I want to gas the muslims

I want to gas the muslims.

The problem is that social justice used to mean everyone having equal rights before the law.

Now it means blacklisting or attacking anybody who objects to cutting off an 8 year olds cock and parading him around in a dress.

My uncle killed like ten of you zipperheads a few decades back.



Kill yourself

t. brainlet

gg potbro, maybe I'm a little harsh with the generalisation, perhaps you guys don't talk much about it unlike Dopey McDreads over there


Burn Sup Forumsirgins BURN!
Turn against yourselves like the raving animals we all know you are!

This must be the feeling Romans got when they would go to the arena.

>implying sydney isint getting just as bad as this shithole
next reclaim australia riot ill make sure these fucking mudslimes and lefties know nobody wants them


What the fuck happened?

success breeds jealous niggers


On this day, everyone simultaneously forgot what day it is

Look what you did Ireland, you ruined America yet again.


That is one salty cuckold. We're not all like that, promise.

>Echo chamber
>Where every category of religion and politics under the sun are discussed


>perhaps you guys don't talk much about it unlike Dopey McDreads over there

Well that's the trick. Constantly talking about weed and shoving it in everyone's face is little different from what furfags or ponyfags do.

The #1 thing holding pot back now is pot culture itself. Fuck that hippy, Rastafarian, new age bullshit.







shut up you fuckin texan

IQ is, simply put, the ability for one to recognize patterns in nature. The higher one's IQ is, the quicker they can recognize patterns, and the more abstract a pattern they can typically recognize. Many fundamental principles of human knowledge and achievement require the ability to recognize patterns, that's why pattern recognition is so important.

If you want to see evidence of white people being shat on, just look up affirmative action statistics for college acceptance to top universities. Pic related.

This ideology of being proud of those who've come before you has a very common name. Its called culture.

While arguments can be made to if whites are the master race or not(they can't seem to get a handle on jews), it cannot be ignored that the vast lion-share of advancements have come from white nations.

They rage less at the echo chamber being broken up and people going in there, making bad arguments, and continuing to make the same terrible, tired, and disingenuous arguments that trolls always make.

It may not have outright purged them, it probably would have just toughened them up. Not that that's a bad thing.

Dunno about the whole of Canada, but here in Quebec we had La Grande Noirceur

>In the eras surrounding WWII
>Duplessis merges the Church and the State
>Brings technological and social progress to a halt then reverses everything back to close minded pseudo-theocratic near-fear mongering
>Education is a fucking mess and those growing up near WWII are now for the most part illiterate
>Quiet Revolution happens
>Whole bunch of people including many Woodstockian-like baby boomers say NEVER EVER AGAIN
>Quebec slowly ushers more and more into an ideologically Liberal society
>North American Neo Liberalism starts liking cuckoldry
>Quebec doesn't even notice and still progresses with the momentum of any progress occuring

>Bonus: Righties are all dumb fucking rednecks

Been saying Sup Forums needs flags for awhile and this just proved why

humorous post

Tell me about it.


We really fucking need to rangeban Australians and Canadians

So range ban for leafs?

I miss polanball


get real, i've lived in mcmurray. you people are savages.

>changing flag for ethnic minorities

umm what?

I will enjoy when our lord and savior president Trump bombs you maple leaf sucking fuckers back into the stone age hue hue hue.

We have a containment board for your kind. Go back and stay there.

Please do. Nuke Canada so I can be free of this curse.

i already posted this image so ill just quote it again

please do not associate me with the american lowlifes

leave nukes for middle east