Ya, well, from i can hear. Your country have many animal.

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Không muốn nói rõ, nhưng là ở miền nam. Mà bữa nay 2/4 ở Việt Nam rồi.

> shooting unarmed civilians
You're dad's a pussy, lol. Probably ran screaming from a real fight.

My relatives keep coming over here, trying to emigrate to Australia


They did alots on YouTube comments.

I don't know about that.


Well memed friend

>yfw Americans killed more Americans than any other country did

I don't hate you, vietnam-kun.
Anyone who fought in the war is old now.

Tôi biết, ông không biết April fools hả?

>Japan can't touch us now

Say a fucking leaf

Go back to your cuntry, inhale that delicious smog and died of lung cancer, Wang

You beat us and we're kinda salty about it.


nothing personal kid

Biết chứ, bởi vậy mới có cái /vint/ này nè.

t-thank America-chan.

>Disguise your guerilla forces as civilians
>Be surprised when civilians are targeted

im sorry america is so fucked m8 but remember not all of us wanted that shit, an irrational fear of communism caused them to slaughter many innocents and destroy much of the ecology.

im sorry

Nice strawman, you dumb gook. No one cares about Vietnam fucking shits.

Our war with you had the best soundtrack


Lúc nải tôi đang ở trên /mlpol/ quậy phá 1 tí. Chắc 4 tiếng rồi. Mà nài, ông đang chơi board nào?

Rough translation: Don't(didn't?) want to be clear, but in South Viet Nam, today is the 2nd of April already.

So pretty bad I take it?

It's ok, everyone hates police

And udon is delicious but ramen is better

Bitching about the government is a jailable offense.

didn't? want to be clear

You really good.

I hope these guys posting from Vietnam are behind 7 proxies then.

Wanna try eachother's food?
Maybe swap some good ol' fashioned american BBQ for a rice dish or something?

Vietnam was dead the moment Ho Chi Minh was born. The country should be burned. The South got no home left

>remind those noodle
God, if only spain didn't see this.
>eat noodle with spoon

I like you guys more than the Chinese people here

Ờ tui thường ở trên Sup Forums, hay lượn qua Sup Forums với /his/.

gb2bed, Wahlberg

for every 1 american killed 20 vietcong were killed in turn

the problem was never that america was beat, or could not win the war.

It was the fact that the sentiment of the war had become very bad. No one saw any point in continuing.

America beat America in the vietnam war.

Not that guy, but I'm pretty sure most of our people are apathetic about our own countries' politics but somehow are redpilled af on the rest of the world. I know almost a dozen that browse Sup Forums daily.

Actually. United States is the number 1 American killed in a war.

We killed more Americans than any other pussy country ever will, faggot. Only Americans can truly kill Americans.

How do you eat noodles with a spoon?

>13.18 $
No thank, that look like expensive.

>ramen is better
Agreed. But can I ask you something, do ramen chefs in Japan remove the fat from the pork stock before serving to customers? Ramen places in Sydney don't do that. If I take away ramen, put it in the fridge at home, a thick layer of fat forms at the top which I scoop out before eating.

bear bile cages

Did you know the situation when he was born? The frogs and the Nguyễn dynasty were cucking us, we live in extreme poverty.

Also both Northerners and Southerners are the same, both genetically and linguistically.

It can be cooked for upwards of 20 hours, so depending on where you get it, it can be.
It's really good, though! I'd buy you a round of ribs if you came to visit

>How do you eat noodles with a spoon
Are you sers?
Lâu vại hả?

Except overseas if they get sponsored by family members that managed to flee years ago.

But not accent. And don't get me started on the Middle.


Give my back my country you fucking commies.

i hate that fucking channel. dude is a beta wannabe chink shill. he needs to take his retard family and never come back

True true

Yeah, those Central Vietnamese accents are quite funky.

Money = Quality in this plsce. Only go to street vendors when you are recommended by a reliable source. It's a survival tactic here!

>Mien Bac and mien Nam are the same linguistically

Or should I say *chiggezed if you're a north.

^Only Vietnamese people will get this joke.

Do you risk food poisoning as well?

Not when you have experiences. Always wash vegetables before cooking to get rid of herbicide. Check the meat before buying. Everyday is a battle!
That or just buy things from reliable shops and restaurants.

Because you fought like cowards. You had good reason though, desperate times call for desperate primitive measures. Hell, after Tet', after we wiped out over a million VC, you guys had no choice but to go full blown guerrilla. We did the same to the British 200 years before so it's all good.

Would you feel safe eating medium-rare beefsteak in Vietnam?

Will I get bullied by Vietnamese government officials if I come visit Vietnam as a viet kieu?

>we wiped out over a million VC
>French dude and American dude go into bar in Asia town
>French dude starts shit with local Vietnamese guy in Asia town.
>American dude gives him pointers on how to fight and cheers him on.
>Vietnamese guy fucked French dude up
>Fight lasts for 7 hours
>French dude leaves, licking his wounds
>American bro calls Vietnamese dude a commiefaggot
>Vietnamese dude flicks him the finger
>American bro acts as if Vietnamese dude threw the first punch
>American bro uses his physical prowess to beat the shit out of Vietnamese guy
>Vietnamese dude has to use unconventional fighting styles
>American dude starts fighting dirty as well
>American dude sometimes mistakes Laotian dude and Cambodian dude for Vietnamese dude
>Claims they are helping Vietnamese dude
>Fight lasts almost 20 whole hours
>Vietnamese dude just keeps getting up
>American dude's marefriend comes in looking for where the hell her man is
>Sees him fighting some random Vietnamese
>Calls her man to get his ass back home
>Before leaving the bar in ruins, he flicks everyone the finger. Vietnamese guy still standing.
>On their way home American bro is high on adrenaline.
>Keeps repeating how he beat up Vietnamese guy and that he won the fight
>His bros at home call him a baby killer for performing weak lifts
>He calls them hippie faggots and probably communist as well
>He reminds himself every morning that he won that fight.
>Tells his children about the epic fight won had against 1 Vietnamese faggot

Chao ban
I love Vietnam. Only downside is they are communist, but Vietnamese hate being communist. Vietnamese are just such good people they manage to be communist and not implode.

I might attend a Vietnamese wedding next year. Vietnam is a nice place.

Oh. Thank.

>not having a foot fetish
What's wrong with you?

Don't be a bitch. We were making ear necklaces.

Fucking Vietnamese shit ants. Look at them. Look at them and laugh. Like tiny little SHIT ants.


it's the footkraut - where ever you asians congregate on Sup Forums, he will follow.

we don't hate you ngyuens. your women are by far the bitchiest type of asian though

So he likes feet and has yellow fever? Oi troi dat oi.

>Warrior Amazon beat American ass
>Have sex
Where did I hear that one.


I dont, your pretty asian girls are the prettiest asian girls


>not 4'6 shrieking banshees

I can't believe I have to read it.

>Asian fetish
We can see that american-otame.

They got BTFO by your farmers
I like you. A true Swiss spirit your people have. Well done

Communism was just a mean for corrupt elements to stay in power and get more money.
I don't think Vietnam was ever communist in practice. Even Ho Chi Minh only used communist support to gain independence for Vietnam because the Allies cucked them and gave Vietnam back to the French after Nippon invasion

>In terms of poverty and backwardness, north Vietnam is considerably worse than China, where, at least in the coastal cities, one may find paved roads and adequate modern infrastructure. We noted that nearly all farming and manual labor was performed by women. Most able-bodied men are serving in the VPA, and the few who are off-duty find farm work boring and beneath their dignity. The men were content to lounge around smoking and watching the bare-footed women mucking through the fields, while making the occasional wry remark about them. This situation was no doubt very brutal on women, who lack the physical strength of men, and in most cases were being asked to perform heavy labor on an extremely inadequate diet. Such has been the situation for 30 years now in north Vietnam--the men wage war (along with a fair number of females as well) while the women till the fields and breed more soldiers.

>My impression of the South is that hostility to the VCP's rule remained very strong. I do not propose to defend the actions of the Diem and Thieu regimes, nor of American policy in Vietnam. Six years after the end of US involvement, the wreckage of the war was still visible everywhere, from shell craters to unwanted mixed race children wandering about. But I could not deny the fact that the south Vietnamese people despised the current situation and longed for something better.

>Three years after reunification, the border between north and south remained sealed off. This works both ways; it prevents northerners from seeing the much better living standards in the south, which would instantly refute decades of VCP propaganda, and it also prevents southerners from seeing the squalor of the north and realizing what lays in store for them.

My uncles killed a bunch of you, but you still won. Good job. You can be the first to claim North Korea when they try to nuke everyone and blow themselves up

Southeast Asian hate us because we're more chinese than them. Vietnam was basically Chinese coming down and kicked out a bunch of jungle monkeys

Tsk, i better eat some snack and go to sleep before my boss calling me.

Settle down, you bargain bin Matt Damon.

I wish U.S have won the war. Vietnam could have been a better Philippine desu

>Like most communist regimes, Vietnam has their own version of Potemkin villages designed to impress foreigners and well-stocked with canned goods, brand new Soviet tractors, and the latest household implements. But the gulf between them and reality was of a magnitude greater than I'd seen in China. In the South, the greater material prosperity was evidenced in the many neat brick homes. But as we got out of Saigon and traveled a few kilometers, the paved roads ceased and there were mud huts as sad as anything in the north.

Nice fucking quads.

Pretty much. Ironically, he was a big America fan boy.

Nip doesn't like vietnamese wtf
stop spreading fake news

>They got BTFO by your farmers
Does it count when you're armed with the latest Soviet weapons?

You are no chinese, you are viet dog, your mom probably a whore, thats how you win wars anyway.

So Vietnam doesn't censor much anymore?

Wait, they hate us?

Blame tourists devaluing vietnamese money

Because someone false flag and against Vietnam.

That mean he not Vietnamese. If he do that irl he will get executing.

>I don't think Vietnam was ever communist in practice

Fuckin retard why did people flee then?

- Couldn't do business
- Couldn't allow congregations of people
- Couldn't criticise the commies, children are told to report their parents for wrong think/plans to escape
- Took all south Vietnam supporters and put them in prison for "reeducation"
- Famine and poverty came

Never let communism run your country EVER.

Only if they know that you've been attending Free Vietnam rallies

>mfw my country steal other people pets and eat it
>mfw traffic accidents occur everyday thanks to those drunkfuck and hasty drivers
>mfw they sell foods are mostly full of chemistry shit at market with cheap price
>mfw pickpockerter will steal your shit while you are in a crowded bus
>mfw people sell stuff to forgeiners with 100%-300% more price because muh rich people
>mfw there are other embarrassing
shits you don't want to talk about

I felt ashamed when i lived in the same country with those people.

Hi proxyfags, real vietnamese don't talk like this.

If you really vietnamese, do you know this song?

Ban co mua tv?

yeah the fully formed chicks are disgusting. I'd only eat the one less developed

After the wartime leadership retired in the mid-1980s, their successors co-opted the Chinese "reform" communism.

Translation: Have you bought a TV, friend?

Nope they're still doing it. It's effectively useless and the average facebook goer became smart enough to get everything they want anyway. I browse Sup Forums every single day and the cops have never bothered me.

They had other chinese chemical for preserving food, "refresh" old, almost rotten meat
concentrated acid diluted for vinegar
plastic noodle
more and more