People aren't paying an arm and a leg for your official screen destroying docks

>People aren't paying an arm and a leg for your official screen destroying docks.
>Patch the Switch to fry itself if it detects a 3rd party dock.
Have you started boycotting Nintendo for these shitty business practices?

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Is there a Discord where you faggots organize to make shitty meme bait threads and posts like these over and over again? How much are you getting paid?

>Nintendo defense force arrives already
You fuckers are fast.

you already made this thread

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Friendly reminder to report this thread.

For free.

>Multiple threads about Nintendo fucking over their consumers


>Nintendo assault force is here 24/7 to shit on Nintendo
What did he mean by this?


not a fan/hater but wow

Wow, it's almost like..sometimes there's more than one person who doesn't want to be fucked over because they don't want to pay $80 for a glorified usb cable.

That's pretty shitty.
Nintendo is a cult, so i wasnt gonna buy their shit anyway

>buy cheap chink shit
>be surprised it fries your stuff

>Buy cheap chink shit
>Works fine
>Patch 5.0 happens
>Suddenly Switches are frying themselves left and right

Can't possibly be Nintendo's fault!

>People aren't paying an arm and a leg for your official screen destroying docks
1. It comes with the console lmao
2. scratched screens are a meme

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>buying unlicensed chink shit for the second most important part of the console

Nigger, you literally pay extra to use chinkshit docks over the one that comes with he switch.

>>Works fine
No, the Nyko dock has been known to fry switches even before 5.0.

The Insignia dock seems to work just fine at less than half the price of the official dock.

Wait for the next patch friend. Suddenly Insignia will start frying consoles, and Nintendo fans will start retroactively claiming that Insignia has ALWAYS friend Switches and that they've just gone unmentioned up till now.




Yeah, sure. I'll keep testing and keep you all posted on that once the next firmware patch comes.

Oh look, it's the "nintendo is bricking systems and totally not the trash nhko power supplies" retard again


The last cries of a defeated man

USB-C is a fucking nightmare, I can't believe we're back to needing to buy official USB power supplies

That's too bad. I was planning buying a 3rd party dock to save some bucks, good thing I didn't. Does this void the warranty though?

Says the fucking Reddit

"Look guys, Nintendo is intentionally bricking Switchs with their newest firmware. No it's not the mad katz quality docks that's been doing it you fucking shill! #NintendoDefenseForce".
Seriously though, those nyko ones have been frying switches from day one when they released months ago.

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Technically yes, but as long as you don't admit you were using a third party product when it happened, there's no way for them to know.

I seriously don't get this. The dock comes with the fucking console, doesn't it? Stop buying pointless third party shit.

Maybe Nintendo should stop being so fucking lazy with their quality control that the system cam just brick itself that easily.

You do know Fireden exists right?
find something else to spam and be a retard about

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There are safeguarding to try to prevent that in every electronic, which should give you an idea of just how shit those chink power supplies are that they are capable of defeating those safeguards.

This, the Nyko dock has always been a cheap pile of ass and has been bricking switches much before the 5.0 update. Nyko has been responding to refund requests for this shit since it first came out.

*scratches your screen*

>Not putting a screen protector on a portable device anyway
You're really just playing yourself here