You paid for an early access

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Ive had a game pass subscription for months
I like SOT, it's a good game and I'm having fun.
21/20/24 right now and going for 50 all round.

I don't think it actually sold that many copies. most people probably played it through gamepass and a decent chuck of them used the free 14 day trial

what do you steal in this game

Youre a FAGGOT

>he didn't use his xbox access trial to play it for free because you knew it wouldnt last long

I shiddy diggy, do you?

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it's not even early access, it's just proof of concept
they made an idea for a game and have done nothing to realise or populate that idea
don't get excited for updates, wait for the sequel

I paid for fucking bastard

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>get game pass for H5, Mad Max, SoD2, ReCore, Cities, Hunter CotW
Eh, not really. It's more of a bonus game for me.

dear lord what have we come to

is this game pass really that popular that everyone on xbone subscribed to it?

people used to give a zero fucks about these monthly subscription based game access bullshits, what changed recently?

is this game supposed to be an AAA game ?

I really can't understand how could they not model a few extra ships and make some more enemy types, it's such a fucking basic thing.

In my opinion, it's a great value. Having new games to play for cheaper than Red Box or even those old Block Buster and Hollywood video rental fees is what I like about it. If MS can somehow get every new release on the service, it'll be a no brainer, but I highly doubt that will happen anytime soon unless the other companies follow suit with a similar program.

It's 100 games for 5 bucks or whatever, now it includes every Xbox/windows exclusive from Microsoft.
It's Netflix for gaming and yea it's good value for money.
Unlike sonys version(which only lets you stream the game)you get the full game to download on your machine just as if you bought it, a discount of like 20% if you want to fully buy the game and it doesn't get deleted from your hdd if you stop your subscription

it works for playing the games on windows also. I'm just assuming most people would rather sub for a month to try out sea of thieves instead of dropping $60 for it

I didnt pay for shit because I'm not a dummy who bought an xbone.

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Is it safe to assume that Crackdown and the new base Forza and the new Horizon games will be on there when they release?

early access games have been very popular with people for few years already.

>that incompetent nigga who directly gets his opinions from redditbcat

Who cares. I'm a normie and I don't need more content than for like 2 days real time.
Also my fav streamers played it.
All my normie friends agree.

Yes. Already confirmed as well as all halo titles and state of decay 2

Anything Microsoft studios make that is on Xbox

Nice. I have a feeling that I'll end up buy the new Horizon game since I've sunk about 600 hours into Horizon 2 and 3.

>he paid for a dedicated beta testing machine

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>haven't turned on my PS4 Slim in almost six months
>new MLB The Show is out
I may finally buy a new game for this machine.

have fun with it

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I may wait a couple months and get it when it's marked down but opening day is today and I want to play as the O's in the best ball park in the world.

I mean technically $1.08 with tax to try it and I used my PC so I didn't need a bone.
[spoilers] I still feel used [/spoilers]

what is that ? sauce?

You already got obliterated yesterday Sup Forums stop trying

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