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I really wanna play that game but holy shit that 80gb download

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good game tbqhwy

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Im temped to give asscreed another chance.
I dropped the series after Black Flag because every game was pretty much exactly the same.

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>tfw ultra settings

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I was the same. I felt very burnt out because they are very samey. Whilst Origins isn't ground breakingly different, it feels different especially with combat and weapon variation but the world is great and I'm an Egyptboo as well so that's an added bonus. It's on sale right now on Uplay if you want. I think it's around £19

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>wearing kett armor
Disgusting. I bet you romanced Vetra as well

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It was early game and my armor was a mishmash also yes

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What exactly?

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>heavy crossbow
My nigga
That shit, shits on ganks

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>when youre a bunch of heretics and God sends a giant fire penis to your wooden base

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What are your settings at?

Dont get Escape From Tarkov, has gamebreaking bugs and the netcode will never be better (600ms no matter how low your ping actually is)

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I bet you never wore N7 armour you degnerate

That can't be ultra.

All on high, FXAA, can't remember if hairworks was on or off there. Put Nvidia on 8x AA enhance since then because default FXAA is jaggy as fuck and TAA is a blur filter

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Hairworks doesnt affect the boybands or anyone elses hair... oddly enough.

Only hairy mobs and the like.

MSAA from the Nvidia Control Panel doesn't work, also the game is designed with TAA in mind, you have to suck it up & use it

What are the game breaking bugs?

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Try running TAA with a higher render resolution and use that lunafix by some YouTuber, just Google it.

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I hate what EA did to this franchise. I loved Mass Effect and was so eager to play Andromeda but I got this mediocre if not just outright bad game

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There's no MSAA in nvidia control panel, its MFAA and it almost never works.

>game is designed with TAA in mind, you have to suck it up & use it
If i wanted a blurry view i'd just take off my glasses

>higher render resolution
Bruh i'm running a 1060 6GB that's already capped out

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>making a greenhorn were N7 armor
I hated that the only figures of the sibling forced them into that shit. Get over the N7 already, Bioware. Let that be the OT's legacy; let Ryder rock the AI armor instead.

TAA and filtering to max, looks better than the other options.

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TAA is currently the best AA solution we have, it completely gets rid of aliasing without a huge performance bump like MSAA but could make the imagine blurry in some cases. FFXV has the worst TAA implementation I've ever seen, can't Bruc believe those chinks are so bad at making PC games

>post something poster worthy

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Oblivion is so pretty

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I'm a horse

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>TAA is currently the best AA solution we have

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Nice shots dude. I never fully played through TES5 but these make me want to reinstall.

That looks fucking retarded.

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Looks like fucking ass.

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Really wish i had a 1080ti so i could play it maxed out at 60 fps with nivida features off ;_; game looks gorgeous, im wondering what they are creating next with the engine

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I'm still disappointed how poorly EA handled this game. They fixed the problem now but it’s a bit too late for most people

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The duality of man

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It runs flawlessly on Ass creed origins, BF1, Siege at long as you don't reduce your render resolution, MSAA was good but wasn't worth the performance hit.

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Shame they can't fix how boring it is

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Most of the egregious things are related to the networking being pretty much none existent.

Some bugs I recall are you shooting someone and all shots you land doing no damage.

People skipping across the map due to poor netcode or some shit. This is cancerous once people start skipping in and out of cover, shooting you in one frame and disappearing in the next.

Lots of really sad shit. They won't be able to fix it, it runs too deep and Russian devs wont accept any criticism.

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lmao dude, looks like oblivion

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>face looks great
>body model looks like shit
Dice isn't usually that bad.

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How do you take shots like this?

Do you think a full release would have ever lived up to this demo?

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Even 1080 Ti can't really run it at 4K/60fps, we need new GPU's with GDDR6 already

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nvidia ansel, panoramic screenshots

That's a shame. Was hoping it would turn out good, guess not.

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Why don't more games have great lighting

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Free Open beta soon enough, it will be invite only so make sure you are signed up to get in.

Absolutely do not invest a cent in it.

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Because devs are lazy.
Alright, thanks.

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>record scratch
Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.

is this the comfiest and spookiest swamp in games?

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That's the point


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You turned a good thread into a glorious thread.

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