*blocks your path*

*blocks your path*

How expensive are cards in your cunt?

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he's a big guy


*tributes you*

wrong pic
If I banish you would you die?
You're a Big Eye.

Isnt this thing too strong

nah, it says there it can't be targeted or destroyed, which is decent protection, but the fact that it's a ritual by itself is a big showstopper.

Also, it can still get fucked by effects that don't destroy (like cards that remove from play or bounce back to your hand, which there are plenty of) or effects that don't target altogether (fuck you tiramisu)

do not summon him

>decent ygo scene in my cunt
>too poor for cards
how do i live like this


>They were trying to grab your tributes

>tfw bought 7 summoned skulls on ebay for $1 each

Sounds painful.

*wins the duel*


>satan trips

oh shit

Sup guys? Any boss monsters causing problems here?


thread over



Not so fast.



Not that bad I guess. I don't play competitively, just collect vanilla monster cards and anime specific cards.

Got some Duelist Saga packs shipping, hope I pull that Diabound Kernel card.

Try to make a cheap deck or print cards out and laminate them like some people do.


fight me


fuck off monkey

it bothers me to no end that both have the same name.

You would think /tg/ would be the right spot, right? No, they don't like Yugioh over there for some reason. /vg/ has some good threads though.

buy raidraptors

>Australian shitposter

Yeah, you totally drew all those cards.


banned ;)

Unban pls konami (even semi limited would still be balanced

No idea.

Shit for adult children is not popular here.

>Inb4 dirt poor shithole that cannot afford chink card "games"

>Shun completely wrecks Sora
>In the actual card games Fluffals walk all over Raidraptors


Not while Shadow Mist is at 3.

Too pricey for me. I bought a few movie packs though and got a nice Apple Magician Girl.

>Shit for adult children is not popular here.

shit period is probably not popular in your 3rd world shithole, most people are concerned with buying rice


Ok Mr. "I can't fix my drug problem because CIA lol"

>Australian shitposter countered by an Americlap


I negate your Bottomless Trap Hole with my Mystical Space Typhoon!

why the fuck do so many people think it worked liked that


I negate your MST with my DeSpell!

Probably because people don't know that destruction != negation

*negates and banishes everything you do*


I think those typical beginner manuals just don't cut it when it comes to the games many rules, not asking for a 1000 page rule book with each starter/structure deck, but it certainly would help if they made it a bit longer and in better detail

>yfw Konami makes a card that makes MST have the additional effect of negating the effect of any card it destroys
>Have Majesty's Fiend already out on the field
heh nothin personnel kid

*Destroys your whole field*

>that card
holy shit
is there even a point in using quasar anymore

Best cardfu though

*banishes behind you*
*burns you with darkness folded for 1000 damages*
Heh, not bad kid, you made me use 1% of my power

Hmmm so technically it doesn't resummon itself either then, it just returns.
Means killing it on the rebound it difficult as well.

I activate a spell card

>cannot be targeted
I shiggydiggy

>5 years since release
>Still the most horrifying Rogue deck to see play
>Won't fucking die


okay let's do that again then

Like any other big boss monster just Kaiju it away, Problem solved.

So many unnecessary commas

*blocks your win*

Has anyone made stupid unconventional decks here? like a deck that would make your opponent draw out by constantly giving him +s

Oh I know, just from a head on standpoint it's a rude card.
But yeah Kaiju/golem fixes so many things it's silly.

You just activated my trap card

You just activated my trap card
this card wasn't actually a counter card for a period of time meaning it was absolutely useless at the time

Don't play cursed against that card if you have a magic jammer or something else of the like though, because isn't the monarchs stormforth limited?

uh let me think...I want to say this was around the time the the armored synchros came out, maybe a pack after.
It was a deck that ran solely off jar #2s, mystic something(returned a monster to top of the deck on flip), cyber archfiend, and the spirit dragon that let you draw 7 cards.
Was fun. Too bad jars are gone forever.

Also that card is seriously underrated. It should be a side deck staple considering the power it has.

One of my favorite cards, shame it isn't used more, fun when I can use it


Shame he hasn't uploaded recently

People know how good it can be, but it's spell discard cost is too much a lot of decks nowadays. It always sees at least some side-deck use whenever spell heavy decks are around though, like Monarchs or Spellbooks. That said Magical Deflector and Imperial Order are much better at doing its job now.

damn brits


Play Vanguard. Or Pokémon TCG. Much cheaper options.

speaking of vanguard, anyone watches the show?


were exodia decks ever competitive?

>tfw pet decks cost like 100+ bucks

I dropped it at G because I hate slice of life so much. I understand it got better, but I haven't been assed to see for myself. That said, I personally love the anime, season 1 and 3 are easily one of the best of the shonen tournament franchise, I dare say Link Joker is up there with 5DS.
S3 > S1 > S4 > S2.
>speculatorfags keeping this game absolutely retarded.

G went a bit better but only because they brought the old cast few times, right now is going somewhere, i'll keep watching to see if its going to get good

As far as I can remember, Exodia decks were never truly meta but they have certainly topped tournaments before here and there.
Its ironic that with all the draw power Exodia decks usually pack, they're surprisingly inconsistent. Having to run 5 brick cards will do that.