Post albums you've had sex to, judge others

I'm bored, discuss

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Hello op here, here is my list from what I can think of.


I've never had sex

exclusively new order singles

me neither. virginsquad where we at?

It was in the morning after I first had sex and it fit oddly well.

lol damn, i bet you're a straight male who is fully aware of the irony


I think I lost my virginity to Blue Oyster Cult

I ought to make an album of field recordings of my gf's moans


I was 13, let me off.


Who has sex to music? Are you 12?
Besides I doubt you'd be able to listen to those albums cover to cover AND not blow your load, interrupt and walk over to the CD player and change discs.

>inb4 use iTunes gramps

most of the times i've had sex music has been playing, so it's hard to remember specifics. some of the best sex i ever had was to the first ILY's album. it was nice. but the absolute hands-down best blowjob i ever received was while watching The Fifth Element. it wes mind-bogglingly good, i thought the lady was like a total prude but apparently she's a fucking pro. that night was our only sexual/romantic interaction, but i want to marry her. she's nice, but even if she was a terrible person, i'd still want her because of that absolutely bonkers blowjob. i damn near cried it was so good. i've never cum solely from a blowjob except for that one time.

in terms of stereotypical sex music, D'Angelo is fantastic. probably weirdest sex music was Death Grips, NIN, Bright Eyes, or Grimes.

you fucking sex machine, i love you. how have i never had sex to har mar??


You shouldn't lie on the internet OP

im not even old





Chad pls go



This Is Hardcore by Pulp
very good.

M-my nigga

I'm only 24 so there's lots of time, right?

in all honesty, i'm pretty average, appearance-wise. i just manage to not be a total social disaster, and i treat women with respect. if i was chad, i'd be hot, i'd be an asshole to women, and i also wouldn't be on this hentai website. it's not that fucking hard, guys. you're passionate about art, that's extremely appealing to women. be nice, and fucking relax

I've never had sex to music

this, why get cucked by soundwaves?

Middle left is what?? Can't read it


>the large amount of captura's for just this link, goddamn.

>Disappointment Island - TTNG
it's an abstract feel.jpg


I fucked to Blonde which sucks because I love the album and since we broke up I can't listen to it anymore


Taeko Ohnuki - Sunshower

>got laid

>can't listen to sub-par over-hyped album anymore

idk user, seems like a victory to me.