ITT Credits tracks still haunting you months/years after finishing the game

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Still the best RPG ever made in my opinion

3 is better retard

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That is 3.


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Literally babbys first Persona.

I hate what 5fags have done to the series. The endings of all other 4 games are far more sad/bittersweet than that garbage ""story"" 5 had. Fuck Persona 5 and it all the new shitters it brought with it.

At least he agrees.

>thinking p4 was any better
P4 babbies I swear.

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It really encompasses how the entire game felt.

>ITT Credits tracks
Is it that hard to read? I'm not asking for opinions whether the game is better or worse than the prior games, I'm asking for good credit tracks tied to a game you liked.

Yeah and you're a retard for thinking Persona 5 ending credits are "good"

I started crying when Persona 5 ended because the torture was finally over.
The memories come flooding back every time I hear this song. Such an amazing game for its time.

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>you will never experience ME1 for the first time again

Why live

Literally babbys first Persona.

I hate what (most popular persona)fags have done to the series. The ending of all other (games preceding the one I don't like) games are far more sad/bittersweet than that garbage """story" (most popular persona) had. Fuck Persona (most popular persona) and it all the new shitters it brought in.

This is literally the same argument and complaint people had when persona 4 came out, which is STILL known to be the best place to start if you're new to the series.

the ending of P5 was so uneventful and unimpressive that I don't even remember what the song was like

should've went with the "everything's too perfect" thing and go somewhere with it

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>same argument used against 4
>same argument a bunch of 1 and 2 fans use against 3

What's it like making the stupidest post on Sup Forums today?

Imagine being such a bitter piece of shit that your brain is in shitpost mode 24/7 and you don't even process information before making actions.

Guess it just goes to show Persona is getting worse and worse.

kill yourself

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P5's EPEEC TWEESTS were so blatantly telegraphed that it went past 'foreshadowing' and became 'telling the player what's going to happen hours in advance'
Got bored after Egypt dungeon and stopped playing, still haven't finished it

Yep Futabas dungeon was what made me finally accept that this game isn't good.

Your not missing out on anything. You should probably just sell the game for some form of return.

sorry i just saw persona 5 then got overwhelmed im a fucking retard holy shit

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you shouldn't really hang out with kuffar
>These 20 first seconds

The "kids" singing part always catches me.

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Honestly, just die

are you ok

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i feel sick this was an accident im such an idiot please forgive me v
im rocking around worrying

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Yeah, this one was beautiful

you sound like a faggot

It happens, no worries.

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Sounds good. Too bad I haven't brought myself to boot it up yet.

Makoto is shit

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This one, probably also the P3 one.

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Still love it. The songs preceeding it in the Neutral ending makes the credits even better (in order)

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And it's a flash game.

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I remember completing the game as a 13 year old kid and seeing those credits I could oinly imagine what amazing adventures were in store for the sequels. Too bad I got massively dissapointed. If you google "wasted potential" the Mass Effect trilogy should be the first result.
there will NEVER be a sequel to these games because everyone except gabe left Valve

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Still the greatest credits roll i've ever seen. Tons of concept art conflated with possible continuations of the plot overlayed with beautiful Sakimoto compositions.

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