top tier girls in terms of physique

if I could find a light skinned egyptian girl with a latina's body I'd be married by now

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Can lick for a year



Nah. Latinas age really quickly but their "old" is sexier than everyone but asians.

They look 40 when they're 30 but they look 40 when they're 50 as well.

Best sex I've had has always been with hispanic chicks. Worst I've had was with white chicks.

Never had a chick who smelled bad or wasn't groomed well, thankfully.

I pretty much go exclusively for latina chicks.

Last chick I had was fresh from Honduras. Amazing fucking ass with amazing hips, curves, and a fat pussy like a vice, but had some busted titties.

How come the latina threads on /s/ suck but you retards managed to post some hotties?

what do you mean?

Because there's always some fuck who posts a bunch of bruise up chubbies from the backyard ghettos of El Salvador, or their ugly wife with an anchor baby gunt.

there's a mexican guy who keeps spamming fat girls in every single thread

hey, no!


I watch Latin news, and have no idea what they're saying.


Gross and fat. Especially Mexicans and Central Americans but there are exceptions.

las rochas son británico

I want that ass on my face

Mexican girls are perfect


the one you posted isn't a rocha, Nigel

They're pretty hot, and put out more often than white women, but they age like milk.

>tfw one of first few fetishes was latina
>tfw dont care about it anymore

pls post a more fitting example

> user wants to fuck this



Mexifag living in the U.S.
After fucking asians, arabs, whites, and a few black girls I can safely say Latinas are God-tier with asian girls being demi-god tier.

these are literal rochas, they're our female chavs

>couldn't get his shitty bill passed
>vows to do whatever the synagogue wants
>hiring goldmansachs guys right and left...muh l le draining the swamp guys
... kek

>damage control

Anda a dormir Martincito que si tu mama te ve en la pc a esta hora te va a agarrar a cintazos

>proyectando asi de mal
>no niega que viene de Sup Forumsirginity

te dije que no me dieras mas (vos), traficante de ajo

I'm tired of them
send me white girls and I'll send you some latinas

calmense jovenes

my eyes are soggy

I thought there were at least a few white people in most south american cuntrys. Or is that only Argentina?

I wanna fuck that