some say the other winners are still climbing those stairs to this day


>tfw my healthcare is paid for

better stay fit and not use any of it so muhammed and his 20 brothers can use it.

I thought this was a video games forum? I'm from Sup Forums, why do you guys complain about Jews so much?

jews have been trying to infiltrate video games for a while now.

Jews are a problem.

Also, Sup Forums is Sup Forums and Sup Forums is Sup Forums.

>e-celeb shit
>90% of posts are amerifats
I fucking knew it

Pop off James!

holy shit how do you end up like that

>holy shit how do you end up like that
have a female landwhale enabler that spends all day cooking and feeding you food.

how so, are the games talking about keeping kosher, respecting the shabbat, not mixing dairy with meat, studying Torah or what?


why is his skin so rotten?

What do you they have to do with video games? I hardly see them talk about video games apart from my steam friends, do you dislike them because your GF left you for Chad and you can't blame yourself for it?

you're a leaf and everyone knows that's the real problem

whats that tube looking thing coming out of the blur?

It's a catheter.

>he thinks Sup Forums talks about video games

oh my god i hadn't even thought of the possibility that he couldn't go to the bathroom himself AHHHH

he just shits himself and they roll him over and clean periodically.

I can understand being kinda fat.

I can't understand that.

Someone splain this shit to me.

1. dont stop eating

2. dont stop eating

just dont stop and you will end up like him in a few months.

what a fucking horrifying existence


And just continue eating despite not being able to move?

Evolution is proven false.

Unintelligent design.

Not being able to feel shame about oneself and stop eating are legit conditions, not physical though.

Holy fuck. I want to be that kid.