My 18 year old cousin in Hong Kong is dating a 13 year girl

My 18 year old cousin in Hong Kong is dating a 13 year girl.

What type of Sup Forumsideogames would you recommend for her?

More pics of them

Postal 2

super deepthroat


wtf I hate Hong Kong now


How are the living expenses in Hong Kong?

Also how much are plane tickets?

My cousin says she is very mature for her age

High waisted shorts are the ugliest fashion trend in human history.

me on the left

HK is most expensive to live in the world

Hong Kong is a shit city.

>Hong Kong is a shit city.

Chinese people.

racemixing simulator, now with even more culturally confused psycopaths

Those are some nice DSL. Makes up for his weird face.

>Filled with Chinese who think they are better than all other
>Shit is
>Terrible traffic and infrastructure
>Touristy as hell
>Mainlanders often visit and quite literally shit up the place
>Seedy as shit if you go to the wrong spot
>No real jobs or opportunities unless you have very specialized talents or were sent there under contract from a multinational company

Love the dude staring in the bg

They make your legs looks longer and they've always been instyle

Isn't this illegal?