I know why you mad.

Cannot FATHOM the amount of anal annihilation I must have caused yanks in the last hour. My (You) account has had a great day.


Aren't you risking beheading by visiting a degenerate site like Sup Forums?

Only took one to shut you fuckers up.
The second one was in case you thought we were playing.
The alternative was to completely destroy you, and we seriously considered doing that after the fact anyways.
Now all you're known for are pornographic cartoons and increasingly sub par electronics. You're sucking our dicks because without us, China would own you.


>getting baited this easily
embarrasing 2bh

We're going to get shit because of this for a long time aren't we

Salty europoors will be salty.

same here la, this has been like posting drumpf bait threads on Sup Forums in the days before the election

>board traitor
I literally post at least in 6 boards

I honestly felt instantly at home, /vint/ is way better than what Sup Forums transformed into, it was literally the twich/pewdiepie audience incarnated.

>tfw yurop is completely falling apart

America is the greatest nation in the entire world.

You literally cannot refute this.

Remember that at the height of their empire the Brits got their asses kicked by a ragtag group of colonial hicks that later became the leaders of the world.

Well at least we WERE the leaders until a bunch of conservitards elected a man-baby to the white house that it because "le funny meme man"

Of course having just one is autistic, but this is my home board


>tfw arab living in the states
hate this bloody country. the UK was far more civilized.

>normie degenerate anime

>a ragtag group of colonial hicks that later became the leaders of the world
in what bizarro universe did the french become leaders of the world?


So when did you get deported, user?

what part of the fridge are you from lads?

Yes yes, England is still relevant. Pip pip cheerio and all that rot.

Because our appetite is insatiable.

Finally a good American post

Your making us look bad put your back into your banter

woah is this a fresh meem haha

fuck off and die >>>/gaybronies/

i need dubs in american size

I like how people are pretending that the Sup Forums american banter is really that much less developed than the regular Sup Forums american banter.

It's only slightly less shit.


dub machine broke

Look around nigger these kinds of posters are normally one in a thread now it's threads full to the brim with these dumbasses who can't identify banter

I suppose frequency did increase a bit.
I might be blinded because I've taken a Joker mentality to all of this. I enjoy watching people unaccustomed to the other board have shit fits.