What games let me go on an adventure?

what games let me go on an adventure?

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Dragon's Dogma

those legs though

can you imagine if an earthquake hit that region though the temple would come crumbling down in an instant haha.

Adventure games.

why is he not wearing pants

i really wish breath of the wild had more building/dungeons/locations like that in the pic

what kind of idiot architect puts the stairs at the edge of the cliff

he is irish according to the lore

Breath of the wild.

Golden Sun TLA is my go-to game for that feeling


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Link was a slut even back then.


wish i didn't lose my copies of that and the original

yeah, it felt less like an adventure without real temples, the forgotten temple was pretty disappointing too

Imagine ALTTP with BOTW mechanics and graphics

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man i hope the next one is close to something like that

If by mechanics you mean the physics then yes, otherwise no.

it's a green wearing leprechaun motherfucker

I actually got excited when I found stuff like Eventide Island and Lurelin village when playing BOTW, it needed more stuff like that and less copy/paste shit.

Skyrim. Fuck the haters


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Unironically Skyrim