Im sure it was photoshopped you sick freak.
So you fuck dogs and had cp on your computer

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Fun fact: Goldson absolutely hates it when his own posts are deleted but not the 'offending material' or the thread.
How's that impotent rage, Lee?

The replies to it would still remain if that actually happened, fucktard.

Kill yourself, degenerate

Wow, what a retort. You offer no reasoning behind your premise and only invoke ad hominem as an argumentative strategy. You still offer no actual evidence that you don't fuck dogs. And you are indirectly discrediting your own character as reliable evidence on any matter since the evidence that you fuck dogs was typed by none other than yourself

Further, leads us to the conclusion that you are partaking in illegal activity of some sort, which in order to protect yourself you must purge from your hdd periodically. Under Canadian law it is illegal to fuck dogs. Ergo, it is now a reasonable, yet rebuttable provided you can actually disprove it, presumption that you fuck dogs

I'll give you credit for one thing, you pedophile looking kike. I can't imagine many people would admit to fucking dogs, video taping it, get their identity exposed, and then continue to piss off people on the internet who could potentially ruin your life at any moment with ammunition you gave to them. It's either incredibly ballsy or just plain retarded, and since you were in special ed as a child I will go with the latter

It was a definite photoshop, I can tell you that much.

That could mean anything.

And you immediately jump to conclusions based on that? No wonder you're so fucking retarded.

You are a definite dog fucker, I can tell you that much

>Further, leads us to the conclusion that you are partaking in illegal activity of some sort,
Again a photoshop. You can't even find the post on KiwiFarms NOR its hypothetical replies to that post, and no sorts of illegal activity is listed in the infodump on the first post of that particular thread.
Also note that this bullshit rumour was made several months before the supposed "dox".
And the only "evidence" doesn't even have a date meaning it was most likely a photoshop.


Well, that at least deconfirms my suspicions that you've been posting Barneyfag bait yourself. Of course, you wouldn't have had any idea that it was from derpibooru if I hadn't posted the link right before last thread 404'd.

If you're going to spend a solid 6 years of your life ban evading to "call out faggotry," you might as well memorize literally every image on derpibooru. Not like you're doing anything else with your life.

You realize that nobody believes your excuses about these posts, right? Those posts could have been removed for any number of reasons. You're just making yourself seem more suspicious by how much you're trying to deny it.

Barneybro come to /mlpol/ we need you there

>You offer no reasoning behind your premise and only invoke ad hominem as an argumentative strategy.
Well, it's hard to when this is basically the mindset of most people arguing with me:
>"you did this!"
>"No, I didn't" and proves it
>"Yes, you did, stop lying".

That is a whole lot of self-serving, unsubstantiated, claims you sick dog fucking autist. We've been over this, such statements hold no weight

I'm already going through too much as it is right now, I'd rather not waste my time there, especially when they made that board specifically for those fuckers to shitpost. They're beyond saving.

>how much you're trying to deny it.
Because you won't stop believing it and no one has enough reason or common sense.

What a sick dog fucker thinks happened:
>"you did this!"
>"No, I didn't" and proves it
>"Yes, you did, stop lying".

What actually happened
>"Dude, that is gross and it makes you even more despicable"
>"I don't actually fuck dogs though"
>"Considering that you were the one who, unsolicited, stated you fuck dogs to begin with, I would like to see evidence that you don't actually fuck dogs"
>"My evidence is that I don't fuck dogs (read: He can not actually provide any evidence that he doesn't fuck dogs)
>"Kill yourself, please, you dog fucking faggot"

Let me just say that you're beyond saving if you're this blind to the truth and too inept to realize it.

Come on, barneybro, I know you can do it. Those degenerates at /mlpol/ are constantly shilling their show and spreading lies. We need a man with principles to show them the truth.

This is a link to the first accusations. I was not the one who cast the first stone.
It literally started as "lol you fuck dogs now let me post these shitty MSPaint pics to defame you"
Do you really believe this shit?

>I'm already going through too much as it is right now
Oh I know, the fact that people are posting images that at one point had a pony in them before being cropped is just so hard on all of us

Spending a fortune on proxies just so you can scream and whine about horsefuckers is so stressful sometimes

It'd be too much of a waste to do it on a board where their shit's allowed to begin with. Let them rot.

Holy shit, I almost feel bad for how destroyed he is.

>"would you repopulate an earth filled only with yourself and dogs"
>>I was not the one who cast the first stone

You were too busy casting glances at dogs you sick faggot