Perfect games don't exi-

>perfect games don't exi-

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was good but nowhere near perfect


It was buggy, I remember there was an exploit that allowed you to use a super fast shitty car in multiplayer. Still pretty fun game, would replay anytime.

The visual reputation star system was fucking awful, it being required as part of your sponsor contracts in career to turn your car in to some really dumb looking shit was doubly so. Perfect games do not exist.

Do the roaming racer challenge, defeating them unlock a special customization options that're reasonably discreet yet give a shitload of rep, so you don't have to rice the fuck out of your car.
I do agree it was a shitty system though.

you had to race a few to get those parts if i remember right

no. handling is dogshit.
Posting perfect streetracing game that gets across the camradery and fun of streetracing instead of
>muh pinkslips
>muh srs bisns
>muh hold down up arrow and udnersteer through every corner and ram people to win

only great things bout u2 is customization and soundtrack

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4 +1 per chapters I believe.

Trash. Kaido is the GOAT.

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3, 6, 9 - damn she fine
Hoping she can sock it to me one more time
Get low, get low, get low get low!
To the window, to the wall!
Til the sweat drop down my balls
Til all these bitches crawl
Til all skeet skeet motherfuckers, all skeet skeet god damn!
Til all skeet skeet motherfuckers, all skeet skeet god damn!

ma negro
I am upset its not sold anywhere and I have to play on emu.
>that handling that feels like driving real cars but being arcadey
>that initiating drift doesnt use drift button but instead is like in real life all about weight shifting and fast and precise inputs
>that touges all have their own personality
>game actually teaches you to be faster
>that list of jdm goodies
>that actually connecting with other racers and learning their personality through short pre race messages, messaging boards and their profiles
my only real complaint is that the menus are so stereotypically japanese
>want to check touges each night
>go on "visit touge"
>select touge
>select parking lot
>see no racers
>back to parking lot screen
>back to touge screen
>move to next touge
and short loading screens everywhere
and the messaging boards are a bit annoying to use

but damn If i didnt spend entire vacation just playing that

plus it has my carfu and its one of the best cars in the game even stock

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>AI rubberbands like hell
Yeah it was good but let's not get ahead of ourselves

first one is better

I fucking despise any racing game that does this, or slipstream etc.

The MRS is a fucking beast for touge, yo

I've finished it 100% like 4 times now, there's nothing like it. You've probably seen the MR-S Hot Version Touge battles? Unbelievably quick.

You only need one car for ricing. Get an SUV for second car slot and rice the fuck out of it. While at level 1 you want all that rice because it gives aero tuning.


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mclaren op pls nerf

To the window... to the WALL

Best in series, still replayable due HD mods being readily available. It's a shame that the closest thing we got similar to nfsu2 was The Crew (which fucking sucks) and Forza Horizon 3 (which crashes constantly on PC due being a shitty port).

it is
of course, thats what convinced me to buy one.
its also a beast on ice track and literally made for our local time attacks which are on tight twisty tracks

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>the greatest road car of all time is OP
Who would've thought. It was quite ridiculous when compared to the rest of the lineup though, I'll give you that.

>highway racer

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NFSU2 vs Carbon? Which is superior?

but can I play with the panda trueno?

thats tokyo extreme racer
this is kaido racer in a nut shell

>>that handling that feels like driving real
Realismfags should kill themselves.

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