Yes, sadly due to my internet connection i have to solo all the way through

yes, sadly due to my internet connection i have to solo all the way through

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that's because they can only use farcaster once

This one?

There's still a good chunk of raw backing it up despite being stuck on Green (x1.05). Though it's only like +15 true raw on that, Bludgeoner still gives it a reasonable boost. Tigrex, Grimclaw, and Hellblade hammers at the endgame are hard to turn down though by virtue of innate white with good raw, something you can maintain indefinitely with Absolute Readiness.

Yeah that one. I couldn't be bothered to make anything else mostly because I found MHX boring. Is MHXX any better?

>Transmog is now a thing
>Except weapons

go on




why would a hammer need a whetstone?
>Astalos hammer looks like an Axe
>Can't cut tails with it
Wouldn't be awesome if some weapons had unique features at the cost of something?

Don't intend to play it for backlog reasons until it gets localized. Though I'd imagine the meta is still trying to figure itself out, from what I gather on /mhg/ it seems like a lot of the G-Rank equivalents of top tier equipment in X/Gen are still good except that there's a shitload of mantis farming for even just shit like armor spheres and charms. So kinda like 4U's Rajang GQs in a sense but easier, I suppose.

Does MHXX already have a translation?
Are the dialogues and all that jazz translated?

Only menu translations because if they copypaste the whole thing from Gen, they'll get sued

is gunlance broken in mhxx full release?

was stupid good in the demo

I unironically want a monster to pin me to the ground and rape me.

>>Transmog is now a thing
>>Except weapons

To be fair, the balance is supposedly really, really, really good in MHXX, where there's no best weapon. At first glance, it would be the Mantis weapons, but they get outmatched once you start playing to abuse the monsters' elemental weaknesses or taking advantage of affinity and affinity/critical boosting skills.

Fuck Monster Hunter! I fucking think the game is trash! And I'm glad there are flags here now so I can fucking call out all the autistic fucks in this country that play it! I hate every one of you!

These games were a very important part of my life from F2 until 3U but I just can't like them as well since 4th gen.
At least I'll always have the memories.

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I'll never forget my time with MHFU, but I think I just prefer playing MH4U more. Probably because I'm a filthy, lazy casual.