With the positive reviews of Far Cry 5, Asians Creed back on the right track and showing gamers they will stick with games and fix them if there are problems rather then cash out with such titles as The Division, R6S and For Honor has ubi become one of the most trusted publishers industry?


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My bad lol, assassin's* fug auto correct

>has ubi become one of the most trusted publishers industry?
yes, it's the most trusted to shit out yearly rehashed content

Yeah, I'm thinking he's back. Based Ubisoft... are they, dare I say it, /ourguys/??

No of course not, it's a mild improvement but they're not even EA 2008 tier.

They make too many formulaic open world games still. I would have lumped in the whole UbiArt stuff with Rayman in though, those were two fun games I wish they did more of or seen more UbiArt stuff.

Their open world games are all over the place right now. Far Cry 5 dropped the XP shit from 3/4 for challenges to get perk points and all the tower climbing and stupid shit for more normal ways of finding side missions. FC5 also decided that hunting tons of shit just to get bigger bag space was annoying and time padding.
Then ACO decides Unity and Syndicate should have WAY more XP/level bullshit and everything revolves around the level. Quest 4 levels above you? Enemies will two shot you and take ages to kill. Also tons of pointless crap on the map, and crafting with animal skins is a big deal.

Wildlands is a mix between them. You can do whatever you want anytime, but its just tons of shit all over the map. Skill points there, weapon mods there, just tons of small shit everywhere.

THQ Nordic is the only good western publisher out there currently in terms of risk taking and new IPs. All the major publishers just shit out sequels.

>Do retarded shit
>Get called out on it
>Pretend to stop doing retarded shit for a while to bait people back into your ecosystem of products
>Go back to doing the same/worse shit as before when the outrage from the initial bullshit blows over

And the cycle goes on.

Am I the only one who has high hopes for skull and bones to be a good pirate game?

i know it is ubisoft but I'm trying to be optimistic

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>one of the most trusted publishers
How to detect a shill.

It's literally just Black Flag's ship combat turned into a multiplayer deathmatch game. Not open world, no boarding or person to person combat, etc. Curb your expectations right now.

They are cashing out on For Honor. It's been a year and only 3 characters have had any real buffs. All they do week after week is release new cosmetics for you to buy and ignore the games balance issues that have been there since beta 1.

Sure they gave us dedicated servers, but they barely fucking work and they removed lag compensation so its utterly pointless.

>Make a few games with their trump card formula and established titles
>While EA fucked up royally

Nah ubisoft is still shit. Keep in mind that they still fucked up most of the game in recent years such as for honor, ghost recon, watch dog 2 and the division. Their team can keep making sequels to game that can sell, but they definitely lack the talent to establish new IPs.

it's World of Warships with old frigates. What the fuck do you think, retard? Of course it's going to be shit.

At this point I'm not even sure who's a genuine Ubi shill and who's just a falseflagging shitposter.

Watch Dogs 2 is good and a major improvement over 1 though. One of my favourite games of 2016

I play them specifically because I like crazy open world games. Spot hating on fun.

>no boarding or person to person combat
well that is where you are wrong, because the game explanation clearly says it is a third person pirate game.
You really think they will use the ass creed engine and not make it a third person game where you customize your captain, ship ect.
obviously they will have hub worlds and boarding, just the gameplay we had seen is early pre alpha

Ubishit is a trash tier dev/publisher, in my opinion even worse than EA.

I don't even bother pirating their games.

>has ubi become one of the most trusted publishers industry?
The only thing I can trust ubisoft to do is to keep paying you marketers' paycheques.

Disregarding obvious bait to post Far Cry 5 opinions
bulk of the map available from the start
interesting premise
top tier map, they actually got the balance of open ground/woodland/water/verticality right this time
deer make proper deer sounds
lieutenants actually fill a role in the cult instead of being random stand-ins for the sake of progression
perk/levelling system is better
only have to climb a tower once
companions aren't completely awful
health regen makes outposts even more trivial
enemies seem even more retarded than usual
characters vary from bland to annoying
interrupts gameplay with scripted events you can't avoid
bullet drop seems exaggerated and is noticeable from 120m+
no practical reason to use any companions other than dog and hunter
dizzy effect in Henbane River is too widespread, goes from 'interesting environment hazard' to 'annoying as fuck' in about 5 minutes

Best Far Cry to mindlessly dick about in
Worst narrative progression system in any game in a long time

There's a completet disconnect between story and gameplay this time, but the gameplay itself is very solid.
I don't know how to rate this one

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Daily remindere that Ubisoft promotes racemixing and should be boycotted

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>Expect WE WUZ posting around E3 when they formally announce it
That webm still has me in tears every time I see it tho

Only good thing to come out of ubishit in a decade

that's because you're a redditor

>being this much of a salty little bitch

Honestly the only reason I play Far Cry is to dick about mindlessly in pretty environments and shoot things indiscriminately, and because of that this might end up being my favourite one
The story itself doesn't seem that fucked, it's the way the game forces you through it that's wank. The fun bits of the game give you resistance points but if you get too many it forces you into a scripted mission sequence, so all the time while you're having fun running about blowing shit up there's a bit of you going 'I'm going to have to watch cutscenes and walk slowly through a bunker for ten minutes any second now and the only way I can avoid it is to stop playing'. Whoever had that idea ought be shot.

I really hate how they implemented the missions.
As soon as you reach a certain amount of resistance points a raiding party shows up that shoots you with magic drug bullets so they can take you to their leader, who holds a grand speech before you shoot everybody in his compound and escape. They do this 3 fucking times.
You'd have thought after the first time they'd just shoot the deputy and be done with it, especially after all the people from the cult he's already killed up to this point.

They're on the same level of Capcom at most, not as jewish as EA/Activision but still milk their yearly franchises.

they added fucking lootboxes in a $60 single player game with a $50 expansion pass
they're past ea

>THQ Nordic
Thank fucking god Nordic did things right without raping THQ and restoring them. Wreckfest is getting some momentum after the buyout and merging. I voiced out my opinion Wreckfest gonna be better since the take over so they better get it cheap during the last sale and no one listen. Game babies dun goofed. Titan Quest still pumping out updates and god damn even expansion.

Far Cry 5's scenario is so fucking dumb, it tries so hard not to offend nayone that at the end nothing happens

No, but they've salvaged their reputation of recycling garbage to actually oh hey if it sucks at launch we'll fix it.

Unlike other companies whom delivers great a great game that i can just preorder because the previous game in the franchise was good (yes i preorder deus ex mankind divided and nier automata)

Ubisoft games still are, wait and see gameplay. Wait a couple of weeks after launch so players get the honeymoon phase washed out of their brain and then see the reviews/opinions.
Else it turns into the disaster that was destiny 2.

Aka ubisoft games arent complete shit anymore, even if they come out as shit they still patch it over time. Not good enough to earn instabuy from me though.

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wmaf is the only way to go

>Unlike other companies whom delivers great a great game that i can just preorder because the previous game in the franchise was good (yes i preorder deus ex mankind divided and nier automata)

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i actually enjoyed deus ex mankind divided shame about the story, but deus ex is one of those few games where pacifist route is fun and comfy. I always go the no kill playtrough if the game allows it and the level design in that game is stellar.

>ubisoft is shit but i preorder from fucking SQUARE ENIX
>i always the the non-fun route
>Nier 1 year post release still no patch meanwhile fucking AC Unity was fixed under 3 months

fucking weebs KEK

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Ubisoft is weird.
For Honor is the best melee combat system to ever come out of the west despite its serious flaws. They're constantly trying to improve the game, but they're also manage to blunder each patch and make new problems. A real shame. I don't know what to make of them at all because this was really my first Ubisoft game since like Dark Messiah.

>>ubisoft is shit but i preorder from fucking SQUARE ENIX
Eidos montreal deliverd on the last game so why not? i also liked the first nier so when i found out there was a second one i insta buy it ofc.

>i always the the non-fun route
Different people like different things

>>Nier 1 year post release still no patch meanwhile fucking AC Unity was fixed under 3 months
Might be selfish but i couldnt care about other people as long it works for me and the major issues was for people not having current gen gpus.


Eidos montreal is a canadian studio owned by square, i dont see how its based japan when its their game made by a Canadian studio its the same like the latest hitman being made by a swedish company doesnt mean its from japan.

Wildlands is very comfy pve with friends and decent pvp too.

Good try.

no you're not, sea of thieves is a fucking meme game and i can't wait until S&B fucking crushes it.

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Both Far Cry 5 and Assassin's Creed Origins were a significant step up from stuff like FC 4/Primal and AC Unity.

I know this isn't very related to the thread, but how would far cry 5 run with a gtx 1060 6gb and a i7 3770? Ram is not an issue since I have a fuck ton of it ( about 20gb i forgot the exact amount)

>they're past ea

nah, EA tricks millions of underages into buying hundreds worth of FUT cards. No one in the industry is that bad.
Plus the DLC's for Far Cry 5 look really amazing, and it's only 30$


EA was never good and you’re gluggin the koolaid if you think otherwise.

Watch_Dogs 2 was a masterpiece and I’m glad someone feels the same.