You got to post something better than dutdut commietards

you got to post something better than dutdut commietards

where are the aprill fools memes?

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>wearing a tanktop in a new car.

you are either a jeepney driver or intentional

yeah he's a fag

Potangina lads, I can't wait for Persona 4 to be released. 2 more days!

I don't meet other girls yet. I'm currently at scene where the MC and Konomi have a breakfast.

>most powerful race still hasn't made a single good video game

he's the guy

Trudeau probably has more education and a higher IQ then you do? This is what im talking about, i know its fun to have meme opinions and be angry / rude about everything, but in the long run it wont get you anywhere. Enjoy your shit hole country, enjoy perpetuating it, hope you don't get gunned down in the streets.

Where were you when Kiefer showed his dick?

surprised the anti ateneo fags didn't jump on this

Gaming here is restricted to crappy mobas.

PC gaymen here is on the destitute end side.

>aku enggak dimakan
What does she mean by this?

he's /ourguy/

At least they didn't make this abomination.

Sup Forums's God
Defending paquiao?

game development scene here is not existent

hear a few years back that some fag made a moblie snek game and that's about it

Stop this, Trudeau is a flabby, pockmarked glorified non-profit manager.

She wants the D

thiswe are going backwards tho

Real talk, Widodo is the real badass.

Blows Chink trawlers, places F-16s and Apaches on Natuna and patrols their EEZ with a small corvette.

I'm not sold on the Vietnamese guy, he did nothing when China placed an oil rig on their waters and tried to appease Beijing.

Meanwhile, the despot is content with repaying Chinese campaign contributions.

I really, really hope that this is Indon voiced.

He's Rambo/The Punisher

I hope so too, user.

>he actually believes these made up stories

What the hell? This is a crappy translation.

Is Ahok our guy?

>made up

Oh, I forgot. /asean/ is full of flip libtards.


That treasonous retard is just as bad as the rest

>Sup Forums is too young
>/vr/ is too slow
>/vp/ is too autistic