Japanese devs


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people keep forgetting kojima made [peace walker because his son only liked portable ops and he also made raiden because girls found solid snake ugly

>girls found solid snake ugly
Really? What the fuck...

Considering Nintendo is footing the bill for it, I unironically think the PS4 won't get Bayo 3 either because I'm not retarded.

>Bring in kids to get their opinion
>Get mad at them
Whew Kamiya you sure showed those kiddies, you fucking manchild

and thats a good thing!

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I'd laugh too. This is just an awful lineup of over the hill developers, and Kojima.

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>not Tabata
so I'm guessing this was before he started calling everyone Nomurafags

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Kind, honest people are blocked on a daily basis, yet he responded to these trolls?

Dumb newfag.

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>dont explain the game's mechanics in the game
>make the light attack combo the weakest combo
>hurr people complain its difficult
What did oatmeal cookie mean by this

Congratulations, you have been accepted to Harvard!

If they were kind and honest they would know that AS I HAVE SAID 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 TIMES DONT TAG ME IN YOUR SHITTY CONVOS

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>soyboys need to be told light attacks are weaker than heavy attacks
Jesus Christ...

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>implying sword of the undefeatable isnt complete garbage too
At least play a game before you start drooling over your keyboard

Forever ourguy

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>using anything but flails
Lmaoing at your life

>he also made raiden because girls found solid snake ugly
and then he put it on the most consumer unfriendly game without a hint of his role as protag at first

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>Ugly. She should stop complaining.

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Itagaki ruined NG2 and inadvertently it's "remake" with that horseshit.


Why does Kamina understand English so well?

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Because he died for our sins.

>Too bad

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Both Nomura and Tabata are garbage.

I can't tell which tweets are edits and whoch are real

Motherfucker's witty, gotta give him that

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That fucking ninja gaiden dude gets me every time

this thread kills the me

If only there was a way to view all possible actions and their respective inputs, a...list of moves, if you will.

The game actually does not teach the players all it's mechanics and some moves are unlisted, but having "teq" is one of the reasons that it's good, it encouraged experimentation and enhanced depth. A lot of NG is relatable to fighting games

The game doesnt mark that XXX string is a trap that is just there to punish you for spamming attacks. It doesnt tell you that you have onlanding frames which make your UT charge near instant and give you a circular attack on the dragon sword at lvl 3. It doesnt mark attacks that have a guard break property, knockback property, launch property, or Iframes. It doesnt tell you about rolljumping, doesnt tell that you can press A+X for a homing head jump. Doesnt tell you that knocking enemies into walls deals bonus damage.
It does tell you about how to wallrun, jump off walls and blocking and rolling.
The game does try to teach you some things. For example murai teaches you to use air attacks, masakado teaches you the bow (and it gives you horse mounted attackers before the masakado fight). But then dynamo will rape your asshole if you didnt figure out how to rolldodge (and even then he can hit you) and there is no point before that which requires you to learn this technique, or even know it exists. What dynamo does teach is that you have to get in close. But then with alma you have to stay back until she goes onto the ground (and she again requires rolldodging to be known).
And a lot of this couldve been thought with simple adjustments to the map to force you to use them. And have ayane throw a few more tip scrolls

The game doesn't have to tell you any of that, you're supposed to figure it out with basic observation skills. DMC1 doesn't tell the player Ifrit's attacks can be charged and everyone figures that out eventually.

>The game doesnt mark that XXX string is a trap that is just there to punish you for spamming attacks

This is nonsense. It's just another move string, i use it all the time and i don't even bother to shuriken cancel unless I'm feeling it.

You can beat Murai in "many" ways, what he teaches you is not to spam combos on bosses. How would anyone get to Dynamo without knowing you can dodge? You absolutely don't want Alma to be on the ground, THAT'S the newbie trap, what in the fuck are you talking about hombre?

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XXX is mediocre damage, has a lot of recovery. There is no reason to use it over XXY.

You dont just have to dodge dynamo. In order to dodge his full volley you have to jump back after rolling one way. Even alma her projectiles are easier to avoid.
Alma is pretty dangerous in the air, since you can only really touch her with flying swallow. But if she dodges that it will put you in a lot of recovery and she can then use her grab attack or throw a pillar at you. On the ground she is easier to hit with flying swallow and if you dont do a long string you can usually take no damage from her attacks

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>girls found solid snake ugly
That's what he wants you to think, truth is Kojima just wanted more gay in his games.

Yeah hes like phil Fish except not completely unlikeable, manic, emotionally unstable, untalented, dishonest, left wing or dumb. Oh wait hes not like phil fish at all

>muh max damage efficiency


>You dont just have to dodge dynamo. In order to dodge his full volley you have to jump back after rolling one way

Nigga, you can literally just run circles around him until he stops firing. You can also roll wind run into a flying swallow to close distance immediately, in any case you should only be in that situation after he does his cheap as fuck close range blast. Also you can use smoke bombs to get in close for free.
You can recover from a failed flying swallow with ninpo, which also knocks her down. If you're playing with the dragon sword you should be trying to hit her with haze straight slash after she does her charge or landing move instead. Her grab attack is too dangerous on the ground, the hitbox is the size of a football fiend and it stays active form 15 years.

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more like
>muh recovery
>muh armor break
>muh cooler animation
>muh extra attacks after first Y

Smokebombs werent in NG04, so how could the test players use them? Also he can use his buttstomp lightning shield to force you to at least dodge one volley.

Also, ive never had problems with her ground grab, what kind of string do you use on her on the ground?

>Miyazaki describes himself as a difficult child. “Unlike most kids in Japan, I didn’t have a dream,” he says. “I wasn’t ambitious.” He eventually found himself aimlessly pursuing a degree in social science at the well-respected Keio University. As he approached graduation, he considered applying to a game development studio, but drifted into a job at the US IT company Oracle Corporation.

>Several years later, he started thinking about video games again. He met up with some former college friends who suggested new titles to play. One was Ico, a mystical fairytale in which players assume the role of a boy who must lead a waif-like girl by the hand along a castle’s craggy ramparts, pursued by their ghoulish captors. “That game awoke me to the possibilities of the medium,” says Miyazaki. “I wanted to make one myself.”

>But Miyazaki had a problem: at 29, he was too old to apply for graduate positions and too inexperienced for anything else. “Not a lot of places would take me,” he says. “From Software was one of the few.” Ema Kodaka, who edits Miyazaki’s scripts, believes this career change, which resulted in a considerable drop in pay, might be why he is held in such regard by his staff. “He is a unique talent,” she says. “In Japan, even today, people usually join a company as a graduate and stay for life. For Miyazaki to change career and, within 10 years, become company president – that’s unprecedented in Japan. It’s inspiring.”

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I never said i don't use light light strong either. I use all the moves, even the fucking thunderclap kicks.

That's right, i forgot about his shield BS, but again you can just run around in a circle, it only gets tricky when he does it in Sigma Survival mode because of where you fight him.

>Also, ive never had problems with her ground grab, what kind of string do you use on her on the ground?

I just don't, fuck that noise. I either try and bait a grab and do an on landing haze slash or i just do flying swallow. If it's RE and i have Ki and Cicada Surge I'll do some strings on her if i feel like it.