Ion Maiden Devs Try To Harass Steam Reviewer

But ultimately got told off by a Steam mod:

The flag has been removed


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Conclusion from previous thread: Women should be kept barefoot and pregnant


>Have you seen the other armor designs you pick up in the game? One of them is basically a metal corset over red leather with a spiked collar. I'm not sure what else you guys want from us here. :D

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>catering to females at all

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No we haven't seen them. Post pictures and maybe it will stem the complaints.

It's called agitprop and it's intentional
Green Skeleton is being paid to drum up controversy

Reminder that OP's profile was discovered to be filled with obnoxious memes and he got so embarrassed that he made his profile private.

Also reminder that the actual devs never made the comment about SJW stuff and OP has been samefagging his thread hard to save face after getting BTFO.

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Don't reply to this dumbass redditor parasite

Better than covering their skin from head to toe.

Hey guys, I can shitpost too ha ha. For kekistan am I right fellow Sup Forums users?

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It's still a legitimate discussion to talk about why adult men hate sexy women today. Especially in the western videogame community.

>0.1 hours played

dumb 8gagger

So what's everyone's favorite species?

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>The first concepts of Shelly were drawn in 1997, and had a heavy emphasis on sexualization, which was not uncomon the mid-nineties, although a bit embarrasing looking back with 2018 glasses;

>In 1998 Bombshell was re-drawn again, this time by Dan Panosian. The design was slightly more stylized, but still with a heavy emphasis on sexualization.

>1999 - 2001
>In 1999 - 2001, she got another range of designs by Paul Richards, with some having a closer resembelance to the current version of Shelly. For instance, in one instance she had a bionic arm, while in another she was a bomb defusal expert. This was still the late '90s, with an over-the-top emphasis on sexualization (How far we've come!).

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What kind of autism does it take to make threads over and over like this?

why do adult men hate anything without sexualized women enough to make a general on Sup Forums about it?

At least post something fappable you nigger

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Green Skeleton is steering the narrative of Sup Forums

What games fill you with joy?

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Humans, you degenerate

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Please give source

Have you ever played a game all night?

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At least the people who make those threads don't keep posting their exploits over and over again, OP. They just ask why we don't make games like DoA, even though it's obvious. No one wants to rock the boat in this SJW-infested shithole we find ourselves in. They only have themselves to blame for it being a shithole politically anyways.


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What are some good co-op games?

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Someone ban this guerrilla marketing piece of shit OP already. STOP SPAMMING THREADS ABOUT A GAME NOBODY GIVES A SHIT.

>the devs never made the comment
if you mean the (current year) comment over the old design not being used anymore, it’s RIGHT FUCKING THERE in the nsfw post, just because OP is a faggot it doesn’t mean somehow all subsequent discussion of this game is now invalid and the game must never be criticized due to its sanitized character design
what kind of retarded neogaf logic is that?


Do you think games are too controlling over the player's actions?

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Fucking hell. For what purpose?

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S _ _ _ _ _ L


When is the actual fucking game released.

Not early access cancer faggot shit.

Can I buy a vowel?
I'd like to buy 'A'

who gives a fuck a bout steam reveiews and some niche indie shit
gas yourselves

Post weird and gay shit if you want the thread dead. Repulse the curious rather than appeal to the vanillafags who're willing to ignore furry content for vanilla/lesbian content. Fucking hypocrites.

i hate sexy women in video games because i can't stop masturbating to them

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never and i just got my refund so im good. It was extremely mediocre besides the pixel art. Its not different from other mods.

The devs literally didn't make that comment: The discussion about the devs being SJW is invalid because it never happened. The devs "censoring" the OP is because he made many many shitposts on their forums constantly, not because of criticism. I'm not even sure why I'm responding to you since you're obviously wrong and have no interest in discussing facts. You just want to shitpost because you read on reddit that Sup Forums is for shitposting.

>using a non-free operating system
hello devil worshipper

Are there any games you can just relax and enjoy with a friend?

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It's sindoll my man

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Are there any games where you can just let loose?

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Are there any games where you can just bury other players?

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What are some games loaded with content?

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Did you ever play games with your dad?

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Aaah, tis, or some say tism.

Do any of your gaming friends have qualities you particularly enjoy?

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What's the biggest mistake you've made in a game?

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Are you anticipating any games lately?

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Can you post more diapers?

Are there any games you destroy your friends in?

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they fucking did and it’s right there
of course the character “never looked like that” in the game since it’s written right there that it is a CONCEPT, which is exactly what characters go through before being actually implemented in he game.
the goalpost is being moved from “the character was never changed at all” to “the character never looked like that IN THE GAME”, since of fucking course concept art doesn’t get through the 3d modeling stage in development, only the final version
>ur wrong, u have no interests, u just want to shitpost, u reddit
holy fucking strawman oniichan, do you even have a single argument to back all that shit up?

That's literally not a dev. Why can't you understand this? Are you this retarded?

That's a publisher rep you fucking retard

What makes you want to 100% a game?

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It's almost likes he ignoring all evidence that contradicts him so he can keep his shitty thread going. Thank God we're all responding to him over and over so he has incentive to keep going.


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What are some games you prefer to play alone?

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Is it possible to be overwhelmed with content?

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where are mods
i reported one of these literal shits like 30 minutes ago

They'll get to it once they're done fapping

>publishers can’t demand the devs to change stuff in a game to make it more “marketable”
NIS America, Nintendo, you name it
how curious that all evidence pointing otherwise is being considered invalid because REEE
>OP is an omnipresent boogeyman
this obsession right there is evidence enough that no discussion must ever be made, you claim to be against shills but you are literally being a bouncer for a closed circlejerk party to protect the game

You are truly pathetic, you know that?

Reminder that OP almost exclusively buys indieshit games that no one cares about just to write autistically long reviews no one will ever read.

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why are furries and Japanese so attracted to scat? What's their X-factor?

You are so fuckin mad that a private company (steam) is doing what they want LOL

the design in that pic is honestly great. I see absolutely nothing "problematic" about it.

Can someone give me a quick rundown? I thought Sup Forums was loving Ion Maiden.

A single autist here is obsessed with Bombshells character design and this individual has no life so he is spamming Sup Forums and the Ion Maiden Steam forum with his whining.

You would never EVER see a Japanese game developer feel guilty or embarrassed over female designs. Ever. It simply would not happen.

The western male mentality about how to feel about women's appearances, sexuality etc is being so fucking erroded it's actually quite unbelievable.

Men are being shamed for finding attractive women... well, attractive. It's all quite pathetic.

Why barefoot? Won't they get cold?

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there is one Sup Forums meme spewing retard that got banned for doing just that, now he's making constant template threads on Sup Forums like anyone gives a fuck about his autism crusade.
sage and hide.

Why did they have to ruin it be throwing random paint buckets at their heads?

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So we can warm them up ;)

>What the devs don't want you to see:

Links to something that's clearly visible on the exact same store page this review is posted on. I really don't understand what point this guy is trying to make. Can anyone explain this autism to me? Links to something the devs have posted on their own store page for the game as if it's some big scoop he has found out about.

Reposting what another user said in the last thread:

Consider this image. A developer states that Bombshell never looked like any of these designs during the development of Ion Maiden.
Recently, a bunch of concepts get posted by the PUBLISHER (3D Realms), not the DEVELOPER (Voidpoint).

The developers were contracted by said publisher to develop a game in the Bombshell IP.
Do all of you honestly believe that they were ever shown any of these old concepts to work with?

Also consider that they likely would not have been able to drastically alter the character's design, since it's not their IP.

Christ, Sup Forums is a fucking cesspool of autists these days.

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>thread still here but all the porn gone
I fucking hate Sup Forumscuck mods.

freedom of speech even if it breaks the rules unless it personally offends them


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>KYM filename
As expected of someone who would defend these threads.

>was genuinely looking forward to this game
>thought demo was fun as fuck
why do women ruin everything

>Private companiescan do what they want! OP can't complain about being banned from the devs forum!
To no one's surprise, you don't believe in private property, you just want to defend failing SJW devs in their crusade to shut down wrongthink. Sucks to play by your own rules ;)

kill yourself, autist

No matter how much furry porn you dump, these threads will NEVER get deleted. Post on another website if you don't like it, this is a private site which means the mods do what they want ;)


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>He's been BTFO so hard by based OP that he has nothing left but ad hominem
LOL! Stay mad that OP has successfully accomplished everything he set out to do with these threads

How the fuck do you not know who sindol is maiden/

Just leaving it here for everyone in the thread to see how much OP is a faggot.

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> Implying the OP has blown anyone the fuck out, as opposed to everyone just taking the piss at this point because OP isn't even worth the effort.

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Based. Glad that Sup Forumseogaf and the ion maiden devs have utterly failed to stop his successful conquest

What is in those links? What is it that the devs don't want us to see?
If the review has nothing to do with the game itself, then it's not valid.

For reference, the armor they're talking about looks like this.

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