent you would believe to have been born and raised in the US their entire life.

>they really don't appear to try their hardest
This is somewhat true, I think most people don't really care for it, as is the case for many secondary class languages.

I think people are overly harsh with xD

Germans of course ^^ :D XD :P

A fucking leaf

Well, that would explain that perception. It's not exactly a great country to live in, but not the worst either. Any place in Africa or South America (and probably a few places in Asia) is far worse from what I know.


Best of luck to you to! Also remember that Canada does recognize dual citizenships, and I don't think owning a house is necessarily an anchor.

I dunno man. If my entire bathroom explodes in 30 seconds I don't really give a fuck. If I own the house and that happens that's a migraine and a half.

Plus our bubble is fucking ridiculous. I'll wait till it pops and people are ruined and everything is cheap. A lot of what I make just goes into savings.


Brazilians are the best

Ignore my flag it's a bug

tfw when you're the worst of ''Shit tier'' in gaming but you'll be pursuing graduate studies in a school most Americans wouldn't even dream of getting into.