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Red Team is objectively better

Reddit and Bronies > 9gag and Tumblr furfags

The streamer alone is enough reason to switch to blue.

red team.
you know [MLP]fluttershy is gonna be a fuckin beast. he has all the free time in the world to put the practice in

Blue has a woman and that's worse

>relatively benign if annoying weedfag
>autistic horsefucker
>some stream bait shitter
>some reddit normalfag and his friend
This is somehow still a way preferable team to blue.

lederpydude and lederpydude(1) will get single connection sticky lag advantage

Honestly the furry is probably the best player besides gregor.

red because blue team has a woman and a BR faggot, also the pony fucker is going to have autism tier mastery of the game, since it's the only thing he do.

I'd rather Alt+F4.

Assuming I have a gun to my head and that isn't an option, I'll take red team. I'll fucking hate being on the same team as a weedfag, a bronie, and a streamer, but it's better than having to deal with meme faggots, furries, and some BR with a ping of 200.

I'm not wasting time with those faggots.

yeah just like every unemployed neckbeard on Sup Forums is a fucking god at videogames because they have nothing but free time to rigorously practice game mechanics and definitely not shitpost and jerk off to anime tiddies

Red. I'll take an edgy 15 year old, a brony and rebbit mongs over a weeb, a furry and a brazilian
Though I'd put money on the first blue guy's name being ironic

Other team doesn't have:
>Lister's Sister The Fister Resister
Step it up user.

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don't let gregor hear you say that

Isn't 9gag basically Sup Forums lite at this point

I saw nothing but "OP is a fag" and crop of tits in the comment sections last time I checked

Obviously red

let's look at this objectively
Weed Warrior is going to be useless, he's high as shit and even if he thinks he's helping, he's not.
Fluttershy hates confrontation and will avoid everyone on the opposing team
EricReacts is talking to himself and exaggerating everything, as well as reading the chat, he's going to be extremely distracted
The two redditors are going to be mildly shitty
RipRoarinBoogerPenis will be the best player on the team by far, the man clearly has a history playing arena shooters for years.

1/6 competent players

On the other team, MisterLister has also clearly been playing arena shooters for years, so he's gotta be good

The furry is a coin flip, he clearly has a lot of free time and needs something to fill the hole in his life which is probably video games, so he could potentially be really good, but he could also be really shitty.

NarutoKitsune and Jessicakes both seem to be the type to throw tantrums if they don't do well and they're probably completely unprepared for any sort of difficulty, more used to circlejerks and everything going their way.

The BR will probably be okay and his high ping means he'll be extremely hard for the opponent's team to deal with so he might do something.

You absolutely cannot tell me that someone named [9gag]epicftw9001 didn't engineer his name specifically to piss people off. He's like boogerpenis and misterlister, but falseflagging.

So blue is 3.5/6 competent players. Blue wins easily.

Finally, blue gets special mention for having both a BR and a furry, which have gotten us through hard times before.

Fucker beat me to it

its pretty much pg13 rated Sup Forums at this point
source: I frequently visit it while taking a shit

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red team because those usernames are probably ironic. blue team sounds serious about their names and also i dont want a weeb on my team, even if they are being ironic.

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Mister_Lister_the_Sister_Fister sounds like a cool dude.

>Furry tripfag
>BR with 140 ping
That sounds familiar.

>left has a mlp fag
>right doesn't
Pretty easy choice, also mister lister sounds like a pro.