Aloy isn't ugly, you people are delusional

Aloy isn't ugly, you people are delusional.

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loli aloy >>>>>

She is pretty fucking ugly, my man. You standards must be very low.

Objectively speaking, she’s not ugly, but she’s not pretty. King of average, the hair doesn’t help either.

When did Zac Efron grow longer hair?

depends on angle

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Get sick of ass cancer, corporate drone, die in your own shit.

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She looks like a man

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I prefer loli aloy because she's barefoot

Are we comparing woman?

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i'd still bang her

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those arms

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She looks like fuckin John travolta

she's a fucking potato. also, dreads are disgusting

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The irony of this OP

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Aloy is ugly, you are delusional.

>ginger john travolta isn't ugly

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Here we go again shitposter kun

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why isn't there a grug version of aloy?

Why the fuck does her face look so ugly?

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la creatura...

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She looked more cute and womanly in concept

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what's different here is it the angle? Her face seems elongated in a way to better balance out her otherwise horrendous facial features.

>Can't unsee

Now this I like.

She have a white face with nigger features. That´s why people find her ugly.

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She's not ugly, but she's not hot either.

5/10 would not bang sober

>down syndrome


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They fucked up the facial proportions
Almost certainly intentionally because 'muh ugly realistic wymyn good,' while ironically making her unreastically ugly because her skull is fucked and a sign of a serious deformity of some kind.

She's so ugly that I simply wont buy the game, I don't want to look at that fucking face for hours on end.

her face is absolutely atrocious, what the fuck

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looks like a boy

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la goblina...

That's the only image I'm willing to save of the ogre.
Have a different character

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I'd call her a tranny but even trannies aren't that ugly

After all this brainwashing the western standards finally got to you. You are nothing but a victim.

Yeah, they are even worse. Trannies need cleansing by fire

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Blizzard improved your potatoface

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"let me post another photo with an angle that hides how fucked her face is"

someone post that one pic where she looks like an ogre from a depressing BBC christmas special that only ever airs once

>posting fucked up ps3 version instead of normal one

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Keep telling yourself that cunt

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Literally white Lister.

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just like in real life, she is a redhead with complete and total butterface
but its a fucking video game

not seeing it... however there's a black female character that looks like Cat

Fucking saved

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>has to cover half the face to make her "pretty"

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Ugloy cant even compete with Ubisoft women

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Its some fucking shill, posts the same exact pictures on every thread, hiding the abnormal proportions

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This is literally manface

she's manlier than Sup Forums or the soyboys who buy this piece of shit

exceptionally autistic whoever that is

I'm not very pleased that Geralt is Soul Calibur VI's guest character, but at the very least I'm ecstatic that it's not this ugly bitch.

la creatura....

Aloy has the face of an overweight black man.

And people here said NuLara was ugly..

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I second that, he's a pretty handsome guy.

Wrong. She's mediocre looking, not ugly.

U madre de dios.


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Sorry, you reminded that I should take a few pictures with debug mode.

>make male protagonist
>decide at the last minute to swap sex for diversity good boy points
>'fuck it, just make the nose smaller and give it long hair'

As plain as Aloy is, nothing can come close to the fucking downs-faced monstrosity of default Sara Ryder.

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el fin de los días...

if i see this monstrum it in night i will run

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I seriously thought the reveal would be (s)he's a tranny, but have never heard so, so not the case I assume.

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>ugly main character
>not the best looking open world game anymore

When will Horizonfags finally leave?

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It's her hair, it doesn't serve her well at all.

dios mío la creatura

Aloy isn't ugly but she isn't average either. Even Ash is prettier than her.

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I wonder how normies feel playing this game. Not bothered at all by the absolutely hideous protagonist?

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>it's another "I don't like it if it's not a whore doll from my favourite anime" thread
lmao kids these days...

Have some faith user

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>it's another "if you don't think she's attractive you must like whores" post
nah you dumb nigger, besides, they could've made her ugly intentionally for any other reason than a political one and it would've been fine


also top qt

>Almost certainly intentionally
You ever think the world would be a nicer place if you didn't just jump to all the worst conclusions automatically, you negative nancy?

here we go
do you ever leave your basement you greasy triggered retarded fat scum

Unless they are blind, they saw the fucked up face, and decided to keep it in.

Are you honestly claiming they accidentally made her look like she looks? Knowing the official shots as well?

>they could've made her ugly intentionally for any other reason than a political one and it would've been fine
So how did you decide it's not fine?

that's not an argument user

Aloy lines up near-perfectly with her face model actually, it's some sort of uncanny valley effect going on.

>american standards
El atrocidad...

are you actually implying that doesn't look better than aloy?

the argument is that you're so retarded that you see politics everywhere
are you a virgin? have you ever touched a woman in your miserable life?

that's... not true at all
>inb4 selecting an angle that hides how fucked Aloy's face model is

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