Is NinWin the best configuration?

Is NinWin the best configuration?

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fuck off retard

>using botnet OS

true idort > ninwinsony > any other 3-console combo > ninwin > winsony > any other 2-console combo > win > console you hate > console you like

I say so

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No, the barrel of a shotgun and your ugly fucking face is the best combination.

Well if you had to pick two systems sure, it has the most worthwhile exclusives when put together.

But your competition is Bloodborne and literally nothing so it's not saying much.


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Yesterday a W10 update at work broke my internet connection and I almost missed a deadline. Thanks MS.

For just two consoles it is, yes. PC for multiplats and you can also play Nintendo exclusives

do you work on your laptop at starbucks lmao

But PC can also play Nintendo exclusives so it's redundant.


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>jumping to discredit a real problem that tons of people come across each update
Do you shill for MS?

Can I install windows tracking on my nitendo?

Ninux is superior.

>Windows 10

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Microsoft is slowly eroding windows 10 as a gaming platform. It's definitely not a good choise.

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I guess some people just aren't good at computers I guess

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No, just Win.

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your proprietary botnet OS is a glorified console

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Yeah that totally helped when I came to work and launched a PC with the connection already broken. Cretin.


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Take it up with your IT department


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Go fold some paper, dweeb

anime is for the anime boards only

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this, unless there's actually anime themed videogames to discuss, those are fine, and no visual novels aren't games

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Ill take horizon and halo over BB, myself

>PCfats have nothing but pirated ports of console games

I for myself think either a hard split should be in place or no one - as in no "non-Sup Forums related" pictures allowed, examples:

More games than you Muhamad

Switch/PS4/PC masturrr race

Fuck off, nu-Sup Forums.

switch will be emulated soon enough

PC won't need switch to play the one game it has (BOTW is already on PC in 4k no less)

>$300 for a Mario machine

No thanks. Nintendo has no business being a hardware company but you manchildren just can't help yourselves

>HUUUHHhh?!! Look at this stupid guys upgrading their shit, they don't know that only staying on the same past console and on windows 98 is the most optimal way for gaming
>Because fuck the technological improvements achieved thanks to the great growth of the gaming industry and the pop culture
>Also fuck the diverse engineerings developing the new systems for 3D modeling and rendering, who fucking cares that new engines are being developed, with a main focus on being more simplistic to have the indie spectro of the industry have a more accesible way into the AAA world
>Yeah fuck those guys


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Here user, have your (You), so you don't feel bad

im just waiting for metroid to drop then i'll get the switch and be ninwin

Honestly, just the Switch alone is all you need. All of the best indie PC games are being released for the Switch.

>nor WiiU or PS3 have been decently emulated yet
>Already expecting Switch to be emulated
You know, an emulator isn't just a "click button done", it takes a really fucking long time to develop
Here, have some soy

Yeah but then how I will play DOTA and CS:GO? Checkmate nintenbros

>WHAAAA? Look at this stupid guys staying on windows 7 (with telemetry updates removed) until it goes EOL in 2020 while dual booting Linux, what a bunch of fucking idiots! Don't they know windows 10 is a marvel of modern engineering!? OS as a service is the FUTURE! It's not My Computer anymore Nazis, it's This Computer!

>it takes a really fucking long time to develop
yeah sure, for a proper system but considering the development time of wii u and dolphin, I'd say all they have to do is copy and paste, it's not like Nintendo went all out making switch that much more advance than Wii U. Besides you can play the only decent game on Wii U anyways at full.
>Here, have some soy
Ironic coming from a nintenbro

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>Seeing this discussion
>Thinking about that nowadays all those changes are only to play Fortnite
It really makes me sad to think about it

>nintendo is soy
>not soyny and their progressive movie games starring a black female beating two white males just for virtue signalling of the game director

and that's a good thing

> ironic
So, you tell me that you want to emulate switch games but not buy a switch, because your "pride" for sony
That's really ironic desu
We could play some Mario Kart 8 on the switch to cool thing off
Maybe a match of Gundam Versus if you want
Or just add me on Steam to play a match of Rainbow Six: Siege

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Not all people who buy a PS4 is going to play those games. All people who buy switches are soyboys. That's the difference.

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Soystation gamers are either soyboys, weebfags of casuals
Are you really proud of that?

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There are no games that are worth emulating ont he switch. The two that nintenbros claim are worth it, one of them can be emulated perfectly and better on a PC and the other one will be emulated. So you are essentially paying 300 dollars for a mario machine.
>Are you really proud of that?
If by casual gamer you mean people who just play regular games that are multiplatforms on many systems that don't appeal to children, It's better being a grown ass adult and still bing woo hooing, keep doing that til your 50

I want to be one of the manchilds in your picture so badly.


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What's the alternative?


What does packet sniffing has to do with this shit?

>nintendo is soy for some numales liking the switch, has bayonetta coming down the line and 0 ideologically influenced titles
>sony is not soy eventhough it objectively has more ideologically influenced titles


also weeb games are trash


>switch has bayonetta coming
>weeb games are trash

nah see bayonetta is old weeb, modern weebs like trash like and waifubait

>no not those weeb trash, the weeb trash that I like!
oh you slay me nintenbro

>not SWiitchstation 8NE.1

Nintendo is ideologically influenced too, that's why they censor cute girls in games, it's problematic and offensive to women

>series that started in 2009 is "old weeb"

>oh you slay me nintenbro
hoooo nelly

>No game worth emulating
Oh I'm sorry "The Steven Spielberg of Videogames" for criticising your delightful and godly taste in vidya...
For the first year of the console, playing ARMS, BoTW, Odyssey, MK8D, and making games like DOOM, Skyrim, Resident Evil Revelations, Rocket League, DQB portable, it's a decent start
It'll get better, it's far from being the perfect console, but given the next years to come, and seeing the sales of their games doing good, Third party games will come eventually
And no, don't worry, It won't affect nor PS4, nor XBOX, nor PC, because for some reason all this console war has been going around the idea that if a console sells well, the other ones will go to shit
>Casual gamers
I mean the kind of people who really think that playing X console actually make them superior, and stating that without the purpose of shitposting

literally only NoA
yes user anime finally went to shit around that time

2009 was 9 years ago user...

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you worked real hard on that didn't you

This must be the same kind of desperation the kids from syria must feel when thinking about the possibility of living a peaceful life

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absolutely yes
all game for ps4 are on pc anyways or coming to pc so yes

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dumb for candy cock sucking slut (hotaru) poster

I thought nintentards and PCfaggots were used to low quality thought?

>nintendie trying to latch on to the master race again
This should be a bannable offence.

from that soyjack meme yeah, good point


How does it fell pkeks? How does it feel to know you will never know the slender svelte touch of the GOTG?

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