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[unsolicited opinions on israel] is pretty funny. Capeshit is garbage though.

Reminder that this isn't an edit.

>video games are art
Someone should inform these dumb fucks that censorship is the greatest crime one can commit against art

It was an australian all along.
This isn't a surprise.

Most people don't even know their blood type it's fucking ridiculous.

You post the image to get (You)s asking if it's real, only then you post the webm to get more (You)s.

>vomited (second time)
>saved her life from cutting
Way to make things more dramatic for a point you don't have.


Fuck me, that was great

cad might be shit but i'm a sucker for time travel stories
are you gonna post the rest?


Except Yotsuba is even more boring.

Sure, there are about 20 pages left of nothing happening though.

Oh my god yes please.

One thing she is right about is the
>used them just to get revenge on me, fucked them like breathing dolls
And the best part is, they went along with it


please reconsider that opinion senpai



I'm also reading.
Why did you save them anyway?

Im pasting them from the URL. I think that saves them in your temp files.

if dubs then every country in the world belongs to america

If thread dies, post the last URL so I can keep reading.
I'm legit intrigued.

if pee comes out of you with a hissing sound you have porblem

thank god, that's the last fucking thing we need


Stop shitposting.
Girls don't poop.

Especially vocaloids.

>trouser snake

Incredible action drawn by /ourguy/ Fuckley



Wasted potential for a pun

Ryuk isn't white he's a death god, and Goku is a space alien. These dumb asses think that Asians only put Asians in their anime.

Picture being a washed-out webcomic artist trying to make a serious storyline out of his fucking miscarriage delivery comic


>my tuck
eww wtf

fucking trannies

Punished "Venom" Buckley

Pure kino
Washed out implies he was good at one point, doesnt it?

So what's >her going to do when the guy finds out about the penus.

It's actually almost all white people whining about muh diversity, go figure. I don't want to give Sup Forums fuel because they need to fuck off, but this the work of SJWs

Its about to happen

The only "trans" comic that will ever be funny.

what a cunt

my mother died of lukemia

this autistic sonic fanboy abused his

This guy has the best fucking ideas but is the worst artist.

Shame, really.

take it up the butt

Grain isn't protein.

Without proteins, your body is struggling to make up the difference between your workload and your physical ability. Cross-sectional strength is hard enough to build as a man with meat, but going without would make everyone anemic.

Grain isn't B-12.

It's solely derived from animal products. I'm given to understand that vegans are under the impression that you don't need it, but failure to include it in your diet can be bad. It helps keep your red blood cells alive and your nerves healthy. Further, not getting any can cause fatigue, depression, and feelings of extreme guilt.

Grain isn't a lipid.

Lipids are fats. Your skin is mostly lipid, being largely comprised of cell membranes that keep germs from getting at your delicious innards. Lipids are also pretty important in the "provide energy for your muscles" department.

You'll notice that a lot of what beef and pork and chicken and such provides is stuff that improves your quality of life. It's almost like a life worth living is full of delicious meat.

it's a style you pleb

God bless

>LOL faggots are Australian
I should have fucking known, you fucking cunt. Stop this shit. Cunt

Image cap reached. It continues from cad-comic.com/cad/20121121
Basically, fuckley dies and becomes Jesus. The end.

jared is a fucking SAVAGE