Flags implemented

>Flags implemented
>some of the old posts criticizing and calling others Sup Forumstards are all leafs
>they even started deleting those posts to hide their shame

i fucking love you hiro. please keep the flags

>non-french flags





>Turns out it was the Canadians shitposting and giving us a bad name

Feels good man

All boards would be 1000% more fun with flags

Stop with the bullying!

honestly if it was you guys shitposting it would have been better. atleast you got banter

canadians are boring

fuck off no one likes Canada, you're all assholes.


It just shows to go Leaves are a plague upon us.

Fuck off nigger, you don't deserve any kindness

I hope you get raked

I fucking hate Canada.

"If you kill your enemies, they win"

>wanna shit talk murricans
>can't because my country is literally giving away my tax dollars to refugees who shit on the streets and rape woman everyday

Wish we had trump instead of trudeau

I dont know in what kind of weird-ass arab shithole you live user but your flag is dope as fuck, love the colors.

Pardon me, did you just say something to me eh? I'll have you know I graduated at the top of my class in the Canadian Politeness Force, and I've been involved in numerous secret runs to Tim Hortons, and I have over 300 confirmed friends. I am trained in welcoming warfare and am the most passive aggressive member of the entire canadian population. You are a person that I have yet to make friends with. I will talk to you with kindness the likes of which have never been seen before on this earth, mark my passiveness. You think you can get away with not saying thank you? Think again, neighbour. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of syrup drinking moose across the northern territories and your IP is being traced so you better prepare for the gift baskets, buddy. The gift baskets that not only contain Gift cards, but donuts from tim hortons too. You're gonna be befriended, guy. I can be nice anywhere, anytime, and can be nice to you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just if I write letters. Not only am i extensively trained in passive aggressive combat, but I have access to the entire moose army of the Canadian Maple Leaf Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to welcome your friendly ass right into the neighbourhood. You little neighbourino. If you had only known what friendly retribution your comment was about to bring down, maybe you would have eaten poutine with me. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're gonna let me pay the bill because that's how nice I am, guy. I will put you in the hospital and it will cost nothing cause our healthcare is free. I'll say sorry now, friendo.

That's not gonna happen, because that would actually save Sup Forums.

Stop being fucking faggots and I'll stop calling you faggots

Estonia's flag looks like their countryside.


waiting to see the country that makes the first Sup Forums redirect

Im sorry friend

I'll break the ice

i like canada

Japan here. You all suck

wow ahahahahaha thats fucking dorky


Most people who hate Trump here on Sup Forums are non-murifats in the first place.

>American flag

Sup Forums is trash, though


shut it Jamal

Range ban fucking WHEN?

lel kek wins again!

get the fuck out, Sup Forums.



Why do Americans act like children

Why do leafs act like cucks

I wish

Makes sense though. Leafs are some of the most passive aggressive people on the planet. It's like an entire country trying to be San Fransisco.

At least we now know the truth.
The day of the rake can't come soon enough.

>Flags enabled
>EVEN MORE evidence that Yanks are retarded and CANNOT handle any banter

canadian SJWs are ruining this website

the only things ruining Sup Forums are newfags and redditors. you're both.

shut up retard go walk in a no go zone flags keep away communism bullshit



Look Yusuf Omar Bin Jalami. We're the only people to have nuked another nation because they wouldn't listen, you'd think that would be a dead giveaway.

Had you gone to Sup Forums even once you'd know the extent of our literalness.

You a bit triggered there friendo?

ah fuck, i cant believe you've done this

success bring jealousy

>tfw no one takes your posts seriously anymore and calls you a shitposter


What the fuck? Did we merge with Sup Forums?

The fuck? Last April Fools was way better with every board trying to find Anthony Burch

you forgot
>dubs re-enabled

The flags only lead to national shitposting and namecalling. No better than console wars and Sup Forumsshit

They're not acting.

Embrace it. Become what you've always dreamed of being.

Why aren't you fuckers range banned yet?


>go check the mass effect thread where people called me a Sup Forumstard because I didn't want gay romances shoved in my face
>all canadians
>literally every single one of them
It makes me feel good to know the source of our problems

Not what your flag says pal



Also, RARE-posting

Honestly, flag shitposts are at least more entertaining than consolewar bullshit. Banter is so much funnier when part or all of the rage is concealed in a foreign language or fed through the ESL filter. It's also not being funded by corporate greed.

I truly hope that all Canadians get banned or nuked.
Either would work for me.
Not a SINGLE(1)(uno)(un) good game has come from Canada.

fucking oath cunt

They are also crying about Sup Forums quality because south american users. So, /SA/ is the new meme for the cuck whiners instead of Sup Forums now?

So is anyone compiling those posts?

this kind of evidence would literally oust tons of redditors in Sup Forums

I am ashamed of my country.

Which pride flag is this?

Sure, its fresh right now, but it gets boring fast.

I mean, I once got into a three way argument with a german, a murrican and a spic over french superiority, but that's not something worth doing everyday. Let alone on a vidya board.

Canada should be kicked out of the Anglosphere, honestly. Brits, rein your retarded children in

I fucking knew it. Get the rakes, lads.

Flags should be on every board. 99% of cuck posts come from Canada and Germany.

I hate Sup Forums and retarded alt-reichers and wish they'd fuck off. I also wish I and my state wasn't associated with the flag next to my name. We don't need you fuckers.

kill yourself you subhuman piece of shit

Someone should.

t. califag

>non-alt right posts come from two countries without a very significant far right populist push
Really activates the almonds

If it's California, please please secede. We don't want your communism.

The issue is, they pretend they aren't German and Canadian when there aren't flags and it skews people's opinion.

When you're able to see a Canadian flag, you know you can just keep scrolling.

>muh alt right trolls boogeyman

Lose some weight, Amy Schumer.

this will be real interesting.

>wanting california to secede
without us almost half the revenue of the country goes away

>That bloated sense of self-importance

He's Californian, alright.

Good luck watering your crops without Union™ supplied water, moron.

I always thought sweden was the most cucked country...

As a leaf i fucking love flags. Now we know when a poster is from a shitty 3rd world nonwhite country and doesnt even deserve a reply. Thank you gook moot.

I don't fucking care. Just secede and fuck off forever.
Stay out of Texas. I hate you people so god damned much.

how much revenue does your state supply?

the storms brought us out of the drought dumbass. We don't need you.

Those companies aren't gonna stay on that side of the border long if there are cheaper tax havens in the United States. Once you jimmies jack the minimum wage to $15/hour, every low wage job would flee to the U.S. and Canada, like U.S. jobs are currently fleeing to Mexico.

I'm fine with that

t. washington

I thought Trump was bringing jobs back to the states?

>American posters increase
>Board quality decrease

coincidence ? i think not

why do you hate me so much? I'm not even from california originally.