Can we please go back to not having flags...

Can we please go back to not having flags? I'm fucking tired of people insulting me just because I'm from a third-world country.

i'm actually having a lot of fun talking to bros from around the world

and they're also posting a lot of good musics too

Sucks to be you.
Feels good to be second-world for once.

I really wish it would never change this is too much fun.

It's gonna be a few days at most.
It's not like those posters are worth talking with.

Ya somos 2 bro

I'm sure you're a nice person user, don't let some bullying get you down!

Why do all you foreigners like anime?

Post ladyboys Thailand

If you like homura you must be a nice person!
Fuck everyone else user.

>hating fun
if anything I wish we keep the flags after it ends

look dude, if anyone gives you shit about being from costa rica i will back you up

i mean, we're allies right? or you know, close enough anyway

It's okay friend.
Our mutual love of games can bind us together despite borders!

Ok, now it's getting gay. Please stop replying to me.

It's only gay cause you are having gay thoughts faggot!



Your beaches are supposedly really nice.

I too hear great things about Costa Rican bitches.

>costa rica

they actually have internet out there? how's the reception out in the jungle?

>Devil Homura


It's Sup Forums without the rampant baiting and shitposting, and a nice international flavour.

It's a shame that it's not going to last.

Hello, OP here, I would just like to suck cocks, thats the real reazon why people bully me.
I heard you guys are fags so I dont understand why all the hate

Better than the reception of my cock in your mom's jungle

>tfw you come from the greatest country on earth
>tfw shitting on poo in loos
>tfw shitting on burgers
>tfw shitting on shitskins alike
feels good to be Australian

>all of these minorities on /vint/


Where the fuck is costa rica actually

Fuck off, Kike. Go kill some babies or some shit.

God's forgotten place

The best thing about having flags is that you can just hide posts from countries you don't like

I keep trying to hide Nigger posts, but some how Germany keeps getting through.

Must be those open borders.

Grow some balls


Santa mierda ustedes son una porqueria hahaha