Uyghurs > Uzbeks > Karakalpaks > Tatars > Tuvans > Azerbaijanis > Turkmens > Kyrgyzs > Chuvashes > Kumyks > Karachays > Gagauzs > Karaites > Bashkirs > Qashqai > Yakuts >>>>>>>>>>>>>> power gap >>>>>>>>>>>>>> extra power gap >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kazakhs > Turks

Whatever. I lied to you btw, im a tatar/ baskir mix. You can add them to your hate list, too, pathetic schoolboy.

>churka nigger leeching off europe
how surprising

Pacиcт хyжe чepвя пидopa

>churka nigger
Tbh, ruskies and hohols are the ones "leeching" Czechia, as czechs say themselves. Пpиeзжaй cюдa, Ивaн, в пpигopoд кaкoй-нибyдь, мoжeт дaжe в лицo плюнyт.

Married a Turkish lady, so they're pretty alright



I'm in love.

The call that saved Erdogan

The rest of your sentence is in English. Not falling for your BS you fake Baškirové

Why do you hate Kazakhs, though? Have you ever talked to them, even?

bcuz of u

I literally stated in my post >connected ethno-geographically

You are aware those are all Turks right? Turkic-Turkish seperation is a meme, all of us share the same haplogroups to an extent.

we are very different, both genetically and culturally

>the predominant genetic makeup of modern-day Turkish people is indigenous Anatolian rather than genetically Turkic
You mean the J2 group with 24%? Because the rest of the 76% (R1, E3 etc.) is really similiar to Turkic.

That's like saying a strawberry cake isn't a cake because you put more frosting than usual.

Yes I agree, but even with years of islam there is still tengriistic traditions remaining.

Not really, the R1 group is really popular among us too. You are practically us with twink eye genes instead of european genes.