He's a cool guy who needs to start making actual content again instead of shilling mobage and disney shit.

To be honest, Destiny's modus operandi is "I'll spam my opponent with asinine shit, more ridiculous the merrier and watch him shoot himself in the leg"

He got completely fucking destroyed by Sargon who knows how he operates and knows how to peel through his bullshit, once you ignore 95% that is actual shitposting of what he's saying, you'll see that he's an actual retard.

I don't care about him and don't watch his content. I only support him for political reasons.

our flag isn't a burger dipshit, baka @ you right now leaf.

Jon's a cool guy but he really needs to either not debate or prepare better for them, I kind of understood what he was going for but he wasn't articulating his points very well and that's entirely his fault.

what's Sup Forums? is that sort of like /vint/?

>disagree with him politically
Not a surprise.

>Adds nothing to the conversation
Not a surprise.

People like me have to listen to people like you chatter on about this oppression. It doesn't exist.

Stop oppressing a proud leaf.

Leaf life matters.


couldn't agree more, but spergs will be spergs.

It most certainly does not.

>our flag isn't a burger
Be honest, most Americans wouldn't know that.

how much is vlad paying you to post this, manlet-worshipper?

Nah dog, every American pledges allegiance to the flag whether or not they know how to read.

What, you don't pledge allegiance to your leaf?



E-celeb garbage. Fuck off.

What makes you disagree with Jon?

There's literally nothing wrong with nationalism. In fact nationalism should be put above race issues.

However, it can be wrong when it's taken to extremes, just like screaming that everything is oppression without realizing that there are people who don't have luxury to scream that everything is oppression.

I like how Canadians spends so much time trying to convince themselves that they are so much better than the US. Alternatively, the US doesn't even care that Canada exists. It could blow up today and most wouldn't even notice.

Who cares?

I still need to get around to watching that one with Sargon. I can only take so much "high pitch fast talking while awkwardly adding dawg" for so long.

I didn't say I disagree with him. I said that leaf lives do not matter. I'm far to the right of Jon.


Racist fat fuck e"""celeb""""

Oh, I thought you were

>every American pledges allegiance to the flag
speak for yourself, we have the right to refuse

t. Tana Umanga

This guy lives in fucking paradise. Or vacation? Enlighten us user

If Destiny had some credibility as a debater before, I think his debate with Sargon should destroy it.

About 2000 km to the east of Australia, somewhat straight up north of New Zealand.

Its tropical, hot, artificially rich due to France sustaining the economy and nickel mining.

Its full of minorities who seek indepedance because in the 70s some of these people went to France to study, discovered communism and decided they wanted in on that. Which means that next year there is a vote for independance.

Pretty nice marine wildlife and its a pretty place, but tourism is terrible since the aboriginal minorities want nothing to do with outsiders besides taking that sweet money. Also, you have to pay the locals if you want to go on some beaches, some remarkable viewpoints, sleep in some places, camp in some places. On arrival and departure is best.


Bada bing and a bada boom
Get these leafies outta my board

He wasn't just talking about nationalism.

He was talking about keeping the white gene pool pure and above 80 percent.

How'd you get over the wall, boy? Back to Tacoland with you.

Uh yeah, that is nationalism.

>not "Bada bing and a bada boom remove these leafs or I'll get the broom"

Apply yourself

Sounds like a nice place. Good luck on that vote.

Nope, lived there almost 16 years. Its a fairly nice looking, but most of those pictures are doctored.

Half of those are from the islands to the northeast, or the one to the south east (first row, fourth pic)

Also, hot as fuck and if you're not ready to pay out the ass, don't hope for anything.

And the locals are racist as all fuck too.

Great guy. It's tragic that we live in a world where telling the truth gets you alienated.

Half danish half british actually. Born and raised in ny.
You have a right to not do the pledge in public schools if you don't want to or have some opposition to it, which I did for most of my K-12 schooling. The pledge is bullshit anyway, why would anyone care?

He was defending white people being allowed to have pride in their legacy and heritage.

He's really fucking bad at arguing his points.

Get fucked with your rational, adult opinion.

To be fair, he kept on conflating culture with race.
This data doesn't represent what you think it means.

Hopefully it will not go through, because the economy will collapse if it does.

Its a great place if you enjoy the outdoors, hunting and fishing. Because there is almost nothing else to do.

t. Winston Peters

I don't think he's that bad, it's just saying anything even remotely close to "whites should be proud being white" is stigmatized as neo-nazism and you are basically literally Hitler.

Hes /ourguy/

He's gonna suffer the same fate as that one Alfred's playhouse girl

His original stuff is usually quite weak. He's at his best commenting on other things and off the cuff humour.

He's also a poster child for why free speech is important. Otherwise you seclude your thoughts away from your friends for fear of the Bodysnatcher treatment and then can't challenge some of the more out there ideas that drip down to you from Sup Forums.

Shitty fat Ir*nian that's brainwashed by Amerifat culture

Garbage, even before going full retard and getting booted from Yooka-Laylee. Any e-celebs are and always will be trash tier entertainment for the lowest common denominator, making anyone who makes it to real TV actually look talented.

very fat lmao

He wasn't even trying to say that, he was just trying to point out the hypocrisy in the view towards multiculturalism in white countries vs nonwhite ones. That's not even racial pride, it's just trying to say that there's a double standard in place when people deny that.

He's not nearly as fat as he used to be.

t. illegal who got catapulted back

Gas yourself sandkike.

He specifically pointed out black people is more prone to crime, that's as close as implying a race is inferior as you can get.

That's because they are.

He's pretty bad, it seems that all he did in the debate was regurgitate talking points of the people he listens on youtube without adding anything of substance to clarify his position and not come off as a neo-nazi.

he's a bastion of purity and rationality.

>worst korea

>shitposters in charge of interpreting data

>be mexican
>get beheaded

Never saw his videos. Still, he annoys sjw so he is cool.

At least I'm not a dirty spic lol


And serial killers are majorly white, yet you don't see me using that as an argument to berate a whole race.

You could but I would say that's a moot point considering blacks cause over 50% of homicides while only being a small portion of the population.

Whites, unlike blacks and hispanics, provide things of value that more than make up for the problems within our ranks.

>he thinks that because a majority white country has more white serial killers that the entire race has the most serial killers
top laff mexishit, half the world doesn't even record the majority of their crime, let alone release the stats

That's a nice fantasy, Mexibro, but you have to go back.

They're majorly white in majorly white populations. It's expected. They aren't over-represented in statistics.

Also in America most of those "white" serial killers are beaners.