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You're cunt
Top played games on steam?

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I wish I could get into grand strategy games.

You sure like clicker games.

Have you beaten MGSV?

>Dota 2 at #1
>Dota 2 at all

didn't bother

you are a fcking pleb

r8 and h8


No. I gave up on MGSV. I hate it and every time I open it up I just get bored. The large open desert is really dull.
Good taste here though


its almost as if they forgot my range

to play GSG you just need a lot of free time

not very unique

I just can't seem to find anything to do when I start them up. Like in Victoria 2 what do you usually do when you first start up the game? Most of the menu options didn't seem available to me and I watched a tutorial video or two and they immediately invade other areas.

Was it really worth it?

Team Fortress 2 (3500 hours)
War Thunder (800 hours)
CsGo (700 hours)
Rome total war (140 hours)

how the fuck did you squeeze so much out of dark souls?

V2 may be my favorite but it's not a a good start, better try CK2 or EU4, or even HoI 4


Alright. I aim to impress all 6 CRPG fans who visit Sup Forums



>Sup Forums has legit reddit tastes

>doesnt post his own


Despite the fact that Civ V is my number 1, I am irredeemably bad at that game.



Of Course

Followed by Endless Legend

>Grim Dawn

bretty good


>buying games


I almost do not play much on Steam

Have you played Clear Sky? If you have is it worth playing?

>Grim Dawn
Have they added an actual ending to this shit yet?

>221 hours of Terraria on record
>4 achievements

who do you main in tf2?

I've played it a little bit. It's worth playing if you want more Stalker but it's an unnecessary prequel that shares a lot of its maps with the first game and is is pretty buggy even for a Stalker game and has that faction wars thing, which is a good idea on paper (and works fine in Call of Chernobyl's free roam) but it's kind of tedious in practice in CS.


I played it before they patched achievements in. By that time I wasn't really interested on the game anymore.

Sup Forums checking in

Damn, dangerous levels of weeb here.

Nice to see someone with actual playtime on FFX. One of my all-time favorite vidya experiences.

TF2 used to be good, quit playing it back in 2012


rare flag

DMC5 when?

>Pee Cee gaming



also rimworld is pre fun even if it is shitty DF

and i havent played tf2/gmod/dota/csgo/css in years

all i rly play now is battlerite + rocket league + rimworld and any other bs i feel like

should i get torchlight 2 tomorrow when i get paid? looks sorta fun


My nigga, Source doesn't show up here but I played for hundreds of hours on an alt account


How on earth did you play 102 hours of Overlord 2?

It took me 18 hours to beat it when I finished my playthrough yesterday

Got damn you're all fucking normies. Nothing but the same normie shit on everyone's list.

I will never understand the DOTA2 phenomenon.

Other multiplayer games, I can understand the hook. DOTA seems like such a messy clusterfuck with a terrible UI and control scheme, and it doesn't seem as deep as people crack it up to be. What am I missing?


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I can't fucking stop playing siege

csgo never had the maps that source had. stupid fuking valve./


First installed steam just for Terraria. I'm not sure how I racked up so many hours in Borderlands.

For what purpose?

because im not a casual redditor

My biggest beef with GO is the operation maps that they temporarily introduced and never brought back.

>check out this oilrig successor
>...okay, that's not a meme map so it's going away permanently now

GO's community allows this too. Cancer.

>What am I missing?
nothing its a shitty game and its full of players with down syndrome

be gentle

That's a lot of helldivers

I've reinstalled all of these games a couple times due to dead hard drives, so none of these numbers are accurate.

I also have probably 2000+ hours on Morrowind, but I got it before having Steam.



Uhh i can explain



Fighting games. Now here's a man of taste.

Já ter jogado 1700 horas não ajuda muito.

I like your appreciation for the Dark Souls series. What do you think about 2 in particular? It's my favorite and I can't stand the shitstorms every time it's mentioned. 3 was a bore.


Playtime should carry over since it's tied to your Steam account and not local.

i really like arrowhead games.


Since when is your playtime stored locally? I thought that was a thing that Steam saved remotely.

Sup Forums poster, but I probably have better taste than most

Most of my hours on some of the older games were logged before steam counted them (ex. Half Life 2)

>What do you think about 2 in particular?
I prefer it over 1 mostly becuse of how clunky and blank 1 is. Sure the levels dont really connect very well but overall most of the areas were way better than the first, the combat was smoother and the DLC was a++. My only real complaint is they had too many filler bosses in the main game.

My personal preference is 3>2>1. I started playing 1 on 360 before it ever came to pc. Its a great game it just feels really unpolished , rushed and clunky

Jogava antes de ser f2p.
A comunidade era legal.

I can assure you that those numbers aren't accurate, other than maybe DS3. I have way more than 439 hours on Skyrim and way more than 200 on DS1.

NV I easily have 500+ even though it only shows 72.

You spent 72hs with BI doing what exactly? I couldnt even finish the main campaing before unnistalling.



Your taste is almost identical to a lot of other people posting in here. CivV, Skyrim, Dark Souls, TF2, etc on top.


>Risk of Rain
You're an alright guy.

Jesus Christ, you probably enjoy RPGs a little too much.

Did you really play that much USF4? What do you think about 5? I personally love both games, and I think it's kind of a shame how people make such a fuss about SF5's launch. I just want it to be successful and enjoy a larger community.

Huh. First time I see someone who ranks them like this.


>Jesus Christ, you probably enjoy RPGs a little too much.
Yeah, they're fun. I also enjoy adventure/action games, but I often finish them pretty quick and don't ever feel like replaying them.

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1 starts feeling really fucking clunky when you play 2 for a bit and then go back

I'm still pretty assblasted about that second half as well, but I love the game nonetheless

page 2 cause y not

plz give good rating

Just made my own pc to play more demanding games in september

>1k hours of mount and blade
Get a job

I find 2 to be a fucking disaster after what they did with the level design and the graphics downgrade. It felt like quantity over quality most of the time. It was still better than most of what we got that year tho.


Jeez just move to the leaf country already

Having friends to play about everything can be fun.
Though I cant clean my fucking backlog