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Let me tell you about Finland




>tfw forgot to accept the email telling me that I was going to be accepted to study in Finland and now I won't get another chance

Always, ALWAYS fucking check your emails boys


so fellow finns what did you have for breakfast?


And now for reality

How can I become fingolian?


mammi sauna

Did you mention good memes?
Finland makes a surprising number of good memes considering its population.


Meanwhile Canada puts out... they put out...


Forgot pic.

Pic related

I knew a finnish guy in highschool.
He was your typical Sup Forums poster. Hunch backed, skinny as fuck, wanted to be a pilot, thought all anime was 'weeb trash', had an annoying voice and loved to call everyone gay/faggots and thought it was fucking hilarious.


most autists per capita, I'm hypersensitive to any noice from outside


Is that literally "chocolate flakes"?

>thought all anime was 'weeb trash'
>He was your typical Sup Forums poster.

"Chocolate cereal"

milo cereal?

Gotcha, thanks.

How do get Finnish gf

Some kind of Finnish cheap version




Come here and say you're from Syria. ezpz

>tfw no autismo qt finnish waifu

Why is Finnish shitposting so fun to read?