Whats the appeal?

Whats the appeal?

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Making bullets

But you can copy those online

made for paizuri

Sexy midriff

Hot mindbroken maiden

I see 3 good reasons

None. MH is better in every imaginable way

>sweat dripping
diamonds everytime.

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My man.

>underboob sweat

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There probably is no appeal to a blind person such as yourself, OP.

Not enough underboobs.

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made for breeding

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Not true, GE has a better aesthetic. Evidence is OP

This and ass fangs are my fetish

>t. tasteless waifufag

>everything is 100% worse except for this thing which is 101% worse

Being straight and attracted to large mammeries

Those tits look awfully similar to Raita's works.

Everyone likes tits. Even gays.

You clearly know nothing if raita's work.

I don't get her popularity either.

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Actual faggot, holy shit

Nice vagina bones

So what do you think about the new weapons and mechanics confirmed so far for GE3? The double swords can combine to make a pole weapon with a blade at each end but when in this form you can't recover stamina, the new laser type gun is basically a continuous fire weapon that gains power the longer you leave it on.

There's also a blood rage (under a different name). Something similar to the link support mechanic except instead of using someone that's absent from the mission you link up with another party member by fighting close to them.

Predator styles seem to make a return but gameplay videos never showed the dash predator style, only charge, quick, combo(which has always been there) and air.

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All I want is better combat, not the same floaty shit we've had.
I don't even mind the game being anime as fuck, I just want to actually feel something when I'm crashing my big hard mccheese sword in some fucks

I've always preferred the lighter weapons in god eater because of the dissonance you mentioned. Usually found myself using short swords or charge spear.

>You'll never rub your face on Alisa's midriff

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>Fight monsters the size of a house
>Dress like a complete slut while doing it
Why tho

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Some new Aragami, both use egyptian names (Anubis and Ra)

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>ass fangs
excuse me

unnamed medium sized Aragami. Winner of a fan design contest.

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Armor does nothing, literally

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Armor makes it hard to move.

Unnamed Large Aragami.

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Her weakpoint is tits right

>tfw my moms named Alisa

They're pretty much super human fighting being that chew literally everything, from dirt to reinforced concrete, armor serves no purposes.
I'm not going to deny her choice of attire is retarded but the game is anime incarnate.

Is "Women in plaid" a fetish?

>Be hot slut
>Dress like hot slut
Wouldn't you? Or are you ugly and fat irl?

Is Code Vein and God Eater happening in the same universe?

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Armor is pretty useless since it won't be able to resist everything due to how bias factor works, might work on some guys but then just get eaten instantly by another. Too much of an investment for too small of a payout. Better to use those resources into making better Anti-Aragami walls.

Which hardly ever work anyway

No, Code Vein is another universe with vampires. Their similarities are because the devs can only do one art style (edgy anime style)

Yeah but in this case the payout is far more important than just the life of a single god eater. So they'll keep dumping money into it and updating the walls every week.

I'm unironically hyped for this shit.

Big fat anime tiddies.

Aren't god eaters supposed to be rare as shit though?

Thank god its actually made for non handhelds this time.

One more thing I forgot, it seems that new aragami like the Anubis are capable of entering a burst state by devouring god eaters with certain attacks.

and girls. there is just something undeniably attractive about enormous bosom.
probably a massive confidence/attention booster for the girls too.

Tits that I din't have access to irl because I am a virgin incel

Art style seems to have changed a fair bit from the first aragamis.

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>Used to know a girl in college with big tits
>Had insane back problems because of it
>Had reduction
they're still pretty damn big and i'd slap my dick between them honestly

Too bad about their garbage skeleton variety though

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I can't wait to see which one becomes completely cancerous to fight when it devours you

>God Eater is gonna be a big factor in me getting a new console again

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These fags better kept their taunt.

Its coming to PC too though.


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I want to see some gameplay of Ra, only one we've seen extensive gameplay of so far is Anubis.

i once became friends with a girl in high school because i couldn't stop staring at her irregularly large breasts, and felt the need to approach her and tell her I liked her boobs.
we are still friends to this day.

It's when you can see a chick's ass peeking through her thigh gap from the front. The part that's visible looks a bit like a fang.

Nice explanation, thanks mate.

Wouldnt that mean that her ass is huge?

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>fierce kongou

I hate those cunts so much

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>Any mission with "pilgrim" in the name
>Fight a shit ton of Kongous in the cancerous snow temple level where they can hear you from any corner of the map and be on you in less than second because of the connections between the zones

Alisa is merely the gateway, God Eater has tons of nice designs

I'm curious about it too, I'd take any more Aragami footage to see how the devouring works.
I was sure it'd just be for the new ones til I remembered they added a Psion version for some of the Aragami types in 2, so there might be a chance that you can get eaten by a Gboro Gboro recolor!

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I wonder if Aragami can burst+enrage. That'll probably be interesting to see.

Me see aminetittis me buy gaem becuz me not gay me buy al gems with tits

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What a fine selection
who's that next to astaroth?

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While I agree God Eater have tons of nice designs, I don't think they're in the character designs category.
The weapons, the aragami, the locations, all of those have great designs, but I personally find the characters always tend to look out of place.
Then again I suppose it all depend if you like "stereotypical" anime.

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you're a faggot and ur jealous of the attention boobiemonsters get. u wish guys would look at you like that, but they won't :c

Mao from Maoyuu Mao Yuusha


Useless meat

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Do people actually spend hours crafting their own bullets?

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yeh ur rigt just buy adromeda or horizon

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Are fullset God Arcs viable or you have to mix-match?
Also, how important elements are in tbe gameplay?

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I fucked around with it a bit, and I still don't know if the system is that obtus or if I'm just straight up retarded.
It was kinda fun though, I did managed to do some "interesting" thing like a bullet that split upon impact, dealt a ton of burst damages.

Read the manga with the better artstyle instead of watching the anime.

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Hell no, I'll leave that to the dedicated autists.

Elements are important, bring the wrong one and you'll deal fuckall damages.
I guess that answer your question about full set as well, although you're free to not give a shit if you decide to bring a neutral God Arc

Thank you.
I was worried GE is also about unga raw like a certain game.

>Are fullset God Arcs viable or you have to mix-match?
Viable unless the shield has some shitty weakness (more common in GE2RB than GER).

Weapon skills don't matter that much since you can mod them to have any skill you want so long as you have the broken god arcs to slap onto them.

Elements are important for melee weapons, if you have an incompatible element you'll deal far worse damage. Mono element weapons are shit because they start mixing elemental weaknesses in missions.

Elements are not important for guns since you can use any elemental bullets so all it does is buff or debuff the bullets you fire of said element.

If you bring the wrong element, you can somewhat compensate by using your ranged weapon as you can freely use any type of element bullet with it, but it's kind of a chore.
I wouldn't recommend relying on your ally though, they're more fodder than anything.
>I was worried GE is also about unga raw like a certain game.
It can be, nothing stop you to minmax, people have made bullet that can oneshot any monster in the game.

jesus, she's not even a good character

>I was worried GE is also about unga raw like a certain game.
You can make it that if you choose to just buff one neutral element weapon up to +30.

Damage type is also important since it'll dictate how you fight each aragami since most have a body piece heavily resistant to some damage type.

I mean if you honestly ask my favorite designs are the less outrageous ones like Licca and Livie
The depleted, run down, end of the world setting is what I like most about the series, as anime as it is. It's what made me love Freedom Wars too.

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>want to be a cute girl
>can't romance her if i do so
what do

>Waste more time customizing my character instead of crafting weapons and shit

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You romance another cute girl while being a cute girl.

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Whose power level is higher? GE1 MC or GE2 MC?

Was it a cute brown girl?

GE1 MC is just a really skilled guy.
GE2 MC is just a really skilled guy cranked up to eleven with the blood.

blood arts suck so 1