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Rainbow Six Siege

Etrian Odyssey 5

Gone Home

Name one that is


Every single videogame ever if you're not a ponce.

Street Fighter



Pretty much every game, except those shitty achievement games on steam.

Hollow Knight
Though this really depends how you define "trivial shit".



Are older games really that much different?

>t. collectathons and many platformers/shooters/other stuff with scores plastered

I like collecting trivial shit for achievements

it has a lot of trivial shit to collect and you get trophies/cheevos for it, even if it has an actual game around all that.

My man

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Pretty sure only Ubisoft has a trophy system that actually rewards people

you never got achievements in older games, and collecting the stuff was enveloped in fun platforming or racing, not simply easy to get to spots where the real challenge is to muster the enthusiasm to do it, without even a tenuous reason in the game as to why you would actualy want to collect all the shit.
Jak and dexter 1 had so and so much powercells, and you needed to collect them all to unlock a big secret thing. that is an actual reward, as opposed to an achievement for searching nooks and crannies for bobbleheads for hours.

>About collecting trivial shit for achievements
What the fuck do you mean? Aren't collectibles and achievements usually optional?

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Heavy Rain


Literally no collectibles

Pokemon Go

>collecting the stuff was enveloped in fun platforming or racing
In that case then super Mario odyssey.


Splatoon 2.

Splatoon 2

Kingdom Come Deliverance


Even if you're a cheevo whore all you do is beat people up.