look, I'm from a third world shithole myself but it just doesn't compare to the shit these monkeys bring. This expains Sup Forums's low iq threads perfectly.

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i am sure you do have the most bananas in the zoo

>and he says he isn't crying

thanks for proving my point

You probably aren't, monkey.

Whatever you get there in your currency we match with 1/3 of the effort, with less hours too.

See The funny thing is that it's always the burgers making these cringey threads, you guys are really obsessed over us.

monkeys are a special breed of third world poorfags, don't ever compare yourself to them

Aww it's so upset! you monkeys are great to bully

If you had money, you wouldn't be living in Earth's favela. LOL

Monkies: 0
Burgertown: 1

Why can't monkeyzilians handle the banter?

>you guys are really obsessed over us.
you wish don't you?

you wish you were relevant on an international level

or even that your existence crossed someone's mind outside that shithole

poor monkeys, if they went away tomorrow no one would miss them

>Frogposter swallowing more bait than semen.

>tfw fuck monkey's females while he's out robbing another monkey only to get robbed by another monkey

>bronies destroyed Sup Forums
>huehues killing Sup Forums

Are we as bad as bronies?

The only moment in time anyone thinks about your country is when we see your flag on Sup Forums

holy shit REKT

Yes, maybe not you, but your people are the cause of Sup Forums being the worst board on the site

>BRs always shit on threads
>Sup Forums keeps blaming "pcfags"

I've been saying this for years you fucks.

It's not pcfags, it's always the third world mongrels who can't afford consoles or pay online that shitposts and ruins threads for everyone, for every single company for every single exclusive

I hope today Sup Forums will wake up.

>implying frogposting isn't the highest tier of posting

>Sees all the butthurt Zillians in the thread

Holy fuck, it's true... Brazilfags are the shitposters of Sup Forums... Too poor to buy consoles, too poor to pay for games... HOLY FUCK, I've been living a lie, I'm WOKE now I'm WOKE!!!

at last I truly see

Sup Forums is the worst board because it's full of manchildren, don't fool yourself.





LULA 2018

>tfw no big dick tall american guy to spank me while saying the reasons my countrymen ruined Sup Forums

No, and I know you pieces of shit are always the ones making pirate threads or cracked threads.

I don't blame you for living in a shithole, but you fags embodies the worst of Sup Forums

>brazilians ruined brazil

> We already did

Daily reminder


>be Sup Forumsirgin
>have third world hordes ruining your manchild hobby
>can't do anything about it

Of course they are the biggest shit posters. They are stuck playing Dragonball mugen games or FTP shit and see us enjoying gamey goodness and they get jelly.

murifags mad this hard to create a thread just for us
thanks love u babes

>Souls threads went to shit the moment Dark Souls was released on PC
>The moment Dark Souls was pirateable
>The moment Dark Souls was Monkeyd

based trips

>No, and I know you pieces of shit are always the ones making pirate threads or cracked threads.
Source: your ass

>tfw no THICC Brazilian to breed the blonde and blue eyes out of my legacy.

Search your heart. You know it to be true.

>We are the reason Sup Forums is terrible

its good to be bad

Your government does a lot, but it's still not good enough it seems.

We need to rack up those taxes on vidya a bit more, and block steam from monkey land.


i've been saying it too, but it's good to have proof. i've always wanted Sup Forums to have flags

Without a doubt

>constantly shits on console exclusive games
Sadly, that's far, far from the truth.

Sonygger here, I'm sorry my blaming you pcfags now I know who's responsible for falseflagging for both pc and console posts. Monkey bans when>

>shitposts Nintendo threads to all hell
What's the point of them if not to shitpost?

>you realize monkeys are the reason jap companies are porting shit to PC

Bamco with Tales and all that shit, Squeenix too

Monkeys aren't all that bad, all things considered.

I still wonder why they like Saint Seiya (or w/e its called) and dragon ball so much

>united statians claiming all brazilians are PCfags

do you have any idea how much it costs to get a good PC around here? and most people who play videogames around here have been sonyfags since gen 5, because it's always been so fucking easy to pirate PS1 and PS2 games, though on gen 7 the 360 got some attention because it was easier to pirate on it

nowadays they're all back on PS4 though because they love those shitty cinematic experiences like God of War, TLOU and Uncharted

holy shit if that's true

how much do south americans buy games anyway?

they mostly just pirate shit

IIRC I had a monkey telling me consoles and PCs are taxed differently, and you can pirate on PC, unlike modern consoles.

So no.

>I still wonder why they like Saint Seiya (or w/e its called) and dragon ball so much
I don't know, why do you like Israel so much?


Steam has some pretty good prices, I stopped pirating like a decade ago.

Aren't consoles crazy expensive there?

a gente compra contrabandeado do paraguai

>be burger
>get shot
Brazil is whiter than you. Don't mess with our bro

wow, what triggered your monkey senses?

also no shit talking greatest ally pls

You subhuman baboon. You literal nigger.
How dare you speak, you swarthy jungle monkey. How dare you open your big lipped, rim encrusted, menthol cigarette smelling mouth?
You are human trash, Diego Tyrone LeShawn de Maradona. Universally despised, derided and mocked. Your nationality and skin tone offers no hope to the world that South America can ever prosper. Crawl back in to the Brazilian jungle you came out of, you literal orangutan.
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Take your black hairy fingers off your keyboard, and never talk about the human species again, you mockery of our supposed shared ancestor.. No amount of olive oil and wheat flour slabbed on your face every morning will make you white. It's about as delusional of an idea as your daydreams of European heritage.
You nigger.
You make Bolivia look like a beacon of civilisation.
You are the Baltimore of South America.
Go fertilise the pampas with you and your families corpses, its the best you can hope for in life. For the first time in your life, nigger, you have a job making food for beings vastly superior to yourself. Uruguayan cattle. Coincidentally, it would be the first time an Argentinian "man" provided for a family.
Die, Diego. No one would miss you. Except for Australian Aboriginals, who now would have no one to make them look good.

America rekt

> consoles and PCs are taxed differently
nope, the videogame stores around here have sky-high profits
>but piracy
most people are normies and most people are too dumb to download a torrent and use a crack

also Steam has been working wonders around here
>I can buy an original game? for R$20? what the fuck?
>what do you mean X, Y and Z are on Steam and I can buy them?!!?
and so on

only on release, the R$ 4000 meme lasted for less than a year I think, and besides, that shit wouldn't fly regardless, you could just go to Ciudad del Leste and buy it for ~R$ 2000

>MOM look I posted the Sup Forums pasta again! HAHAHA XD!
Have a (you) burger bro


kys diego you will never be white

>be argentina
>get shot
American is whiter than you. Don't mess with our cucks

>t. 先生狗吃

Actually you retarded monkey, mlp improved pol, today no redditors or shills were there and Sup Forums is srs business faggots were BTFO there's lots of mlpol friendship thread rn

Kill yourself monkey. You know you're lying hard to yourself, if you think your average gamer will spend the same money on a PC they would on a PS4 and choose the option where he can't buy games for free.

Your country isn't white, it's filled with mongrels that thirst taking advantage of one another and dodging the system.

Pirating for you is like brushing teeth, just like stealing and backstabbing. You fuckers are the ones who made the Wii U piracy a thing after all.

If there's one thing you shitters deserve credit for is for being slimes, and always finding a way to cheat, dodge and lazy your way out of shit. Almost as bad as jews, though only as cunning when it comes to fooling and taking advantage of others.

>56% is whiter than ~70%

if I'm not mistaken Sony and Microsoft now have factories here, so they aren't taxed over impoting eletronics anymore
the PS4 and the Xbone are now fairly priced for the most part, the bone being the most popular one since it had the price drop first
Nintendo is the only one that gave up on the country since they didn't have good profits here to begin with, so now getting their consoles and games depend on stores that import unnoficially, and they sell at whatever price they want




>you could just smuggle it
Well, no shit.

el chicANO señores

>degeneracy improved pol
Dumb burger, just because you were too busy looking at horse porn it doesn't mean the shills left.

thats the amount BRs pay in console taxes, or so I heard

what about it?

Good luck flying those planes made out of rusted sheet metal, hue