People or places that look like video games things

People or places that look like video games things.

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Anyone have the college of these images that had captions for each one? Pretty sure there was one of a Jewish guy like this with something about him using the 'martial arts skill of his people' or whatever.

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cool reddit thread bros

absolutely fucking #based user calling something reddit

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>he thinks pinterest links are from reddit
user youre going to be late for school

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why do they wear raincoats on a clearly dry wather tho?

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dios mio

vantablack huh ?

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Honestly just give him curly bleached hair and he'd be a Suda 51 boss

beastmaster class

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the extensive use of ski masks by our police makes them look like some max payne goons

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>never hurts to splurge when your days are numbered

I see animu face

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