What is the best vampire game and why is it VtM - Bloodlines?

What is the best vampire game and why is it VtM - Bloodlines?

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it's not like there's a lot of competition

It is. Remake when?

I doubt Paradox will go for a remake.

And White Wolf is making a new edition of World of Darkness, 5th one IIRC, so they'll just want to move away from Gehenna stuff.

Well, the thing I loved the most was that late 90's feel to it and the Deb of Night. I don't think devs could make those kind of thing nowadays.

Yeah, me too.

Previously, I never even listened to the kind of music that plays in the game (talking about the bands and licensed tracks), but this shit was fucking amazing.

Nowadays, I worry what the fuck will a VtM game with modern outsets look like. They already have that one phone game that's like interactive fiction and it doesn't look good.

It's a new edition of oWoD though, no?
It would be quite a change up; the impending End is fairly pivotal to all of oWoD's lines.

Yeah, they're taking major portions of oWoD lore, but moving the Time of Judgment aside, as it wouldn't make sense to have that hovering. Plus, ToJ was kind of fitting for the Y2K craze back then. If you're a bit older, you might remember how many people thought the world was going to end.



Not your usual type of vampires ...but still vampires.

Because the game had a good story, set in a well constructed atmospheric world that didn't ruin it's characters.

The biggest problem people have with vampire games is everyone acting like a fag like in interview with a vampire. In bloodlines vampires are basically just normal people trying to go about their (un)lives, and it worked really well.

I really liked the part where Jack points out that you get pushed around all game. Like you become a vampire and instead of mucking around and fucking bitches you gotta kill all these people just because LaCroix said so, and I realised that he was right. I mean as a gamer you expect to show up and have a bunch of people show up and tell you what to do and give you rewards, but as the actual character that sucks.

But more importantly I was like a year too young to go to goth clubs in the early 2000's, and that game gave me the childhood I never had but always wanted :(

Legacy of Kain will forever be one of the best examples of VA, so much god-tier talent (RIP Tony Jay and Paul Lukather), but the platforming sections will always have my undying hatred. I did love the rather distinctive take on vampires in the games though. Blood Omen is still my favorite however.

the best game is srbe na vrbe

>The biggest problem people have with vampire games is everyone acting like a fag like in interview with a vampire. In bloodlines vampires are basically just normal people trying to go about their (un)lives, and it worked really well.

Toreadors would fit into this. But even then, not all of them. The Baron of LA downtown was a Toreador, but you can't say the man was a faggot from the way he behaved, even though he was clearly influenced by some emotions, more strongly than other vampires might have been.

Also, shame you missed out on the experience. The game gave me massive appreciation for all those young pale girls dressing up in black and wearing goth fashion shit. Also, biting fetish from those female PC animations.

t. Tonibler

You really do give yourself away too easily.


Will the system use more old or new rules set?

The VtM fanbase is pretty diverse, as I expected.

It's nice to see that we can at least agree that it's a fucking great setting.

Also, Tremere master race.

That, I have no idea.

Regardless of how bland Requiem is in the fluff section, mechanically it improved on what Masquerade had.

>master anything

Tzimisce supreme.

They really fucked up vissitude in the new books.

>não sendo gangrel

Is Vicissitude even present in Requiem, in all its glory? From what I understand it's far, far toned down from what the Tzimisce could do. You'd be better off with Protean.

the platforming sections will always have my undying hatred
I actually enjoyed some of the puzzles but yeah,the camera controls are somewhat problematic.


You guys think there will ever be a time in the future when an RPG even half as good as VTMB comes out?

Symphony of the Night.
Vamoire masquearade is amazing, tho.


There will never be another Troika and I will forever mourn that. I fucking loved Arcanum and Bloodlines. Fuck Activision for forcing them to work with the beta version of the Source Engine and not giving them more time to develop the game.

>What is the best vampire game
Pic related.

You played Redemption maybe? I remember the first part of the game taking place in medieval Prague.

>Não sendo LaSombra

Reinstalling , but I never got this game to work. I don't know if I'm not getting the right patches or what.

TW3 is pretty good but it has a pretty different vibe to it.
Arcanum was splendid but it had some problems with it's combat mechanics and balance(wait wasn't that a troika game too?)

There is still no other game like VTMB out there.

>There will never be another Troika

Yeah, ive seen it.
Also Witcher 3 and Skyrim had vampire dlc, do they count?

Hope you're not trying to play on Win10 bullshit.

Otherwise, this is where you get the latest patch:


Get the one that doesn't say beta.

If you want more than just bugfixes and shit like that, choose the Plus Patch option during installation.

Skyrim is really bland as shit though. You have to resort to fan-made mods to make it interesting to begin with. Not to mention, I was pissed off that they force you to play escort service to a fucking vampire when you start out as part of the vampire killer faction.

"Oh yeah, totally, lady who got raped by a Daedra prince into becoming one of the first vampires, of course I'm going to escort you to your dark and ominous castle where you psychopathic father and his coterie reside!"

Witcher 3 had a decent take on vampires, but also had some unsatisfying elements to the gameplay. Like the fucking timeskip. I hated that so much. Also, not being able to bang any bruxa. Come on, we got to have a vampire foursome in Witcher 1.

I remember it, but it blew over here, for the most part. People have been saying the apocalypse is right round the corner forever, sometimes I feel it's more prevalent now than 20 years ago.

You know what's up.

How would a VtM- Bloodlines be like your country, /vint/?

>Skyrim had vampire dlc
Skyrim is a meh game that is only elevated by the amount of boob mods it has.
>Witcher 3
The game is not focused on vampires.They are just one of the many creatures you fight.

Very Tzimisce and Gangrel oriented.

With the whole Carnival shit going on here, it's kind of a clusterfcuck.

Gangrel, everywhere; the countryside is free reign.
Garou are loathed by the local spirit population and must contend with the Kindred in the cities.

Lots of Kuei-jin.

Hang on, what's the issue with the Weres? I haven't read up on that stuff yet.

Weres are cunt and vamps are cunts. When they mix...

They exterminated the entire native Garou tribe under the pretense they were Wyrm tainted (admittedly they were thylacines & not wolves and lupines freak out over everything).

BSD pissed themselves laughing & took out a load of undefended Caerns, now the WW's are just told to fuck off.

No, I know that, I just meant that I wasn't familiar with werewolf related lore.

Didn't the werewolves exterminate other weres as well once?

Eu não gostaria de beber o sangue sujo dos foliões


Money, right?

>Their human kinfolk were the aboriginal tribes of Australia

They deserved to be exterminated.

Ananasi faggots still should be put to death though.

Fucking barely whi-, I mean thin blood, out of my presence.

Shit tier

>that flag
>that attitude
Something's wrong

Yeah they released an Aspect of the Wyrm in America which resulted in a tribe being wiped out. Then killed a lot of the other two's kinfolk with "evil" colonialism.

Ananasi are cool, they wre not created by Gaia, but by the Weaver, they literally do the Triat job

I think I'm dontnod trash, their new vampire game looks sweet and I've enjoyed the previous 2 games

Werewolves killed:

>Almost all werebears

Werewolves are just dumb

The Weaver is literally the one who's to blame for the Wyrm.

Remaster when?

Are you the guy who brings this up in every VtM thread? Because I'm the guy who always replies to you that the game is fucking shit and that what they have shown us is nothing more than what they showed us back at E3.

Shame the Ventrue and Toreador look nothing like that in-game.

Tremere looks best, IMO.

aw yeah its about time we had another vampire thread

I'd say that what we have in my country is a clash of Venture and Tremere with small pockets of Brujah and Gangrel.

Hopefully never.


It's true. Small wonder they get a depression malus considering their entire history is episode after episode of fuckups and now you've inherited the end of the world thanks to their ancestors.

Well goddamn. That worked. Maybe I had the wrong patch.. Thanks user

Is there any news about the Werewolf video game Paradox is releasing?


the werewolf game is going to suck isn't it

It might be my first time ever posting about it lol
>wanting everything spoiled
K, I'll enjoy it and you can keep slobbering over the same thing for another decade

>How would a VtM- Bloodlines be like your country, /vint/?

Just the same? We had a Countess, 400 years ago called Báthory Erzsébet, it is said she had bathed in the blood of Slovak virgins, to rejuvenate her skin and keep herself young. According to legend one day when a slave of hers cut herself accidentally, a drop of her blood fell on Erzsébet's skin and she found it made her skin supple and appear younger. She had the slave killed and bathed in her blood.
She's also the most prolific female serial killer in history with over 800 kills. For this she was nicknamed the Blood Countess.

Ironically, a new research in 2016 had found that she was right all along. Blood from young teens does have rejuvenating properties - though it needs to be administered internally.

It's such a shame Slovak virgins are on such a short supply on nowadays. I have a terrible craving for a nice, warm bath.

Well I am the Lecher Bitch and I wear the X of castigation
I am the whore of the extreme
I am the heretic and I crave your excommunication
Look in my eyes
Get a little starstruck and a little insane!

They could easily make a modern day VtM game. Hopefully they brush upon events that happened in bloodlines but not go too into it

Well said.

And I wonder which country will have a lot of Malks?

Call me Velvet.

Glad I could help, have fun.

None. And it's made by Focus, the fellas most recently behind Styx games. Paradox is just publisher.

I don't want everything spoiled. But I do expect to see something new, rather than have 6 different videos, titled differently, show the same fucking thing over and over.


Obviously, Germany.

>Let's keep voting for the same fuckers who brought all these wonderful ficki ficki enthusiasts for us!

It better not suck. Just one good werewolf videogame is all I ask.

I can only play modded Skyrim so much.

>mfw He got Sired by a Nossie

>Obviously, Germany.
I don't think so.A lot of Malks are somewhat prophetic and have great insight.

So Germans are definitely not Malkavian.

>no VTM game by CD Projekt

I honestly wouldn't mind.

They got a good thing going on for them, except the looks. But even then, if you wanna go out and mingle with mortals, pick up Mask of a Thousand Faces and do whatever you want.

Plus, I'd love to have the chance to hold hands with Imalia.

They're already working on Cybepurnk 2077. That'll keep them occupied at least until 2019.

If I'm going to be a creature of the night, might as well look the part too

I suck rats, you suck cock

Why are some of the unused songs the best?

>working on Cybepurnk 2077
They announced that game way too soon
Who /fixer/ here?

Have you ever seen What We Do In The Shadows?

It's a shame even Rik Schaffer himself said he could never top what he did for Bloodlines. It took a lot out of him, and fairly unique circumstances.


They needed a way to attract attention to themselves, so they could hire more people.

>attract attention to themselves
Wasn't the Witcher games enough to attract attention?

You forget the Cyberpunk 2077 teaser was made in 2013. Witcher 3 hadn't been out yet and that's what got them the most attention in the end.


This one's great

the trip-hoppy tracks are the best

They are making a game about werewolves. which are better than vampires

>Who /fixer/ here?
I am not up to date on my Cyberpunk lore yet.
>I honestly wouldn't mind.
I don't know about that.Not the nossie part but the vampire part.You literally become a slave of your body.

A human can choose to die of hunger,a vampire that goes hungry looses control and becomes a beast.


/vint/ must be using Celerity. It's going too fast.

Better get ready, amigo


Twin souls or just normal Malk insanity?



>Mom walks in

Lots of Tzimisce I guess. And hopefully Ravnos already wiped out.

I don't think I've ever seen one of those.

I've seen worse in the sewers, though.

>mfw I've never fought those fuckers and aways ran past them
Same goes for the weird spider looking ladies in that same level